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FEBRUARY 27, 2014

Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences.  Contains language and actions some may deem offensive.  Sexually explicit content.  Ménage – MFM

In book one of Heels for Hire, Inc.:  Brandie “Bubbles” Anderson is always alert and ready to take any case head on.  However, when a case she is involved in crosses over with the local PD’s, Brandie finds herself working with two cops who threaten her independence.

Chance and Dylan have been friends since the beginning days at the academy and now are partners at the Ridgeville Police department.  After a series of thefts take place involving the elite citizens in the area, and with the mayor breathing down their Chief’s back, he hires a private investigation service to help.  What the men didn’t expect was for their new partner to be a kickass—take names later, bubbly blonde.

Bubbles must work with the men to solve the case quickly before anything else comes up missing—including her heart.  The case takes on a new meaning when a connection is found with one of the players.  A simple case becomes Bubbles nightmare, leaving her holding another’s fate in her hands.  Will the men rescue her in time, or will they enter only to be covered by Bubbles?

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As a person who does believe in love at first sight, it was easy to find romance where ever I went. I myself have fallen into fate’s hand when I met my husband and married eleven days later. Now, we just celebrated our eleventh year anniversary with four children. I never regret a single day, and love him more and more with each passing hour.

I was never much of a writer in school. I enjoyed mostly poems, but anything longer never held my interest. When a friend challenged me to actually write a book better than the one she was reading. I toyed with the idea, and now here I am today. I have found a hidden passion that allows my wild side to come out while keeping the romance together. I would love to hear from all of you.

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I am super excited about this book. This is the first one of my new series, Heels for Hire Inc. It was something I kept joking about with several friends, and threatened to write them as main characters. Needless to say, that is exactly what I did. I took three woman who are so different, but work so well that is comical. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do. ~Gracie



“So what do we do now?  I can head to the back and act like I gotta pee, and listen from there.  Hell, I can have you leave and pick a fight.  Maybe get them distracted.  What do you think?  Want me to play nice with them?  I bet I could get close to one of them.”

He grabbed her tighter because the idea of someone else touching her made him see red and the last thing he wanted to do was let her go over there, but he was out of options.  She started to kiss his neck so they could talk, but damn if his dick wasn’t making yet another appearance and growing with each touch.  His pants were going to be an issue real soon.

“What the hell do you mean make nice with them?  I don’t want you close to them.  We can figure something out.”  He was stunned when she bit his earlobe, pulling it down.  Ya, these leather pants are going to be a problem.

“I will do what I want, Thing Two, but you need to realize I do this for a damn living.  You don’t dictate what I can and can’t do.  Now do we need to get information, or get the hell out of here?  Let me know so we can plan.  Your either with me or not.”  She started to rub herself against him more, making him pull her tighter against him, pushing his leg between hers so her sweet little pussy rubbed on him.  Letting his brain fog over, he needed the information, so plan B was what he was going for.  Taking his hand, he slipped it under her small skirt taking her by surprise.

“We are going to do this my way baby.  I have an idea, but you need to relax and let it look natural.  I have some small bugs in my inside pocket, and yes, I never leave home without them.  We are going to play a little and when we are done, you are going to the bathroom, trip, and drop one on the seat next to the big guy.”  He heard her whimpered response when she slipped her hand into his jacket to grab the bug and his hands skimmed along her naked ass.  Holy shit she was wearing a thong.  Running his fingers along her crack, she shifted more allowing his access.  Making sure her hand wasn’t seen digging into his jacket pocket, he reached up with his other hand and pulled on her ponytail, making her head tip back.  He used that moment to kiss along her neck, her jaw bone, the corner of her mouth, until she opened and he plundered her mouth.  Like the kiss prior, this one he poured all of himself into.  She gasped but allowed him to control her.  He deepened the kiss, making sure she knew he wasn’t going to stop anytime soon.  Moving to the front of her legs with his other hand he skimmed the thin material covering her pussy.  He was shocked to find she was bare there, but that shouldn’t surprise him, he was beginning to realize she normally did things he didn’t expect.  She moaned into his mouth and he could feel her heat calling to him.  Slipping his fingers past the thin barrier, he glided over her lips, running his fingers between them, finding her wet and wanting as he moved his finger through, and more cream escaped, coating the digit.  He released her lips moving to her neck kissing and sucking the skin, silently asking permission as he slid his finger back and forth.  He didn’t want to go any further if she didn’t want, but he was dying to feel her heat around his finger, her cunt sucking him in, asking for more, and pulling him deeper.

Brandie was so lost in the moment that she couldn’t even tell you her name if you asked.  She needed to stay focused on the task at hand, but damn it if Dylan’s hand didn’t play games with her aching pussy.  She was so damn needy.  It was as if she was split in two, one part wanted nothing more than to have Dylan strip her down and fuck her stupid off the bar for all to see, and the other was her badass self, which didn’t give a shit what people thought but got the job done.  Instead, here she was playing both sides of herself and unsure what side to pick.  Not thinking just feeling, she shifted slightly on Dylan’s leg, and then he took the decision away from her as his finger shot straight into her greedy sex.  Throwing her head back, she held in a cry as he took over, playing her body like a master musician on a grand piano conducting an orchestra.  His fingers pushed in and out, kneading her clit with each pass.  She felt her body quicken and the need to come pushed forward more and more, but the fear of screaming, held her back.  Dylan seemed to be on the same wavelength as her orgasm splintered her, he covered her scream with his mouth, drowning her out to keep their play time just between them.  His finger slowed as she started to come down from her high.  Sliding her arms out of his jacket she held tight on the small pen that must be the bug.  She had to give him credit for his cleaver thinking.  He removed his finger completely and she looked into his dark brown eyes as he smirked and sucked his finger clean of her juiced.  Normally she would have smacked him for doing something so publicly, but with him, it turned her on even more.  Once he finished cleaning his finger he leaned softly over to her and kissed her gently.

“Now, baby, it time you go play limp legs and drop the bug.  I’ll wait here, and then we can leave.”  He lifted her from his leg and fixed her skirt yet again before smacking her ass as she walked to the bathroom.




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