nightlordlover_msrTitle: NightLord Lover
Author: Kathy Kulig
Genre: Vampires
Content: MF, with MFM elements
Stand Alone: YES
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published: July 23, 2014
Published by: Ellora’s Cave
Publisher bookstore: LINK
ISBN: 9781419992438
Word count:
Page count:
112 pages

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authorbio3Kathy Kulig is the award-winning author of sexy paranormal and contemporary romances. She has published over a dozen novels and novellas and her work has appeared in eBook, print and anthology. Kathy is a science geek by day and writer of erotic fiction at night. Her interest in mythology, quantum physics and the supernatural, and also her extensive background in science, provide inexhaustible material for new projects in the paranormal realms. Besides her career in writing, she’s a cytotechnologist and has worked as a research scientist, medical technologist, dive master and stringer for a newspaper. When she’s not writing or dreaming up her next steamy story, she enjoys traveling, relaxing by the beach with a book, mountain biking, movies and dinners out. She resides in eastern Pennsylvania with her husband and lives in a 100-year-old Victorian home which has a garage built of rejected tombstones.

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synopsis3Warrior vampire Garrick Labar guards the secrets of the Guild. His comrade— vampire and sorcerer Ramon Travere—enforces the uneasy alliance between mortals and immortals. When Larissa Devine moves into town, both Garrick and Ramon are mesmerized and enraptured by her. They crave to claim her as their crimson swan and lover. But a new arrival is fair game and if they don’t claim her first, a band of renegades will.

Larissa finds a blistering-hot ménage with her protectors too intoxicating to resist. The immortals can’t deny their sexual attraction for her and sense her blood pulsing hot and furious whenever they are close. Erotic desires thrust her into a world of danger and seduction. When the renegade vampires attempt to destroy a hundred years of peace, Larissa is caught in the crossfire. Eternal love and carnal nights can be her future if she survives.


.myreview5I hardly write a review of a book I find average. Here is one.

I wanted to read a vampire menage. It seems, sadly, that publishers and readers decided to ostracize this genre and it is more and more difficult to find a new vampire menage. I understand overdose. I get it, trust me. I am actually having a gag moment with werewolves. But I’ve always been a woman of “in the middle” no pun intended. haha

So I was happy to read, NightLord Lover by Kathy Kulig.

I am not sure where it started to turn meh. Everything felt weird, I guess.

Probably my first deception would be that the heroine loved one character more than the other and yet the ending remained a menage or maybe a MF with an immortal friend with benefits. I hate this kind of non-equality relationship. I like the main characters to be equally loved at the end of the story. The third character seamed to just not care. I is okay if the third is used in a sex scene, but in this story he was fully part as main character.

Therefore of course the romance was not there for me. But it went all along the story. Both characters had their love of their immortal life killed. One of the hero fell in love a couple of times, one died and the other was still alive. He was few blocks from her house. It made no sense to me to discard their relationship because she wanted to remain mortal. For me it did not fell right, most especially when the author let a glimpse that the woman, 25 years later had regret and was still in love with him. I was not comfortable with that.

I would definitely be a happy camper to know that the man I am falling (or men) in love still love them like the first day. Yes, the hero mentioned she was her present and forever future but I bet he said the same with the previous ones. I dunno. This did not feel romantic for me at all. The second male character, the wizard, had also his wife killed and both of them were happy bachelors until they find the heroine. Why was she special, I have no idea. It is explained that to become immortal, the mortal must have 3 bites but the first can be either a blood swan or a blood slave. It was very confusing. Plus the heroine who decided to be immortal, I never get to that part. All the intense parts were just suggested.

The heroine decided to move to a small city and bought (?) or became the manager of a lingerie boutique. The boutique belonged to one of the male vampire. Until she became a blood swan (marked), she received no customers. I have no idea why. The author did not explain. It just was. I have no idea why he selected her, how he did and why. Then in the middle of the story, she knows how to use an axe and kill 2 or 3 rogues… rogues that are vampires with strength and experience when she is only a mere mortal. So in a blink of an eye, she becomes a potential slayer. I forgot to mention that the ex-love of the vampire who clearly is still in love with him give her recommendation to the vampire to remain with the heroine. uh? no sense.

How did both main male characters met? Why did the wizard accepted to become his blood swan and marked later. I had no idea about their connection and therefore I did not connect with them. Yes I liked the vampire a little bit better because he showed his love feelings a bit more but besides that the wizard was just another character for me, not even useful for the menage relationship.

In many ways, I thought it was a book #2 of a series. I looked several times on the author’s site but did not find any vampire story and no mention of a series either. For me the plot was interesting yet bizarre. I felt as if the story was a side story of another main one. The main one with all the other characters and the war or peace between the vampires, the rogues and the slayers. I have no idea why the rogues were rogues, they just were. I have no idea why one rogue decided the heroine was such a bounty since it was explained that the rogue had dozen and dozen of mortals to fuck or become blood slaves.

Jordan, the secondary character, was interesting. Here too, I felt as if her story started prior this book. I had no idea why she was so close with the vampire hero since she was mortal and her father paid a huge price that his daughter was left alone and never been marked. So how the hero was connected to her? no clue.

I cannot say I disliked the characters. I loved the male vampire, I liked the wizard and the heroine was nice. But I did not fall for any of them. I did not see the romance, I did not see the love, I hardly saw the lust either. All the characters have lovers and they lost their love of their life. In real life, yes, we all have a past. It is rare today to fall in love with one and remain with this one all our life. Because they were vampires, it seems that the only option was death or no relationship if the mortal decided to remain mortal. I felt that the heroine was a third wheel, not extraordinary, not the kind of heroine that heroes can fall madly in love with. Again, it did not feel romantic for me. And because the romance started late in the story, the sex was not there either. It was okay but nothing special.

So what did I find good in this story then? Because not everything was bad.

I liked the plot and find it original even if I thought some details were not enough developed. I was intrigued with this world. Bastian seems to me to be the next character of the next book with Jordan. Another vampire who lost his wife I think.

I have nothing to say about the writing but compliment. It was fluid, easy to read and I totally pictured the story in my head.

So yes, I am not a huge fan of this story. I thought it was a bit messy with missing parts. I think I will blame the length. Maybe with a couple of extra chapters, I would have changed my mind and got all the details and development I thought were lacking here. Does it make this author a banned author from me? Certainly not! This story did not do for me but another story will do I am sure. I hope that everyone believe that one review does not define the author’s talent. It is one opinion about one story after all eh?

But maybe I was all wrong from the start and this story is just a HEA MF. I checked on the publisher, Ellora’s cave and it is clearly mentioned Menage or more. The title referred to one character so it could very be a misunderstanding with the publisher? And here is the proof how important are the tags!!! If I knew first hand that the story was a MF happy ending with menage sex scenes, I would have reacted differently. My expectations would not have been so high and I would not have been upset to discover that it was not a menage. I would have probably look at the story with a different approach… For me, it was not a menage.



rating 2

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