1610707Title: Sanctuary within the Breed
Author: Ryder Dane
Content: MFM
Stand Alone: YES
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published: Sep 02, 2014
Published by: JK Publishing
Publisher bookstore: LINK
ISBN: 9781310422195
Word count: 51,000
Page count:

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authorbio3I write about MC Groups aka Biker Books, because I’ve lived with Motorcycles my entire life. It made me smile when a reviewing reader said that there was a realistic feel to my writing! Having been an “Old Lady” since I was 19 gives me the advantage of using a few real details of MC life. I am very happy to bring readers my stories and having them invest in my characters lives.

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synopsis3In book one of the Lucifer’s Breed MC: Amelia Selters works for everything she has in her life and soon finds herself in danger of losing it all when her brother shows up. She blames her misfortune on the president of the local chapter of the MC club, Lucifer’s Breed. Holding them responsible for her brother’s behavior, and ordering them to fix it.

Baron and Gunner find it hilarious when the little snotty blonde shows up and demands for them to babysit her coffin bait brother. However, the laughter stops when the circumstances for Amy turn dangerous, leaving them no other choice but to help.

Can the MC group keep her safe? Or is Amy just a stepping stone for others to take the stronghold away from the Breed?

Join in as men who skirt the lines of the law daily, show with the right incentive, the good in them can surface.




myreview5Big Bad-ass bikers is the new in. As I am always for something new and it seems that JK Publishing is definitely into bikers mode. I am not complaining, mind you. So far so good, the “bikers” authors do not portray the characters as angels or sweet lovely males in love at first cum with 25 years old virgins. Tons of cookies to you JK!

Tons of cookies to Ryder Dane too! I loved this story very much, heck the 5 stars rating.

The difficulty, in my opinion, to write about bad-asses, is to balance the attitude and not fall into the caveman. I do not like arrogant characters and no excuses in the world would make me like them. Ryder Dane played closely to the limit of this. Sometimes I felt, the males were a bit too alpha with no consideration but then I understood over-protection due to their activities.

Activities. Funny, but it is never elaborated. Of course it is a romance so I guess we do not want to know they are killers or drug dealers or pimps. Now I am becoming a judgmental person and a bigot and I do not like it. Why? Because I have no freaking idea if all MC bikers are bad people. I will run away from this judgmental person and bigot persona I hate and turn to a person that has no idea about the truth, will give the benefice of the doubt to people who enjoy the bikers lifestyle.

One thing is sure. Ryder Dane gave me some thoughts to ponder. If it works for you, then nobody should make a comment.

What I loved the most in Sanctuary within the Breed was the plot. It was not roses and champagne. I enjoyed it very much, I felt as if it was a TV drama show which for me is a good thing. I am not a TV addict but I have some series I like. I am not overly fond of plots too romanced. I thought it was nice and dirty. It felt right to me.

I liked also the characters. The heroine, Amelia, did not complain about life and such. She had it rough but I could relate to her. I also liked the heroes but here a bit less. Again, they were borderline caveman. When they left her alone all day, with no keys, no phone, no car because they wanted her to stay at their place without even discussing it but imposing their will. I was not fond of that at all and not only because of the consequences. I am not fond of heroes that do not let the heroine speak her mind or decide for herself.

Beside this little bump on the road, everything else was great. I thought the first few pages were difficult to picture but it was quick forgotten. I appreciated that the guys did not fall for her immediately and the same for her. Love came as an evidence after a while but not after their first sex. Bravo! Finally an author who understand that it brings way more dramas and intensity versus the love at first orgasm! bravo-encouragements-994

I sure recommend this story and I am looking forward to read Ryder Dane again… which is nice because she published two other MC menage romances! On my way to buy all her menage now! Wanna take a ride with me? Freedom_3.us



rating 5

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