originTitle: Origin
Series: The Kithran Regenesis, Book 4
Author: Dani Worth
Genre: Space, Sci-Fi, Aliens
Content: MMF
Stand Alone: Yes but better read series
Re-issued /Re-edited: No
Date published: April 8, 2014
Published by: Samhain
Purchase links: Samhain Publishing Kobo  Amazon US Amazon UK Barnes & Noble
ISBN: 978-1-61922-129-1
Page count:  155 pages



Dani loves to explore the boundaries of new worlds, love, desire or anything else that strikes her fancy. Good stories make life fun!

She’s currently writing erotic romances set in post-apocalyptic, science fiction and contemporary settings.

DANI-WORTHShe likes threads of paranormal and urban fantasy. Some of her stories will have pairs and some will have three–Love is Love. 🙂

She currently has a sexy space opera novella series and a sexy post-apocalyptic novella series out with Samhain Publishing.

She’s lived in some crazy places but currently reside in the southwest and is represented by Miriam Kriss of the Irene Goodman Agency.

Contact Dani at daniworthbooks@gmail.comhttp://twitter.com/DaniWorthWrites.


synopsis3In the race for freedom—and love—there’s no holding back.

The Kithran Regenesis, Book 4

After fourteen torturous years as a slave on a galaxy roving entertainment ship, Siri carries only vague memories of parents who loved her, Gwinarian food, and her beautiful home planet of Kithra.

When two space pirates burst into her owner’s room, the choice they offer her is all too easy: stay and face government questioning about the two intruders, or take a chance and go with them.

Claybourne and Anders had planned to help expose the pleasure ship owner’s involvement in Kithra’s destruction. But when they happen upon Siri, saving one of the last—and most beautiful—of the Gwinarian race takes precedence.

Siri tastes freedom long denied…and temptation to succumb to the deep sexual tension vibrating between her and her two liberators. Clay and Anders take pleasure in letting her take the lead in rediscovering the power of intimacy.

But there are more secrets to uncover, and Siri senses that the closer they come to the truth, the closer she comes to the most painful choice of all—to let her pirate lovers go..


myreview3I was waiting for the next book of this series, The Kithran Regenesis, for a long time. When we enjoy a series, I guess it is logical. So I was extremely happy when the author, Dani Worth, gave me an ARC copy of Origin.

I must add that this menage is the first menage I read for over two months. I needed a break. I felt that my reviews did not bring much novelty and I was ranting for the same things too. Plus real life went on top of that. So what did I do during that time? worked and read in french a series that will turn into a TV series this summer. I went with the flow but this MF time travel series has 12 books and each book has between 500-700 pages. But today I felt I missed reading menages and I knew it was time for me to go back to my beloved menage romances and Origin was my first choice. 😉

Animationkithran2I read all the series. Dani Worth never disappointed me. She has this fluidity in her writing that even if it is sci-fi. Sci-fi is a bit difficult because the author needs to make sure that the words used are extremely “visual” in order for the reader to immediately set up the story. It is also a sub-genre that is enough rare for me in menage that I truly appreciate it.

As usual, my review has no logical beginning or end. I will share my thoughts the way they come.

First, I was very happy to read a novel and not a novella like the first three books of this series. This is something that I was not fond with. I always felt as if the story needed more, stopped short each time. They were really good, do not get me wrong, but they were too short for my taste. Origin was longer by a 50 pages and I was way more into the characters and the plot.

This story is one POV only, the heroine. At first, I was not sure. I like to read all the main characters POV and I am generally more connected with them. But it is not always the case. I discovered that if the heroine had an intense and tormented past, it is nice to follow through and through her journey. And this was the case with Siri, the heroine.

I still enjoyed the main heroes. I cannot say I totally fell for them because I missed their past stories to know them but I liked them a lot. Plus I knew them as secondary characters so I knew them a bit, they were not totally strangers.

I truly loved this story. At times, I could totally pictured the horrible past of the heroine and it was not “too much”. Sometimes, some authors do put so much layers of teary explanations that it becomes unbelievable. Not with Origin.

Was it completely credible? I would say  99%. I accepted that the heroine was not totally broken after fourteen years of sex slavery. If a person knows nothing but what her life is, you just survive and accept to just live with the basic: eat, breath, sleep and suffer. No choice, no hope. I get that.  However, in this story, two things disturbed me: how did she know how to use a weapon and how did she learn how to read since she was abducted at nine years old. That tickled me somehow as not believable.

I enjoyed the plot. This story can be read as a stand alone but it is really better to read this series in order. Why? It all revolves around a planet who was destroyed and the majority of the people were killed except a few. Years after this tragedy, the few saved are returning to their planet they thought destroyed and each book is about this re-population and rebuilt of the planet. But again, you do not need to, just better.

Sex is not the main focus of this story. I read a couple of scenes but with the exception of one, most were not overly described. I even found the author a bit shy sometimes in her descriptions.

The epilogue was a bit short for me. Probably because the book said 172 pages and it stopped at 150.  For once, I did not read the epilogue before I started to read the story so when it ended, I felt like: “already?”.

Overall, this story was full of emotion and this is why it earned the 5 poly stars. I truly fell for the heroine and her story. I could relate to the heroine and what she felt. Dani Worth did not rush the sex scenes and that made it credible considering the pain and hurt the heroine went thru. It was progressive and I liked that. It was also not over-dramatic which I enjoyed even more. Her past was rough but do not be afraid to read rape scenes, everything was suggested.

Indeed, I recommend to read this story and this series. I know Dani Worth will take her time to publish book #5, but it will be worth it to wait. 🙂

note: complements to the art cover artist. Those heroines are exactly the heroines described in the series and the covers are original and attractive!



rating 5


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