jk-tsd-mackenziessurrender3140919_0349Title: Mackenzie’s Surrender
Series: The Solace Dawn, #1
Author: Jorja Kish
Genre: Space, Aliens, Sci-Fi
Content: MMMF, MM
Stand Alone: YES
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published: October 2014
Published by: Siren Publishing
Publisher bookstore: LINK
ISBN: 978-1-63258-357-4
Word count: 71,479
Page count:
214 pages



Jorja had to start a new phase in her life when her job of fourteen years came to a sudden end. The familiar was gone and the vastness of the unknown stretched to the horizon. So what did quirky Jorja do? She made a pot of coffee and decided enough was enough. It was time to take that leap of faith and do what she was meant to do, be an author.

Since she could hold a pencil in her hand, Jorja had too many stories in her head to keep count. But she knew one thing was for sure, she had to share each and every one of them with anyone who was willing to listen. Sometimes her wild ideas and strange worlds produced funny faces from her family and friends, but Jorja didn’t care. She found her passion, storytelling.

With a leap of faith, courage to fuel her resolve and the support of her family, Jorja finally settled into her personal paradise. She submitted her first novel, My Everything (The Lycan Princes) to Siren-Bookstrand and started her journey as a published author. The long hours of writing hot sexy love scenes that were most enjoyable to create, to tender moments between lovers that made her tear up was well worth any aches and pains caused by being hunched over a keyboard.

Today, Jorja anchors her butt on a squeaky office chair, occasionally staring out her French doors to the acre of land she calls her backyard, armed with a mug of steaming hot coffee and the occasional chunk of chocolate, she plunges into the world of her characters and fills her computer screen with the next love story. Living the life she was meant to embrace, Jorja is forever grateful for the sudden opportunity she grabbed with both hands. Dreams do come true, there is such a thing called true love and everyone deserves their happily ever after.

Visit her website at: http://jorjakish.blogspot.com


synopsis3Dr. Mackenzie Chambers can handle anything. Being captured by an enemy intending to breed her body for an alien war she didn’t know exists terrifies her. Yet she finds solace in a sexy stranger’s arms, who rescues her.

Alpha Setti Prime is furious. His bond mate, Keene, convinces the captain of the Solace Dawn to send their bond mate Braydok on a dangerous mission. Setti doesn’t know if he can trust Keene’s vision. However, to lose Braydok for an unknown female Keene insists is their Sheeala has Setti torn.

Complications arise when the Terran female enters her Heat cycle, forcing Setti and his mates to ease her sexual appetites or lose her to another Alpha pod. When their worlds collide, Mackenzie wonders if she can surrender in the arms of the men she craves. Does she have the strength to let go of her past and face a new future or is she destined for another Alpha pod?



myreview5I am a sucker for sci-fi menage romance. And if it is more than two guys, the better. No surprise I wanted to read Mackenzie’s Surrender.

I liked it in the big picture but a couple of things bothered me.

First thing that bothered me is some missing parts in the story. Of course, I am not sure, but I felt some edits erased a couple of chapters and therefore the story and plot was not smooth to understand.

I would have loved to know better about Kenne’s vision. He had one single vision and it was her. I have no idea if he as a seer or what. I had no idea who was his species and what capabilities he was able except being androgynous and maybe both female and male. I say maybe because sometimes it was pointed in this direction but most of the time not, except at the very end. The character, in my opinion, was not enough developed besides taking the role of the female in the pod.

The alpha male, Setti, acted as a dominant but yet was clueless. Kudos to author and siren for not tagging the story BDSM because it sure was not one. What bothered me was that the guy had two mates, was already the big bad dominant alpha. It seemed that he could not handle tears. Considering one of the guy was a bit emotional, it looked like he never saw anyone crying and got spooked. I get it that guys in real life don’t handle women when they cry but in this particular scenario, Setti jumped to a conclusion without even giving the benefice of the doubt. I also got it, that it was part of the plot but it was very stretchy for me to run away and assumed the worse immediately. As an experienced dominant, not seeing that he gave great sex and mistake tears of satisfaction versus tears of pain. I did not buy it.

I also thought that the transition between earth and aliens spaceship was way too quick. How come she understood everyone’s language for example? Her transformation was all about her face but I did not see much about her body. She is over 40 years old (daughter over 20) and nothing was really said about her body which we know has not the same tonus as a 20 years old woman. She also was in heat, accepted a third stranger in the bed, the guy run away once finished and yet few pages later she knew who he was and a couple pages further she is almost in love with him already. uh?

I understood the lust connection. Sex scenes were good. I will say pretty much better from what I usually read. I am not sure if it is because the author, Jorja Kish, is mainly a MM author and her approach regarding sex scenes has a different perspective but I enjoyed reading them. I expected some orgasms from her when they all claimed her and that the only sex scene that needed some refinement.

I liked the characters very much but I did not know them besides hoping to get a woman in their pod/relationship. I needed more background information and understand why this need since all three guys seems to be very happily mated and the baby was not an issue. That part was missing.

I do not understand the love at first fuck or orgasm. I know, I know. It is a romance and speedy love ya’s is very much accepted but for me? I need more. I need this build up connection. I need the “butterflies when I see him/them/her”. I need way more than an orgasm to fall in love. The author mentioned the Stockholm syndrome but it did not apply since they were her saviors. I liked the romance but falling in love with Setti was too rushed.

Some inconsistencies, not enough women for all aliens. Not sure I understood why since both genres were equally exterminated. Not sure how everyone spoke the same language. Not sure how a city spaceship with lakes could exist. Yeah, yeah, a couple of details like that. 😛

Anyway. This is a long novel of less or take 200 pages. I went thru different phases. Sometimes I was very happy to read and eager even. And sometimes, I wanted to skip some pages. I came returning and reading it up to the end because I wanted to read the epilogue which of course was predictable.

I also liked many things in this story. I appreciated the sense of humor. I enjoyed the fluidity of writing. Of course, I came across some bad edits here and there, not a surprise with this publisher, but overall it was not often and too heavy to handle and appreciate the story.

I liked this story and I liked this author. I will keep an eye on her future menage romances for sure if she decides to add this genre as a permanent option. 🙂

ps: yes, I noticed the eyes’ color. *wink*



rating 3

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