ah-c-laceytemptationsTitle: Lacey Temptations
Series: Crave 1
Author: Amy J. Hawthorn
Genre: Contemporary, Light BDSM
Content: MFM
Stand Alone: YES
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published: January 2014
Published by: SIREN
Purchase links: LINK
Word count: 67,974
Page count: 185 pages


authorbio3As a teen, Amy J. Hawthorn fed her reading appetite with fantasy and horror stories. Then she stumbled upon a pretty book cover, complete with a bare-chested, sword-wielding, Highlander. That Highlander and his author showed her the magic of a Happily-Ever-After and she’s never looked back. She’s a busy mother of two, wife of one and lives with one foot in the hospital world and the other at home. She has read her way through Kentucky, Arizona, Southern California, and then back home to Kentucky. Today between working nightshift and wrangling her family she tries her best to create Happily-Ever-Afters for the characters running amok in her head.

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Ryan Marks is a hunted man. When sweet and sexy stranger, Lacey Briton, becomes a target because of their explosive chemistry, the gloves come off. He calls in his best friend, detective Parker Ellison, to provide protection.

All Lacey wanted to do was treat herself to a day of indulgence at the new shop in town, Crave. Instead she finds herself whisked away to a secluded cabin by two men claiming that her safety comes above all else.

Parker can see that Lacey is meant for Ryan and refuses to act on his own attraction to the sweet and curvy beauty. But Ryan has other ideas and draws Parker in to teach Lacey the pleasures of a ménage where they find more than chemistry when all three hearts become involved.

Crave. Equal parts naughty, class, and sass, it’s the one place with everything needed to fulfill your desires.


myreview3It is always hard for me to review a story when I am slip in two.

Up to page 120, I totally loved the story and the characters. Then one character spoiled my fun up to the point that I could hardly wait to finish the book.

So lets talk about the good and the less good parts.

My first impression was that the author did the perfect move to make the story credible. She stuck as close as possible to reality and things that she experienced, like the job of the heroine, a nurse job for example. It was right. It felt right. Then one of the male character was an erotic author and the other male character was a detective. I truly believe that the best romances are when authors write about what they know well. The third character was a detective. This is an easy character to portray with the hundred of TV shows series. Maybe one of her relative is even a detective, who knows. Credibility then it was.

The plot was not overly original but up to the end, the author was smart to not give too much clues from the beginning so I kept wondering who was the villain. The villain was revealed at nearly the end which was expected. The plot was nicely developed.

The sex scenes were also good and hot. A little touch of D/s that will please a lot of readers. I appreciated that the author did not labeled the character “Dom”. This really annoys me when an author does not respect the protocol and obviously is not expert in the subject. I call those authors “Cavemen experts”, certainly not BDSM experts. Amy J. Hawthorn portrayed her character as a dominant with a “tied up” fetish but not as a Dom, expert in bondage. BIG difference. Thank you Mrs Hawthorn, I appreciated it a lot. Oh, and no need to live the lifestyle to have a fetish: you like to wear lace lingerie? you like to wear high heels? Those can be considered as fetish. You sure did not know you were kinky eh?

Now, the parts I liked the less was one character’s personality. I think the length of the story pushed me in the dislike direction. Lacey Temptations has 185 pages. As I said at the beginning of this review, up to 140 pages, I enjoyed the story very much. However, it went downhill after that. One male became more and more an asshole. He used the heroine sexually, did not give any care after sex, pushed her away right after too many times. Once would have been okay and credible with his insecurities but after several times, I started to dislike him.

The other two characters were lovable. I appreciated that the heroine did not fall hard for the guy who constantly rejected her and had pride enough to try to move on. I liked her pride. Most of the time, the heroine I read in romances fall hard and at first sight of the male coming back, they fall in their arms. Although, it was a bit that way. I thought the guy did not grovel enough. He apologized to everyone but her in the end and at last, with a little bit of romance, she was more than ready to forgive him. So nope, I could not relate with the romance completely.

So even though I had some issues with one character, I totally recommend this book. Not everyone will relate to the characters the same way and there is no doubt that this author wrote a great story. I am truly looking forward to read her again!


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rating 4

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