Title: Sharing Freedom
Series: OPS Warriors MC, #1
Author: Harley McRide
Genre: Contemporary, Gang bikers
Content: MFM
Stand Alone: YES
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published: April 29, 2014
Published by: JK Publishing
Purchase links: LINK
ISBN: 9781310789977
Word count: 63,300
Page count:


I was on the back of a bike as soon as I was big enough to hold on. My love of the lifestyle, combined with my experience and imagination drove me to writing. Now that my two kids are grown and off to college, My husband and I enjoy the great outdoors with our three great Danes: Bowser, Killer, and Maddie.

I grew up in Illinois, moving from place to place with my single mother until I was twelve. I now call the little town of Arkadelphia, Arkansas home. With it’s small town charm and population just over 10,000, it is the perfect place to hit the open road. When I need to get away, the hot springs are my go to unwind spot located less than thirty minutes from my cabin in the woods..


synopsis3Freedom’s life is destroyed in less than five minutes. Alone in the world, she is forced to find her own way while trying to stay under the radar of some very dangerous people.

Easy and Poke have found a home in the MC. They enjoy the carefree lifestyle and have no desire to change the way they live. Until they see a redhead in their strip club and she stirs things inside of them—unwelcomed feelings.

Freedom’s troubles follow her to the Ops Warriors MC leaving them with decisions to make: protect the woman who has barged into their lives or cut her loose. Decisions interfere with emotions causing hatred and death to break a bond that may never be pieced back together.

Enter the Warriors compound and meet the men who live by their own rules, never apologizing for their choices, but whose loyalties run deep when you are accepted as part of their family..


myreview3I am totally torn with this story. Some parts were really good while some where totally WTH?

I feel like I liked/disliked this story but at the end of the day realize that I read it from beginning to end and wanted to know the story until the last line read. So obviously it means that this story did not leave me indifferent and deserve to be read.

This is the first time I am using a good/meh rating. Because I honestly liked some and disliked other parts.

First I must say that this story was really interesting and I really enjoyed the novelty to set up the story with bikers and gangs. It was original. All along, I thought that it was honest and rang true. I kept thinking that the author must have been somehow involved with bikers or she knew somebody who is/was. So many details sounded true to me. I’ve never been around bikers but I was truly impressed by the secondary people and how they felt alive. This plot pushed me to read it up to the end even if I had some issue with the romance.

The romance was meh. I did not feel it. I think the main reason is that I did not relate to the heroine. She was out of place. It was funny, I felt as if the author wanted to include Cinderella into a big bad asses gang and they fell under her spell. You know, two stories mixed together but totally not matching and not credible?

The heroine was a virgin (no brownie points from me here). She escaped her big bad ugly nasty mean “man” who wanted to sell her to two of the meanest gangs to pay his debts. Her mother died years ago, she lived with this “man” and never ever noticed his gaming issues, his debt (she was the accountant of his business). He was not a nice guy at all, treated her like shit but guess what? She loved him. But once she heard he wanted to sell her she ran where? in a strip club a couple of miles from this man. She had little money on her and never knew before that day that this man stole her money at her bank… mmmm she is over 21 and allow this man to fully access her bank account???? and furthermore the bank does not contact the owner of the account that ALL her money is removed? How did she pay her rent, her food, her basic need? it had to be done at once and the bank was okay with that?.

So she is a virgin, had no more money and the only option for her is to be a pole exotic dancer????????? Of course! that would be my first option… yours? Never would I think to apply at a restaurant, fast food, cleaning, big stores that are always hiring on the spot. Of course, my fist obvious choice would be to apply for a pole exotic dancer position and rotate my bums on strangers with a bonner! It would not matter if I had ZERO experience, it would not matter if I danced like a penguin because I have big boobs, you know. My boobs would do the job for me. thud

So she ran into this dreamed biker gang, few miles away from the bad man. She immediately thought she was saved there. The women (except one of course because there is always one jealous nasty bitch around right?) loved her because she is soooooo nice, sooooooo sweet. Yes, because of course it is a fact that any vanilla sweet girl will be accepted by those women that are generally no better than the guys and extremely jealous of outsider. Makes totally sense that the heroine was immediately accepted, that they taught her how to pole dance and protected her.

But guess what, at the middle of the story, this sweet naive girl flipped and became a very nasty jaded bad ass woman. It does not matter if the gang failed to protect her, throw her away like a piece of trash without protection because she was too sweet to handle the gang, no matter if she lived a couple weeks there. Naaaaaaaaaa she was rejected like a piece of trash, got hurt badly I may say in the process and guess what? She forgave them and went back to them. Nobody groveled because you know they are big bad asses. It was the ultimate betrayal but nope, she decided that it was okay. Forgave also her two lovers that rejected her after they took her virginity of course…

The gang was not doing drugs, a little prostitution but they were not pimps and not sure they dealt with arms or else and they killed only rarely and if necessary. They had a strip club with different type of women including whores but they were very respected and protected… mmmm really??? the ideal biker gang? The dream biker gang? the certainly not realistic biker gang from my perspective. I am an outsider but  it was pushed a bit too far the credibility.

But, if I put aside a couple of things. The connection between the males felt right. The orgies felt right. The hierarchy felt right. The honor code felt right. The rules felt right. Many things smelled the truth. And this is why I kept reading up to the end. I was really fascinated in many ways.

The males main characters were not heroes. They fell for the heroine, took her virginity in front of other guys and finally thought that she would not do with their lifestyle and thrashed her away, knowing that she may still be in danger but she would still be okay.

Sex? only two sex scenes with the heroes, a couple of description of orgies but not really described and she never participated. The only hot part was that all the sex were in the open, no doors in the mansion and they were all into voyeurism.

So nope. I am sorry. I could not give more than a 2 poly stars. It sucks because I truly believe that the plot had HUGE potential. Somehow, even with this rating, I am still recommending it because of the plot. Some story, I wish to forget but this one will be remembered because of it. I am just sad that the characters, romance and sex (and edits) did not match it.

ps: Appreciated the pen name related to the series and the cover book!



rating 2

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  1. Margo says:

    Sounds like I could drive a Harley if not a truck through some of those plot holes. Great review!