1379701Title: Forbidden Mate
Series: Pack Seduction , Book 4.0
Author: Stacey Espino
Genre: Paranormal, shifters
Content: MFMM
Stand Alone: YES
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published: Dec 19, 2013
Published by: Evernight Publishing
Purchase links: LINK
ISBN: 9781771306256
Word count: 35,930
Page count:


synopsisHelen’s part-time job as a tour guide brings her to a town unlike anything she has ever known. It’s shrouded in secrets, legends, and things she can’t explain. Despite her bad track record with the opposite sex, she quickly finds herself being pulled into an erotic web with three locals.

Wesley, Targus, and Marco are everything she’s ever fantasized about. They’re hard muscle, sex, and dominance—but they’re also keeping something from her.

Wesley’s position as a Royal Elite guard is number one in his life. Taking a mate is forbidden. Claiming a human female would be the ultimate sin. When an investigation leads him to the doorstep of two wolf shifters, his panther’s control is put to the test. They both want the same little brunette making Wesley lose sleep.

With a dangerous suspect still on the loose and old traditions guiding their choices, are the three shifters willing to sacrifice everything for a forbidden mate?


review2Upset. That is pretty much how I feel right now. This book had the potential to be a really good story but the author lost me in the middle of it and from there, sadly, it went down the hill.

I was very intrigued when I read the blurb. In fact, so intrigued that I bought it today and read it tonight. I am not familiar with the author, although I knew she is an already established published author, and I did not read any reviews from this book yet, so I was not spoiled and started to read this story with a very open mind.

I really enjoyed that the three heroes were very reluctant to mate a human. I generally read the same over and over again heroes that want to mate at first sniff. So the story was already attractive to me because it was different.

Then, I really liked the heroes and their background stories. Another plus here because most authors think that their heroes are born the day they meet their heroine and we hardly get glimpses of their past. Which is annoying because that generally explain who they are and their choices. So extra cookies here for explaining who they were, not in a boring way with chapters of explanations but just the right amount to understand.

I enjoyed also the heroine although I find her a bit too naive for a thirty-five years old woman. I did not fell for her but she was okay… for a human.

So the story went well up to half of the story. As soon as I read the first sex scene, the author lost me.

For one, do not fool yourself: there is NO BDSM whatsoever in this story (tagged BDSM). At one time, one hero said: “You’re supposed to wait until we give you permission to come.” but then that was it. If this justify the label “light BDSM”, I fear what is “Heavy BDSM”, a butt plug in her ass? a spanking?

Then, one of the hero want her virgin ass… of course. Now, read the following and tell me what you think:

“Targus?” She was nervous about what was to come. And ready. Since she’d seen his cock first hand, she imagined it would tear her apart if he tried to squeeze it into such a small, virgin hole.

“Hush, sweet girl.” He kissed her back. “I can’t wait another second. I have to claim you. I want every male to know you’re mine.”

He slipped his fingers out and replaced them with the broad head of his erection. It was massive. She tensed on instinct, scared of the pain she’d feel. “No, you can’t,” she said. “You’re too big.”

“I only want you to feel pleasure. It’ll hurt for a minute, but I promise it won’t last.” He pushed an inch into her asshole, the burn almost unmanageable. She cried out and reached blindly behind her. He secured both her wrists in one strong hand at her back and continued to push his cock into her rear entrance. Targus moved slowly but firmly until the entire length of his slick erection was fully embedded inside her ass. She felt so full, her inner walls stretching to accommodate him. Then he stopped, releasing her hands.

For me it is rape or if we want the politically book correct: non consensual. 1/ she said “no” 2/ she had no freedom to move away. 3/ he did not ask her permission for it, he took.

Okay. I know this is debatable but for me it is rape and no matter if it ended well for her. I felt very uneasy to read this whole sex scene. I did not find it sexy or hot. I never find sexy and hot heroes that use the heroines like a sex toy, no matter if it is in the name of love. I see caveman. I see no respect. I see men that do not care if the woman is ready. They have no clue if the woman will enjoy it or not, they just assume because they have so much experience that there is no doubt in  their mind that she will like it. Well DUH women are not all the same and I felt uneasy to read such sex scene because it portrays an image that is it OKAY to be rough and men decide on behalf of women and they have little say to decide or are not just smart enough to understand the mechanics or just be physically enough prepared. They take and when it is all done, they feel some little remorse asking: “I did not hurt you, baby?”. Well…. Yes asshole! You did! How come it would be otherwise since the heroine was an ass virgin and you took less than 2 minutes to put your fingers to enlarge a tiny bit the passage to put your enormous dick in it. OUCH OUCH OUCH dammit!

Then out of nowhere, the jealous nympho who decided after one look that one of the guy would be her mate attack her. So the princess save her reluctantly because she is human and she fears war… although none of the human are aware of shifters, the war may be imminent… really?

So now the heroine is saved (phew, I was worried with my HEA), when she woke up after 2 days, which is 1 day after she met them and 1 day before she was supposed to go… the bus driver left long ago… uh? Okay, let me recap:

day 1: she meet them, sex them, fall in love, commit for life
day 2: she turns wolf
day 3: she wakes up after 48h of coma
day 4: she was supposed to end her trip

but day 3, the bus driver left long ago? Not only he was 1 day away from schedule. The girl is the tour guide, don’t you think, even if he hates her leaving her behind is weird (no idea why he hates her only that she is inexperienced but then how a serious tour company would hire her is a mystery)?

I am always amazed with the time frame the authors use in their stories. Generally, they meet, fuck and commit for life within a matter of days. Here, the girl know shit about them and before even one good sex, she is already in love and once she turns wolf after 2 days of blackout, she wakes up and understands at once all the mysteries of the mating.

So here I am. I was so enthusiast the first half of the story and I turned so upset in the second half. This story is not bad but for me it left me a WTH note when I finished it.

Now, YOU tell me what you think… And you are very allowed to think differently! This is how I felt but everyone is of course different eh?.



Characters:3 ~ Plot:3 ~ Sex Heat:1 ~ Romance:3
Equality:3 ~ Credibility:1 ~ Originality:2
BDSM: NA~ Cover:3 ~ Humor:NA

rating 2

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