23129579-3Title: Madison’S Quest
Series: Crime Tells, #6
Author: Jory Strong
Genre: Contempary, Suspence
Content: MMF
Stand Alone: YES
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published: August 25, 2014
Published by: Jory Strong
Publisher bookstore: LINK
ASIN: B00N2336DA
Word count: 65.400
Page count:
222 pages

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authorbio3I’ve been writing since childhood and have never outgrown being a daydreamer. When I’m not hunched over my computer, lost in the muse and conjuring up new heroes and heroines, I can usually be found reading, riding horses, or walking dogs.

My stories have won numerous awards, as well as been national best sellers. I live in California with my husband and a menagerie of pets.

Want to learn more about my stories? Visit my website at jorystrong.com. You can also sign up there to receive book alerts so you won’t miss my next release.

I love connecting with readers! Contact me through my website or directly, jory@jorystrong.com. I can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.


synopsis3Shane Maguire has been full-out on tilt since a night in Vegas when it was Tyler’s name he called out instead of a casual lover’s. As far as he knows, Tyler is straight, and even if he weren’t, Shane’s not sure he wants to come out as being bi.

In and out of foster care as a kid, the best day of Tyler’s life was ending up in a group home where going to school meant meeting the Maguires and Montgomerys. He’s wanted Shane for years, but fear of losing what matters the most has kept him from acting.

They’ve never even dated the same woman. But when Madison comes to California and they’re assigned to her case, be it fate or Grandma Maguire’s matchmaking, desire threatens to land them both in Madison’s bed at the same time—and strip away years of denial.

They want her. Madison wants them. But how can she have the happy-ever-after she longs for when claiming a future with Shane and Tyler will mean breaking a promise she made in the past?



myreview5If I have to list my first menage authors I read, Jory Strong would be on it. I read not only Crime Tells series but also Fallon Mates series. Both different genres, contemporary and dragon shifters, but both equally enjoyment.

Her style is very recognizable. Her force is definitely plot and characters and originality. Her weakness, however is sex heat. Jory Strong is doing better than some in the sex scenes department but for my taste not enough.

I enjoyed this story very much but one thing bothered me. I thought Madison’s Quest was a bit too long. After the third or fourth enigma, I just wanted to move on and skip some pages because I did not feel it was going somewhere. But once I came to the conclusion, it was really good.

I thought the plot was very original. I am not sure I would have been that smart to find all those clues but it was really original.

I liked the characters. I liked the heroine’s open mind and one male was high maintenance which is always fun to read in a romance as it adds spice.

However, I thought the hesitation between both males took too long. I was ready at the middle of the story for them to jump their mutual bones. It did not happen but late in the story. I think the last two clues as well as the repeating “I love him but I do not want to be rejected” was a bit too much and redundant.

Sex was just okay for me. Sweet, nice but not scorching hot. But at this point, it is also Jory Strong’s signature. She will deliver an incredible plot, sweet romance with high maintenance characters but sex will never be a priority.

I heard in the grapevines that Jory Strong may start a new series. I wonder what it will be: contemporary, shifter… Somehow I do not picture Sci-F. Both series have some paranormal so I am guessing Fantasy with witches or magic. I does not matter really. I will read it.

Jory Strong is definitely a sure thing. She never disappoints.  Do I recommend this book? Definitely! And if you never read this author, you are missing something.  .



rating 4

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