dragonTitle: Dragon Guardian
Series: Drakins of Wyrmarach, #1
Author: Eden Glenn
Genre: Paranormal, Dragons
Content: MFM, twins
Stand Alone: YES
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published: April 14, 2014
Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Purchase links: LINK
ISBN-10: 1456594524
Word count:
Page count:
310 pages


Eden Glenn comes to writing from an education in Psychology and Equestrian Education. Her employment credits include profession in extension education for the Land Grant University System which involved her in program development/delivery, non-profit management,  Volunteer systems and community resource and advisory board development and other academia babel speak.

Eden Glenn and her partner “the Lady Librarian” live in the eastern lee of the smoky mountains outside of Asheville, NC in a quaint southern home they’ve named Misselthwaite. Their household is owned by a cat and a lovable nuisance of a dog that should be in Japan. Eden has blue eyes, but her hair color is subject to change without notice. When she’s not writing she enjoys being Garden Goddess and exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains on her motorcycle.

Eden writes erotic romance stories: GLTB, M/M (Male/Male); F/F (Female/Female); Menage’ (M/F/M & M/M/F and M/F/F; M/F/M/M; and Hot Hot Hot M/F) in a variety of sub-genres: historic, contemporary, and paranormal.

Print Copies are Also Available for immediate purchase at Blue Ridge Books in Waynesville, NC and City Lights Book Store in Sylva, NC

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synopsis3Wren, Cathwren Aldridge, is catapulted into a steamy relationship with twin brothers Ethan and Caleb Monroe quite by accident when she falls through her stairs. She discovers nothing is what is seems and she may be foreordained by their Goddess for more. She’s not chosen to be Queen of some small European country but a world in another dimension, a world of dragon shape shifters.

Evil stalks Wren, and it’s up to Caleb and Ethan to protect her while they figure out just what she is. Is she the one they’ve hoped for to unite them in their journey to the throne? Or will the strangeness of the truths they tell her drive her onto a path of self-discovery leaving them bound to a woman they can never have, The Dragon Guardian.



The first book I picked in the long list of available menage at Manic Readers was this one. Three things attracted me. 1/ Dragons 2/Length (long novel) 3/New author

Some readers prefer authors they know already and I understand that. It is easier to turn to something we know, some stories we enjoyed, an author that pleases us. A sure value. From my perspective, it is not always a sure thing that each book will please me. But I generally favor new authors because I am not spoiled about their reputation. I open a book with an open mind, no preconceived idea, no great expectations nor worries.

 I never read a book’s review I am prepared to read. As a reviewer, I do not want to be influenced. However, if I did not review, I believe I would look around, stick to a reviewer that is meaningful and close to my tastes. So Eden Glenn? not a clue! I also think that the fact that she is very versatile in her sub-genres and not sticking to MMF or MFM, explains why I did not recognize her.

Length is always something I care before selecting a book. I need to be connected with the characters to read enough pages to understand them and to connect to the romance and plot. 150+ pages is really a minimum for me, although I read a couple 100 pages and less and sometimes it is enough for me to connect. Dragon Guardian has 310 pages which is pretty rare, rare enough that it caught my eyes immediately.

Dragon topic definitely sealed the deal. I read very very few Dragons menages so far. Some that I recommend were Dragon Lord by Kaitlyn O’Connor, Dragon Blood by Madelaine Montague, Dragon Knights series by Bianca d’Arc,  and Supernatural Bonds series by Jory Strong. Many MF, few menages. As if dragons are per default monogamous. They are portrayed as alpha overzealous, overprotective, guardians of some kind… and totally out of sharing anything, most of all their mate, often described for more romanticism as soul mates.

Dragon Guardian held good promises. Sadly, I was disappointed.

The characters were not lovable in my opinion but not totally bad. Both heroes were jealous false alphas. Why false? Because they treated the heroine like a prize. They had this caveman attitude I so dislike and at the first sign the heroine decided (not by herself mind you) that she could not be treated like s***t, they bowed their head in between their legs.

The heroine was not lovable. She rejected the heroes after their first mistake only 2 maybe 3 days after they met but she excused her “best” friend (who happens to be the sister of the heroes) of several years who betrayed her. The sister had no wrong although if any “friend” did the same to me in real life, no freaking way I would forgive her that quick without serious explanation. The excuse of “I protected you” would certainly not be a good one enough.

The second characters like the sister or the exes were not lovable. In fact, the “sister aka best friend” played so much on my nerves that I could not put her aside and the heroine did not win brownie points. One the ex, one of the good one, who wanted to have a life with the heroine… let me repeat: a life… were lovers… totally accepted to be rejected after 6 months when he saw the relationship she had with the royal twins. Maybe I skipped a chapter where the villain cut his balls? In my world I do not marry or plan to have a lifetime relationship with a friend, even a best friend. From lover, turning to ex, turning into a guardian (his role was never really explained or justified), moving on to potentially falling in love with the sister he probably met already but somehow never noticed as a potential mate… I did not buy it.

Romance? very limited. I did not feel the love connection at all. I saw the magic one but love? nope.

Sex heat? very limited as well. 250 pages of no penetration sex because if they did they would be mated… so of course the menage sex scenes were almost non existent and at almost the epilogue.

Good parts? Some. And this is why I rated it 3 poly stars.

Plot was original even though not enough developed. Eden Glenn definitely had in mind to write a series and therefore, the part of who was the fairy/goddess, who was the nasty bad queen, who was the goods and the villains… everything I was hoping to read after reading the blurb, were only lightly mentioned.

Eden Glenn, as per her website, is planning to write a MF, a MM and a FF (in this order). Yes, I was introduced with the MF and the MM, not sure about the FF.

Dragon Guardian could be really good if the story was inside one book only with multiple romances. Maybe. I think the author did not concentrate enough on the main characters but more on the magic world and more attached on details like the dragon language and the culture. I believe she lost her main focus which should be love and romance.

If you love dragons, you will find plenty. If you like multi genres like menage, mf, mm and ff. Then this series should please you 🙂



rating 3


2 responses

  1. edenglenn says:

    Thank you for the honest and candid review.

    Dragon Mark is the next book in the series to release toward the end of 2014 or early 2015. That second volume will continue the relationship between Cathwren, Caleb and Ethan.

    I think you will be more pleased with what is in store for their character arch growth through the series and the increased intimacy and intensity of the relationships and the advancement in the plot line. And yes we will explore the Queen, the Goddess, and the tribe of bad guys in more detail answering some of the questions posed in Dragon Guardian as we continue through the next two books to resolve all those character’s live and plot elements by the end.

    You make some excellent points in your review and I appreciate the time you took to read and give your opinion on this first volume of the Drakins of Wyrmarach, Dragon Guardian.

    Through this coming season there will be a free read released, Dragon Betrayal with some back story of the Kiernan side character. There is a re-release planned of Dragon’s Unbound retitled as Dragon Emergence that is a m/m romance of other side characters from Dragon Guardian, Rhys and Haydn. There is already a F/F released that has characters from the fringes of the worlds of the Drakins. It is titled Dar’kind Promises. These above stories are all novella/novellette length whereas, Dragon Mark will be another full length novel which will be followed by the wrap of the trilogy dedicated to Ethan, Caleb and Cathwren, titled Dragon Kings in 2015/2016 time period.

    I hope for another chance to win you over!


    Eden Glenn

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    • Thank you very much Eden for taking the time to comment my review and most especially be so graceful about it.

      I am very happy to know that you will published a second volume about these 3 characters. I will look forward to read it and hopefully will close the romance circle.

      Thank you also to enlighten us about this series. I really like to have full details.