1583679Title: Green Broke Woman
Series: Masters of Black Dragon, #1
Author: Zoey Marcel
Genre: BDSM, Contemporary
Content: MFMMMM
Stand Alone: YES
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published: Jul 31, 2014
Published by: Evernight Publishing
Publisher bookstore: LINK
ISBN: 9781771309479
Word count: 101,630
Page count:

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..authorbio3Zoey Marcel has wanted to be a writer since she was eight. She lives with her husband and their quirky pug in the Pacific Northwest and they are expecting their first child this spring.

Originally Zoey planned on writing mainstream, but somehow happened across the erotic romance genre and was surprised by how graphic the covers were. Shock became wicked fascination and after reading her first erotic romance book, she decided her mainstream romance should have more adult love scenes and a few taboos.

Her stories range from naughty and touching to dark and erotic. She likes variety in her characters from the sweet, beta or the aggressive alpha all the way to the dark, tortured hero, or antihero who walks on the dark side.

When she’s not writing, Zoey likes to workout, keep house and go places with her husband. Then of course, there is play time with the hyperactive, little dog.


synopsis3Kayla Sanders has loved the three Langley brothers since childhood, but her youth and innocence keep them from acting on their feelings for her. Undaunted, she goes to California and seeks the help of Hugh Randall, a Dom, to train her in BDSM so she will be the submissive woman the Langleys want.

She never counted on falling for the Dom who trains her or on falling for Virgil Paisley, the hot cowboy in a white Stetson who comes to her aid when duty calls Hugh away mysteriously.

When Kayla returns to Kentucky, Travis, Keith, and Jake Langley profess their love to her. But a predator from Kayla’s past wants her back, and when she least expects it Hugh and Virgil walk back into her life. All five men want her, but none of them are willing to back down. Will she have to choose from among all of them, or is there another way?


myreview5Great and weird. That is pretty much how I will define this story.

Great in many aspects, weird only because here again, I changed my mind from outstanding to great. Still excellent, mind you but lets start with the great first.

I loved all the characters. They were all very different. Of course, I was attracted more to some and less to others but overall they were all interesting and lovable characters. I totally enjoyed the part, almost at the end of the story, when she describes them.

I also loved the romance and the originality. It was not a romance I read already and I truly enjoyed that they were not all brothers falling for the heroine. It was totally interesting and I was intrigued to know how the author would reunite all of them. I loved the heroine’s journey. I could follow her, understand her ups and downs along the years. Years, people. Not days, thank you very much! It made all the difference in my mind about the credibility.

Now lets talk about the weird. Then I will finish with great again because this story really deserve a great note at the end of my review. 😉

Weird, because here again I loved the story up to almost the end. I do not remember the exact page but do remember it was almost at the end. It was the moment when they all were together. It started to be confusing and the credibility was not at its best.

One thing that you may want to know is that the heroine had a tragic event. I cannot say because I do not want to spoil the story but enough to destroy all her trust in men. She is definitely traumatized and a normal person would spend years in therapy. Time factor was not included at this point in the story and this is where the author lost me a bit. Love can do miracles up to a certain point. So I was not impressed how the men forced her to face her fears and trauma. I felt it was over the top.

Then you may have notice the meh regarding the equality.

Sadly I did not find it in the romance. The vanilla guy, Virgil, was sweet but besides that and a BJ, I did not feel the love when they finally came back together. For me, he was just tagging along and more a friend with benefits. As a vanilla guy, he was way too at ease in a dungeon and double vagina with three other guys? nope. His character was lovable but totally not necessary nor credible in the story.

Out of five guys, only two stood up for me: the two masters. I got complete understanding of who they were. I did not get this understanding with the the other three and as I said especially one.

So all five men fulfilled different roles: One true Master, one new Master, one Dom, one dominant in the bedroom and one vanilla guy.

You will find all kind of BDSM sex in this story. I labelled heavy BDSM but only because for most readers it will be compared to the other mild romances using D/s. The heroine play a different role to each man. She is a chameleon, mostly a sub and a slave. Since her relationship is unique with each of the men, she just adapted their needs with her needs. With some, she was a slave, and other a sub.

At this point, I would have disagree a bit with the author. She was a pet, a slave, a sub, a bottom and a vanilla. For me a pet is definitely someone who has a power play with a master 24/7 and this is exactly what she was with uncle daddy. I also disagree with the no use of the the safe word because “it was not necessary”. If two players know each other for years and years, I may agree. Although all new kind of scene must have a safe word or a safe physical sign to make sure that the protocol and security is respected at all time. Otherwise, if the relationship is new, never! A safe word is needed at all time for security, if a Dom uses bondage (specially shibari) , then a knife and any tool that will free the sub in seconds. But overall, the lifestyle was respected and credible. Of course, there is no rules of what is good and what is wrong in the lifestyle… in the real life. In books, I expect a couple of rules. Again, it is obvious that the author made the right researches… and yes, the cane is definitely ouch!

The story got some bumps on the road for me when they pushed her at the BDSM club. The vanilla guy being totally comfortable in a scene, even participating, did not feel right and I felt his presence was only necessary because the author wanted a double vagina penetration but avoid the siblings doing it. So it had to be a complete stranger. I wished the author took more time to develop the relationship with the heroine and mostly the emotional and sexual parts.

I have to be honest here. I loved the sex scenes except the one before and after the dungeon scene. I skipped several pages to move on to the plot and the epilogue. I was okay with the epilogue. I would have liked something more bloody, more spectacular with one or two villains though. I thought it was way too quick. I wanted them to get their lessons. It was lightly mentioned that one got it, but I did not feel it emotionally.

This said, I loved the plot. (yep lets go back to the great now). I could connect with the heroine chasing her dreams, failing and learning to stand up after and move on. I totally loved that she did not save herself and lost her virginity. The drama was definitely drama and I like that it was not solved completely and it will continue in book #2 of the series which will be another menage, probably à trois, looks like a MFM but this author loves tricks and turns and I would not be surprised if she added more characters in the mix!

I honestly liked this story very much. Funny how time flies. I read this author and her very first menage published at siren,  Wrestling withTemptation and Winchester, Arizona Books #1 + #2. I loved the books and at that time (even today) I remember saying that this author was very original with her romances, characters and plots, even sex. She did not copy the other authors and truly found a new intriguing way with her menages.

Twenty books later, Zoey Marcel, succeed to surprise me again with her originality to mix her characters, romance and plot. Did I mentioned 20 books later? wow!

Well done Mrs Marcel! Green Broke Woman is definitely a story I highly recommend!



rating 4

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