4178Bondageslaveforhire1600w-220x330In book two of the Tremble Island Series: Hawk is the new lord of the Hall of Care, and faced with obstacles everywhere he turns. How can he get the people of the village to trust him—when he can’t even get laid without it coming with a price. He found the one he wants as a mate, but is afraid she will turn him down when she finds out she will be getting two birds for the price of one.

Flora considered herself to be a simple Echo Witch. Her role in life was to be a companion to the Village Crone. She refused to join in the hopeful crowd that anxiously waited for the new Lord to pick a mate. He may be good looking, but so was his dark friend, Con, the giant. Even though he strikes fear into some with his reputation as an executioner, she only sees the kind heart beneath his feathers.

Come to Hawk’s Nest as the women step in when the men are still wary of change, new enemies surface, a few lives are changed for the better, and two friends work toward the same goal—their mate.

Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contain language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. Ménage – MFM

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authorbio3What should I say about myself? Well, I am the mother of four and still raising kids. I have worked in factories and yes, I have cleaned bathrooms as a job. When I became a Realtor I found my niche in the workplace. I love walking into houses and discovering the secrets that some homes can tell. Look at a kitchen doorway and you might be lucky enough to see the small nicks in the wood from parents measuring a child each year. I could go on and on, but this is a bio not a book.

I have been an avid reader since I first read the book Gone With The Wind at age nine. I didn’t understand it completely at that time, but I thought Rhett got a bad deal. But then I am a sucker for a happy ending. I have been writing short stories for years and always wanted to send my writings in to a publisher. The problem? I write what real people say. I describe my love scenes and sex scenes in explicit modern language. (Although I do love a historical romance.) I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I enjoyed writing them. My first series for Siren-BookStrand is the At The Lake series. Dizzy’s Story is the first, then Jane’s Story and last, but more intense, is Morgan’s Story.

Lynn Ray



There was a frantic knock on his bedroom door. Hawk was ready to finally penetrate the pretty pink pussy that he had just enjoyed with his mouth, and yelled at the intruder to leave. The knocking continued and a muffled demand for attention could be heard from outside of the thick wooden door. He hung over the heaving breasts of his bedmate by his thick arms on either side of her braced on the mattress, his cock at her wet gate, when the pounding began again. He got off the mattress and stomped to the door, flung it open and had to catch the small figure that was putting her entire weight behind her pounding fists as she fell into the room.

He searched his foggy mind, and recalled who this person was. Alarm began to seep into his mind replacing the sexual need that seemed to override all else lately. What could have happened in the short time he had been absent from the main room of the Hall to cause such a desperation this small female was communicating to him?

Flora could see that she had been in time. Fern sent her to warn him against the female who was waiting on the bed with her thighs spread wide and a triumphant grin on her lips. She hated to see the handsome Lord Hawk scowling, but it couldn’t be helped or delayed. He had to know of the plot to control him through his seed. The female was fertile, and sent specifically to seduce a babe from his body. His enemies were trying to wrest the Hall from him one way or the other, and there was no better way to seize that control than to hold his child and its mother as hostage. The woman was a pawn, she had been placed under a powerful compulsion by a wizard who lived between Hawk’s Nest and Klonslow Hall. The wizard had lost his benefactor when the forces from Tremble Castle had wrested this place from its former Lord.

Flora straightened herself from the strong arms of Lord Hawk, and tried to regain at least a token amount of composure. She had been prepared to find him in the arms of the temptress, but reality and knowledge were two different things. She was entranced by the sight of Hawk in all of his nude glory. His chest was wide, and thickly padded with tight muscles, as were his arms and his hands were huge. He stood a foot taller than she, and as she allowed herself to look downwards, his hips and thighs were as muscled as the rest of him was. His male appendage was a beautiful weapon, standing long, thick, and proud. The sight of his body, made her heart thump hard in her chest. He made a noise in his throat and she forced herself to step back outside of the door, requesting him to join her.

“Lord Hawk, I have been sent to speak with you by Fern, she says the message is one of great importance, and only for your ears. I apologize for interrupting your sport, but the message cannot wait.”


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