Title: Captivated
Author: Ashlynn Monroe
Genre: Space, futuristic
Content: MFMM
Stand Alone: YES
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published: Jul 21, 2014
Published by: Beachwalk Press, Inc.
Publisher bookstore: LINK
ISBN: 9781940744346
Word count: 39,700
Page count:

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authorbio3Ashlynn Monroe is a busy wife and mom. She’s been writing since she was a teenager for her own pleasure but in her thirties, she decided it was time to share her stories. She enjoys writing about anything and everything paranormal. When she is not lovingly raising her young family, she is dreaming up her next tale of romance. She’d love to hear from you at authorashlynnmonroe@gmail.com. Visit her website.


synopsis3Will Franny choose to live or just to survive?

Hardship, pain, and strife describes life on Utopia, a mining colony far from Earth. Women are a rare commodity. When an alien trade ship arrives with a cargo containing a human woman, every man on Utopia shows up to bid. Three friends pool their funds in the hope they’ll have a human woman in their beds to keep them warm on the long nights of the coming harsh winter.

Francesca Dehart suffered the terror of aliens abducting her from a country road. The horror of being kidnapped and then sold as a sex slave is beyond anything Franny has ever imagined. With no hope of being rescued she finds herself with a new definition of hell—Utopia.

Can Cade, Nebraska, and Dawson show Franny her new life is more than a prison? They need her, but will she stay with them or run at the first opportunity? Can they hold onto the woman they’ve grown to love and protect her from the others who will stop at nothing to have her?.


myreview5Some stories are just like good wine: the longer you wait, the better.

I was not convinced when I started this story. I thought: “gosh, another kidnapping, another sex slave heroine, some other cavemen heroes that will use forced seduction” and I was already dropping my head in my hands.

I selected this story from Manic Readers as I am now an official reviewer there so I had no choice but to read it and review it. And it turned much better than expected!

The plot improved with time. Once, I passed the steps how she arrived in their “house”, it got better.

I loved the heroes and heroine. They were not only lovable but they had distinct personalities. The author made me feel their love for the heroine and it was endearing. The heroine was also likeable. I did not relate to her because she did not play the equality card but overall she was credible. She made the best of her situation in order to survive and she traded what she had in hands, herself. It made sense and therefore the immediate sex the first day she arrived was logical and acceptable.

My issue was more about the length of the story. I thought it was missing the time factor between the time she arrived in their care and the falling in love. It was way too quick for me. I get it the “lust at first sight” but love and declaring they would die at first sight was a bit too much, too quick for me.

I had some issue with the equality. I did not find any. I also understood that the men were very different and her feelings were different for each one of them. However, I dislike it when a character is deeply in love with the heroine and she does not return the same feelings. It did not feel right. She always mentioned that her relationship was complicated when in fact it was very simple: the hero loved her passionately when she only cared for him. The epilogue did not convince me either.

I did not feel the love with another hero. The relationship was based on lust only. Therefore the epilogue made no sense either.

So she feel madly in love with only one character. And yes, I did feel the passion and love between them. So the romance for me was only between two characters.

The three males heroes were truly lovable but the author developed only two out of the three characters. But I loved them all.

The plot was interesting. It made lot of sense to me that the government or big companies would use people as slave and conveniently forgot them. It happens all the time in most countries today. I also read in the news some kidnapping of  women sold to become whores in brothels. We hear about drugs cartels but humans slavery is not a myth. There is nothing pretty and it is reality. Women are bind and dozen of men rape them in a row until they die and if they survive they are totally broken physically and psychologically. Those men are no longer men but beasts. I mean we try to turn our head or shut our eyes and ear but it happens every day. So the plot was not that much far away from reality and therefore very credible.

I had to laugh in this story. I think the author never experienced the Canada cold weather. I live in Quebec and in January and February, our temperatures go down to minus 35F and we do not freeze on the spot! It is indeed cold but life does not stop here. LMAO. We have special winter clothes of course but we carry on with our life  and do out business as usual. So yes, I laughed when I read that. It was cute. I thought the author was from South for sure!

I have to mention the cover book. They look nothing like the heroes and the heroine. However, an effort was made to find mines.

Overall, I am happy about this sci-fi futuristic story and it was a fun quick read 🙂




rating 3

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