Let’s nominate your favorite 2014 Erotic Menage Romances!


Nominations will be received from January 11 to January 25, 2014.
Voting will begin from Jan 26 to Feb 8, 2014 . All votes will be hidden.
Winners in each category will be known on February 9, 2014


Hello Menage Romances Lovers!

I am happy to announce this 2nd edition of the Menage Romances 2014 Fan’s Choice Awards Nominations!

Few minor changes this year, I decided to reduce the nomination and voting time to 2 weeks each. No prizes this year, it was way too much organization to handle it for only one person. Authors may nominate themselves up to two (2) books per category only. 10 nominees per category maximum (higher numbers of nominations will select the top 10).

One major change will be about nominees (top 10). Each nominee will agree to blog or post a facebook comment to thank their fans. Last year some authors were winners and did not have the courtesy to thank their own fans. It was rude and I was pissed off about this. I will contact each nominee individually thru facebook and the top 10 will be decided from there.

Overall, I tried to make it simpler. Of course, nothing is perfect on this earth but hopefully everyone will enjoy and participate!

  • Authors… you can be shameless and pimp yourself!
  • Publishers… you can use this in order to promo your authors
  • Reviewers and readers… you are the fans and you know which menages gave you the chills, left you teary or in awe: time to show your appreciation!

In order to be fair, one book can be nominated by the the same person in three (3) categories only.

Everyone can grab a logo (see under) and post it on their blog! The more people will know, the more people will nominate and vote! Spread the word!

Lets the fans decide who deserve the title of 2014 MENAGE AUTHOR FAN’S CHOICE WINNER!



Authors can nominate themselves two books per category
Reviewers can nominate themselves (two reviews maximum)
Readers can nominate two books per category
Mary’s Naughty Whispers will not nominate in any categories. Nominations are in your hands!
Some books may fit into several categories. You may choose 3 categories maximum for the same book ONLY.
To participate you do not need to nominate in all categories but books must have been published between Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2013
If it happens that a category does not fit the book nominated, Mary’s Naughty Whispers will pick a category. In order to avoid such mistake, please check the book categories on the publisher’s website
Only two (2) books per author per category will be nominated. The number of nominations/votes will determine the position if more than 2 books of the same author are nominated in the same category


Lets make this the best Fan’s Choice Menage awards ever!


Copy & Paste on your Blog!

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