menage-onmyradarHello Menage Romances lovers!

After a couple of  okay, soso and yuck menage I read the last few days, I know my menage reading muse took pity on me and I saw a couple of new releases.

I think I will never stop complaining about authors that truly believe that heroes must have caveman attitude: “Me, big man with supreme intelligence and sexually supreme beast with a 12 inches dick.You, virgin slut sex toy with no brain and slave to my sexual needs. Me, spanking you before you even speak or dare to have an opinion. You, licking my feet and my balls naked and worshiping me O! sexy God who will give you ten orgasms in the same night.”.

Yeah… right. If you love this kind of heroes, then you should stop right now reading my reviews.

Anyway… I found a couple of JK Publishing menages that are definitely on my radar… My only issue with this publisher is that most of the stories are not stand alone and must be read in order which annoys me. Those I picked today are either book #1 or #2 so I do not have to buy the whole series to understand the context prior reading.

I like JK Publishing for its multiple menage authors. But also because I know the type of heroes I will find in my menage stories and always find a menage paranormal shifters (generally werewoves). It is nice to buy a book and know exactly what you’ll get. Not saying there are no cavemen heroes, there are. But if you can read between the lines of a blurb, you may avoid or not them. On the plus side, a lot of JK’s authors are very nice ladies and fun to speak with on facebook. Don’t know Jana Leigh’s crew (CEO JK Publishing)? Check them out HERE.





Dianthe Rising


In book one of the Dia Mclearey Series: Twenty years ago a young woman was seduced by the Celtic god, Belenus. She gave birth to a daughter destined to give her mates the power to rule the worlds. However, a mother’s love knows no bounds. She would deny the very gods to ensure her daughter safety.

However, destiny proves it cannot be held back. Now living in London, Dianthe is oblivious to her gifts. Until a girls’ night out almost cost her everything when she meets a hungry vamp. That night, the world she knew turns upside down and she is thrown into the paranormal world.

What does a supposedly human, a wolf king, and an ancient Fae have in common? A woman they each want as their own. Join in as Daniel, Kale, and Robin set out to prove that Dianthe was meant for them.

When the passion flares, can her mates overcome their jealousy before they have to go back to where it all began? Will they survive the battle at the stone of Dianthe’s Rising?


A Place for Her


In book one of Hades Temple: At an early age, Ventura Sidewell learned to trust no one but herself. Left to grow up on her own without any family around taught Ventura to be an independent, resilient woman. Finally, years later, she possesses the knowledge and the means to save an abused woman who was never far from her thoughts. For her efforts, Ventura finds herself the object of a monster who is hell bent on taking back what is his.

Thornton Trebor and Terrence Decker are friends with benefits, each with a job to keep Ventura safe in their own way—one as a bodyguard—the other a cop. Both find they want more than just to protect her. They want to keep her by their sides, if they can keep her alive.

The three have baggage and pasts, which tend to have a way of catching up on them. Will Ventura’s past find a way to kill her? Or will the men who have taken a personal interest in her, lose her to the monster?


Healing Their Mate


In book two of the Love of a Shifter Series: River Channing finds out that vampires exist and begins to doubt everything she knows about life, especially when an evil vampire is behind all her problems. She is faced with having to stay one step ahead of the vampires, causing River to travel from one job to another to survive.

While driving from state to state, River finds her way to Freedom, Colorado, and gets a job at the Meadowland Lodge. She befriends the owner’s mate, Ash Wilder. Being the detective Ash is, she digs into River’s past and finds out that she is on the run from someone. After finding a newspaper clipping in River’s pocketbook, Ash learns that women have been murdered and drained of all their blood. It leaves her no choice but to call in her uncle, leader of the local vampire clan, along with the Alpha of the new shifter unit.

Reece Ramsey, Prime to the local vampire clan and Jonas Glenn, Alpha of the new shifter unit are used to working together on a professional basis. However, they soon learn they will be working together in a different way when the scent of one little human hits them and they realize they will be sharing a mate.

Visit the Meadowland Lodge as a vampire and wolf work together to woo their mate and a woman fights her inner demon on whether to run or reach out and take hold of everything she has ever wanted.



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  1. Thank you So Much!. I hope you like the Book A Place For Her,, And it is a stand alone. All of the books in the Hades Temple series will be stand alone’s


  2. Margo says:

    Love the caveman description! I get a little tired of the overdone alpha male caricature too. Don’t even get me started on the virgin sluts. I thought Barbara Cartland was dead?


    • OMG I stopped reading Barbara Cartland at 15 (probably one main reason why I am not fond of Victorian menage)

      Yeah… virgin slut… the hero discovering she is a virgin and his love all of a sudden increase tenfold because we all know that virginity is totally synonym of love, because reading an hero reflooring an heroine is soooooooo much fun and soooooooo romantic, because a virgin at 25ish is sooooooooo common these days

      do not understand how women so in awe with forced secuction and do not realize that it is another word for rape. do not care if the heroine changed her mind, fall in love because she had an orgasm. no is no. Ooooo and of course the forced sex because the heroine think differently and after an orgasm for suuuuuuuuuuuuure she will change her mind. we all know that right? to be disrespected and forced is the answer of everything….

      yeah.. I can talk about it on and on and on *sigh*

      Thanks Margo!! so much. I am happy that I am not alone to mention it publicly 😛


  3. heatherhand says:

    Thanks for the recommendations Mary – I grabbed two of the three above plus book one in the Shifter series. And you are right about JK – I have some author friends who just switched to them and they couldn’t be happier PLUS I met one of the above authors on FB and they are a lovely person too.

    I so enjoy you!