rb-tmaaw-felicity3140721_0255Title: Felicity
Author: Rachel Billings
Genre: Contemporary
Content: MFMMM
Stand Alone: YES
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published: July 2014
Published by: Siren Publishing, Inc.
Publisher bookstore: LINK
Word count: 67,897
Page count: 167
pages (real)


Rachel Billings takes her pen name from her hometown. She lives in Western New York now, where she works, writes and gardens. But she still misses the Big Sky.

She comes from farmers and likes to dig in the dirt then sit back and watch things grow. She takes a similar approach to the raising of her three children. Her husband, being a scientist, takes a more methodical approach.

Rachel started writing stories in her head when she was five. They featured spunky girls who performed heroic acts while looking great and earning the admiration of attractive males. In short, they were preludes to her stories of today.

In her day job (which happens to be a night job, too), she works to help women have stronger, healthier, happier lives. In her writing, she hopes to entertain and maybe even enrich women’s lives through romantic and erotic fiction. She does consider her work to be fantasy and realizes that some events described may not be physically possible. One can dream.

She has learned that love has power and believes that when two (or four) people love each other, many things are possible. Happiness. Growth. Enlightenment.

synopsis3On a night of rejection and reckless abandonment, Felicity Reed, R.N., falls in with hot Navy Corpsman Reinen Kilbourne. When she wakes, he’s packing for an emergency deployment. He kisses her roughly and instructs her to wait for him. He’s not done with her.

Reinen shares his home with two other sailors. Andrick Skinner is a single dad, and he’s in desperate need of childcare for his baby. Feeling adrift in her own life, Felicity volunteers. She moves into the house—a temporary plan—and spends two weeks falling for Juniper.

Then the third housemate, Wesley Coleman, returns from his deployment. Living alongside her, he falls for Felicity. By the time Reinen and Andy get back, he sees the dilemma.

Reinen’s not only not done with Fee, he’s in love. Andy’s been burned and resists what’s in front of his face, but he needs Felicity most of all. And Wesley doesn’t want to give her up.

There’s only one solution.


myreview5Upset does not define how I feel right now.

This story started incredible. I was hooked. I fell madly in love with Reinen. I totally connected with the heroine, Felicity. Reinen was the dreamed alpha falling for the woman with all the passion and love and male modesty facing feelings he never felt before. I loved him.

The second character, Westley, did not do much for me, first I was indifferent because there was no romance with the heroine until half of the book. I did not like him. He was the perfect caveman asshole that used the heroine as a sex toy. The author excused his behavior because he loved her.

The third character, Andy, was a ghost, a mistake. Absolutely no romance between the heroine and him until the very end. He struggled all along with his dead wife, insulted the heroine and all of a sudden he decided to love her. She was worse. She had no alone time with him except seeing him as the roommate, has no lust, no love for the guy. He was the the father of the baby she fell in love with. When the second character decided to push for a foursome, the heroine became a doll rag, no brain,  a little sex toy who accepted every suggestion and decided that she loved him after all. No romance whatsoever, it was: I love you, lets fuck!

It was great up to page 120 when the author decided to use her heroine like a porn star and one guy as an asshole caveman. Up to the introduction of the second character, Wesley. This character became an ass:

As she settled into it, rent, spent, he lifted away. He stood, still between her legs, still the master. He’d done nothing more than unzip to let his cock out. Reversing that action now, he adjusted to tuck himself back into his jeans and re-zip. Completely clothed, entirely dominant, he looked down at her. She knew what he saw—her body laid low, chafed and reddened by his rough treatment, the evidence of his taking shining at her cunt, bare to him by the splaying of her legs.

He reached a hand out and suddenly there was a beer bottle in it—his own, or one handed to him by a buddy, she didn’t know. But he watched her, still surveying, displaying his dominion, as he emptied it down his throat. He lowered his arm and let the bottle drop from his fingers to the floor. Then his gaze left hers, briefly acknowledging his friends on the couch, and he walked away

excuse me? I mean really? And I should expect as a reader to fall in love with this asshole, find it sexy and all? really??? thud

Forced seduction or treating the heroine like a piece of shit without respect has never been sexy and hot for me, on contrary. Portraying a woman like a bimbo sex toy either. Treating a woman (supposedly loved) with no respect and like a piece of trash afterwards either. And what about forcing her annal without lube, no preparation, straight away? I mean, allooooo, OUCH and it takes some time to let loose the muscles there!!!! You do not fuck anybody without preparation or lube dammit! So what? the heroine was fucked 10 times per day, spread her legs or showed her butt up and it was hot and romantic in the process?

2 stars because it was good up to this point, even deserved a 5 stars. Turning an heroine into a porn bimbo star who loves to be gang-banged, not for me.

From that point the story went down with non sense at all.

There were some things about her life now that she hadn’t seen coming. She hadn’t ever imagined that giving her ass over for a hard fucking would result in such wicked, wild pleasure. But she’d come to love it, the hard, physical, tearing thrill of it and the gratifying, sweet submission she felt when she gave herself to it. To them.

Her men loved it. She knew they mentally pounded their chests, howling like the cavemen they were at heart, when they took her in the ass. They loved that she gave over, that she let them have her in such a base, arousing, primitive way.

She also would never have predicted that she’d enjoy being fucked while others watched. Just a bit ago, she’d have sworn that she wouldn’t be able to give over to it. That she’d never be able to relax and enjoy, to say nothing of coming wildly, flailing away in messy, rowdy orgasm, in front of onlookers. She’d never thought of sex as a spectator sport.

no shit!     gaah

He paused for a long moment, growling and leaning down over her. Then he pushed through her mouth and down her throat, shuddering as his cum tore through his cock and burst into the back of her throat. “Swallow. Fucking bitch.”


Ri came up higher, keeping her face close to his, arching her back onto the men who filled her. “Have at her, you guys. Fuck her.”

REALLY???  connie_caveman-1

I got so mad after page 120. The author tried after that to justify their attitude, to justify her acceptance, to justify it was all about love. I did not buy it one sec! I started to dislike the characters more and more, the sex became porn, the romance gone.

The first character I fell in love took the second place, he left his sexy sweet possessive alpha attitude aside. He was supposed to get her pregnant first, he was second. He was her first love so I expected he married her, it was the second asshole who did… He enjoyed so much to DP her with his buddy Wes that he lost all his testosterone at the door.

The first hero whom I feel in love, super macho not the sharing kind of type, became all of a sudden very open to share, the second hero became an asshole caveman and all of a sudden without warning she is in love with the third guy, the father that she never had time alone with because the second planted in their mind that it had to be a foursome to be happy.

It sucked, really. I read this author, Rachel Billings, when she published her first book, Annabelle, and I gave a 5 stars. I loved this book. I just cannot believe 4 books later, this author decided to portray her heroes as bloody cavemen and her heroine as sex porn toy.

This story would have been perfect with the heroine and first hero, Reinen, only, no other heroes involved. And this says a lot from me as I read menage only.

What a disappointment!



rating 2


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  1. susanfoulkes says:

    Thank you so much for this review…I would have been tempted to read it going by the blurb…and then would have been very upset at the story…upset to the point of tears. You’ve not only saved me money you’ve saved from some heartache xx

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    • Picture me throwing away my android on my bed, swearing like a sailor and growling like a wolf with this need to yell: Why o why? I was so very in love with the first character and bam.
      Thanks susan for trusting my reviews xx


  2. Valérie Dbw says:

    Great review, open and honnest

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