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well hello there!

It has been ages since I posted my ramblings and frustrations. Missed them? Here they are! ha!

I am not sure why the caveman heroes is attractive to the eyes of some authors and readers. Really? Is is so sexy to be treated like a sex toy, a doll to use, to be told to shut up if we raise an opinion and close a discussion by rushing the heroine to the bedroom, kiss her to avoid her to speak and believe that one or two orgasms will solve the issue once and for all.

Yeah yeah. I do repeat myself and as far as I know I’m raffling on about it all the time. Who knows, some authors will get so very tired to read me complaining about it that they may think twice before portraying their male characters like cavemen and maybe, yes maybe, they will slam the door in their face if they try to speak their “lil” voice in their head. They should be quite easy to recognize them: “me alpha, you sex toy” “me alpha, you dumb author that think I am sexy”…. yeah right…

Caveman. checked… again. and again.

Are we in the werewolves reign? I mean we had the earls, the pirates, the cowboys, the vampires and now the werewolves? Every single week, I find a menage werewolves around the corner week. I am not sure how I feel about it. It is like loving a cheesecake with all the toping and cherries but then eating it at every lunches, it is a bit too much? Mind you, the recipes are never the same. Some are excellent, some are nasty, missing tons of ingredients.

That’s how I feel about them. At the end of the day, most of them are quite boring because there is nothing new: an alpha, a beta who is generally the cousin, a villain and a naive human heroine who is 25 and virgin although, mind you, she must also be a slut and has the knowledge of a hooker and of course submissive aka door mat but eh! if she is lucky will have super powers… umm ring a bell or should I say cathedral bells? Yeah. It is quit a challenge to read something else but again publishers sell by the dozen and since it is a popular genre, I do not see any slowdown. Yes, I still find good ones in the middle of hundred but it is getting hard to find them and most of all find originality in any of them now.

Werewolves. checked.

realityI am pissed off and probably the main reason you have the joy to read my ramblings right now.

Yesterday I bought an ebook. I recognized the author’s name, the cover book looked pretty, the blurb looked good and price made sense. As usual, I checked the word count which was 46,467. I made my quick conversion into pages: around 110 pages. (100 pages is my minimum length to read).

I started to read and so far I liked it. Since I have this stupid habit to read the epilogue, I went to the last page which was 112. Then I went backward, page after page after page after page…………. 40 freakin’ pages!!!! So the novel became a novella of 72 pages, the epilogue was not even an epilogue and ended short. I mean WTH?

Know what? I immediately stopped my reading and trashed the book. Not only that but I banished the publisher! That was plain ridiculous and I felt totally cheated. Next I’ll know, I will buy a novel and get what? a newspaper article? 46,467 words is definitely not 72 pages. I mean I do not mind a short excerpt of the next story of the series but why not adding the book catalog at the end of each ebook now? Sadly, this publisher is far from being alone.

Feeling cheated. checked.

Finally… When do you think the middle aged authors will update themselves and think 21st century and not 50s/60s when the ultimate goal for a woman was to cook, do laundry and breast feed their children non stop but most of all be at the entire disposal of their husband and cooking at the kitchen since middle of the afternoon waiting for the “honeyyyy I am home” that was the ultimate joy of their days?It does not matter if their heroine is working or not although so far I did not read much of police officers, lawyers, surgeons or any authority job. As if being a successful woman will make the heroes less attractive. So what? the heroines must have a stay home mentality, no ambition… a sex toy? Where is the attraction or romantic side in that?

Do I want to associate the heroes to my grandfather’s lifestyle? I loved him dearly but Heck no! There is nothing more attractive than to read a spitfire heroine who will fight back. If the hero make a mistake to think her a door mat, there is a huge plot potential there that can be funny and hot. Where is the fun to read after a couple of page the heroine agree to every whim of the hero and worship him as a god? borrrrrrrrrring

Honest, if I want to read an harlequin or blaze alike, I can find tons. If the difference is only a couple of sex scenes extra and the use of “dirty” words make the difference between the two… what’s the point? Yeah, menage I guess. No menage in harlequin or blaze. But from my perspective, it does not make a big difference. I wished authors would understand that some readers want to relate to the heroine and not cry over their lost of virginity and dream to be ravished… Sorry to say that this is not passion for me or hot or sexy and I am not 16 years old anymore to dream about it. Because this is exactly the message those authors carry around when they portray their heroes as cavemen and the heroines like door mats. 😦

Does anyone know a book named “101 how to live in the twenty first century and be a woman not a door mat”, please let us know. I am ready to promote it non stop on this blog, twitter and facebook! You know the drill right? You write what you know… Oh do not get me wrong, they are adorable sweet ladies to chit chat with but their vision of perfect male hero and heroine? uh uh

Authors nostalgic of the 50s/60s. checked..


Well, that’s it for now. Do not hesitate to comment, would love to share my frustration and feed it with some others.

’till later…


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4 responses

  1. Yep, have to agree 100%. It really pi*^es me off when I don’t get what I paid for! If a book states 120 or 360 pages, thats what I am paying for and what I expect for my money. I recently read a book and it ended so abruptly, that it thought it hadn’t been downloaded correctly, then checked page count etc. bottom line, I won’t be purchasing anymore from that author!


    • my point exactly. To gently introduce the next book of the series and tease the reader about it at the end with 2-3 pages is okay, the author bio is also common but 40 pages of ads from the publisher because he is so desperate to tell the reader that it published more than one book? YUCK
      Thanks for your comment 🙂


  2. dakotatrace says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I recently ran across a menage book like you were describing. I hate when the author gives an alpha and his beta a door mat for a mate. If you’re going to have two men – especially dominant ones, your heroine better have a back bone – even if she’s a sexual submissive. *rolls eyes and repeat after me* Submissive doesn’t mean door mat!

    Okay I’m better now. *steps off soap box*


    • dammit you are so right Dakota…. lets do it together: submissive does not mean door mat.!! So many submissive are alpha female outside the bedroom, have a successful job and the personality that match it.

      I am just tired of stereotypes from authors who have a superficial idea of what is it to live the lifestyle and use the BDSM fashion mode to sell more to reader who do not even know more than themselves.

      Each time I read a “door mat heroine”, it is a slap on my face because it is a promotion for men to disrespect women.

      We are no longer in the 50s/60s and middle aged authors should update their current views about reality: women are strong and independent and they do not cook or do laundry all day and breast feed their numerous children
      I am upset that those authors are totally convinced that portraying their heroes as caveman is totally cool and sexy.

      Thanks Dakota for your comment