This is my privilege to welcome Lynn Ray Lewis, author at JK Publishing and Siren Bookstand.

I have met this author almost 2 years ago. We met on facebook and she became with time a very dear friend. Not only she is a very talented author but she is also an incredible woman and a great loyal fun friend.

She is a menage romances author all through and through. She started with MFM, then with time, she offered a couple of MMF and MMMF. She is a very prolific author and from paranormal to contemporary you will find heroines that are true women because this author understood that her readers are middle aged women looking for heroines they can relate to.

So, today, is the first day of the Happy Menages Holidays Tour and I picked Jody’s Men by Lynn Ray Lewis, published by JK Publishing.


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Happy menage discovering & Happy Menages Holidays!! 






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authorbioMy days are filled with reading, writing, being with my children and grandchildren and spending time with my amazing husband; who, I’m convinced, has to be the most supportive man in the world.

I’m born, raised, worked, married, raised a family, and getting younger in Southwest Michigan.  If you’re wondering, yes the beaches are fantastic.

My life could be a sitcom when you factor the 10 cats that like to antagonize me,  my extended family and my multitude of careers over the years.

Don’t bother to ask if I try to do my own stunts, I’ll never tell …




Jody had no idea she was being evaluated for the position of lover, mother, and partner between three men.

Sam was her idol, John was her benefactor, and Bruno, well, he was the star in many of her dreams.

Tragedy blindsides her, but she finds out there are no barriers when it comes to loving someone—or three. Right?





John Milton watched as she walked past him again. The few times Jody Branch allowed her eyes to be caught by his had her blushing and hurrying on to other customers.

John sat at his table in the corner of the bar and pulled his gaze back to the man and woman in front of him. They were pitiful excuses for human beings, who were about to have their pitiful asses out on the street unless they paid him back for the money he’d loaned Them—tonight. The loan had come due six months ago, and he’d already taken the title to the property back into his name three months ago. From the looks of the almost full to capacity bar, there should be no reason for them to be defaulting on the substantial loan to begin with. Harold had begged for leniency and understanding, so he had caved and allowed them to keep running the bar until business got better, and instead of renting, they would again be able to purchase the place.

The number one reason, hell if he was honest, the only reason he had allowed himself to act so dumb was laid squarely on the shoulders of the girl that was still running back and forth to the kitchen and bar. This was their last chance, his kindness ended tonight if they refused to accept his last offer. The girl was becoming an obsession with him, and he was doing his best not to hurt her. She had been protective of them the last time he came looking for Harold and DeeDee, this time they were out in the open when he came into the bar. Jody looked too stressed out to care who saw what at the moment, as she bussed tables and said goodnight to the people as they left the building.

“Now, I have a dilemma here, I can let you keep lying to me and let you think you are getting away with it, I can toss your asses out tonight or I can give you until morning to get out of my building. How you answer and what your answer is will make my decision easier.” He eyed the haggard looking woman with the sunken cheeks and rotting teeth first. Last year she had looked healthy and vibrant, ready to take on the challenge of starting a new business and eager to make it work. Now Dee Dee Branch had the appearance of a crack whore. Her entire body was moving and twitching around.

Harold Branch looked like he couldn’t be bothered to listen or talk. He was zoned out, nodding his head and tapping his thumbs on his thighs in tune to some invisible music heard only in his own mind.

John had seen enough to know they were no help to themselves, let alone competent to run a thriving business like this. At least now he was certain where the mortgage money was going, right up their noses and in the thin veined arms that DeeDee had stretched out on the table. The needle tracks were there and she was so high she didn’t try to hide them from his sight.

He looked around the room, several people still gathered in groups; some were shooting darts and a few rough looking types were playing pool and harassing the women sitting at a table close enough for the women to flirt with the players, yet not get in the way of the pool cue sticks. A jukebox sat near the back of the room with a small square of a wooden dance floor. The décor was eclectic to say the least and John hated to close the place.

He spied Jody running from the kitchen with a large tray of deep fried breaded something and watched as she kept the tray high on one hand while grabbing a pitcher and drawing it full of beer with almost no foamy head. The girl has talent. She wound her way through the tables and set the beer down on the table that six laughing twenty something’s occupied, started handing out plastic baskets, moving around the table, and having a wide smile for those that said thank you.

He sat with her parents and watched the girl move from table to bar and kitchen. He especially enjoyed watching her stride past and the way her wide hips swayed. He loved this woman’s anatomy, breasts nice and plump and a wide ass like hers were one of his many kinks. Her hair was shiny light brown and thick, even scraped back from her rounded shoulders. He knew it would be beautiful loose and spread out on a pillow, or wrapped in his fist, as he slammed his cock inside her pussy or her tight asshole. Speculating as to whether her ass was virgin had his cock stirring to life and he had to adjust his slacks to make room for his hardening appendage.

John sat waiting for last call, knowing Jody would need time to clear the place out before he talked to her. DeeDee was now pulling at her hair and picking her fingernails while tears trailed down the open sores on her cheeks. Harold seemed to have fallen asleep with his eyes open.

Jody locked the front door to the bar and wearily went to the kitchen to fix her parents’ sandwiches. She was so hungry that it was a miracle she hadn’t scarfed down a burger way before now. The reason she hadn’t taken a break all night was sitting at the back table. Well, that, and the fact she was a one woman show around the bar nowadays.




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    I am in such trouble. My wish list is going to grow to mountain like proportions with offerings like this. One question I had about the book though. The blurb stated Jody was being evaluated as lover, partner and MOTHER by the three men. Was that POTENTIAL mother to their children or did one (or more) already have a child?

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    Thank you all very much! I love hearing from readers & I will be happy to answer any questions you may have for me.


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