1567148Title: Damaged
Series: Planet Alpha
Author: Erin M. Leaf
Genre: Sci-Fi, space, aliens
Content: MMF
Stand Alone: YES
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published: Jul 11, 2014
Published by: Evernight Publishing
Publisher bookstore: LINK
ISBN: 9781771309219
Word count: 34,400
Page count:
94 pages

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authorbio3Erin M. Leaf is a romance novel devotee, the steamier the better, with a specialty in edgy erotic tension. She also writes romance as Marie E. Blossom.



synopsis3Cori knows her Xyran captivity has damaged her ability to trust, but when she meets Reiyn, desire flares despite her fear. He’s clearly hiding something, but when a distress call sends them into space together, passion takes over.

Cori enflames Reiyn like no other female ever has. She threatens his control over his hidden Xyran heritage, but he can’t fight his instincts. When his true nature is exposed during the daring rescue of a dying Xyran captain, will Cori forgive him, or will he continue his life’s work alone?

Captain Kyuk welcomes death when his ship is destroyed. He doesn’t expect to survive, but when Cori and Reiyn find him, instinct pushes him to live. He’s spent years smuggling slaves to freedom—can he now give up his own liberty to bond with Cori and Reiyn? Or is he too damaged to build that kind of emotional connection?




myreview3I have a soft spot for Sci-Fi menages, so it was easy for me to spot this story. But one word caught my eyes: damaged.

Damages (or damaged) means high maintenance, means conflict, means emotions. I like my characters handling those because it is often a good sign of interesting interaction between the characters. And I was right.

The story started MF and ended MMF. I am not fond of this sequence but it worked for this story. Although I regret a little bit that the author did not add a chapter for the third character in order to develop his personality. When the third character was introduced, it was borderline for me to consider him the third wheel and therefore the falling in love was a bit rushed in my opinion.

But all characters were lovable. Cori, the heroine, was a survivor. Reiyn was a lost soul and Kyuk a lonely one. I particularly enjoyed the heroine who was not whining about the past. She had scars and fears but the other two males too. Out of the three characters, I am not sure which one I preferred. I think I was hooked when the heroine did not fall in love immediately. It was lust at first sight all right but love was more obscure and I liked that.

I am always upset when the authors rush the feelings. I think it is way more enjoyable to read the love story step by step, to understand why the characters are falling in love and not because of great orgasms or a big dick. It is difficult to balance eroticism and romance and some author do not fuse both smoothly. I know this is a book of fiction and everything is allowed in a book of fiction but if a story is not credible, I feel as if someone is trying to make me believe the unicorn exist. I do not like perfect characters. I like them with flaws. I like them struggling, conflicting, high maintenance. The easy lust/love at first sight bores me. Maybe I am a bit too much jaded in real life to completely forgot that when I read a book? This said, Erin M. Leaf did a great job not rushing the feelings.

The plot was original but a bit too convenient. Everything happened too easily at the second rescue party. Everything else was credible, except this part. But considering it is a short novel of 94 pages, it was well developed.

The only things missing were the past of all characters. I would have like to know that more in order to fall completely in love with the characters. Knowing how much they suffered would have add some extra tension and depth into the romance in my opinion. I am thinking some flash back maybe.

Sex scenes were good too. Not much of MM. The story focused on the heroine mostly. The author was more focused on romance rather than sex.

Conclusion, I liked this story and I recommend it.



rating 3

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