me-hr-dcr-maizythebearcharmer3131028_0300Title: Maizy the Bear Charmer
Series: Divine Creek Ranch 16
Author: Heather Rainier
Genre: Contemporary, Cowboys
Content: MFMM
Stand Alone:YES
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published:
Published by: Siren Publishing
Purchase links: LINK
Word count: 131,546
Page count: 355 pages



Maizy Owen is living her dream, working as a kindergarten teacher. Her profession gives her purpose, but her personal life is another story. Recently rejected by her fiancé, Maizy struggles to hide a part of her nature that she longs to freely express.

Cody Welsh , Heath Lindsey, and Spencer Ketchum, affectionately known to their friends as “the bears,” have been searching for the mysterious belly dancer who laid claim to their hearts nearly a year ago. Their paths cross on a rainy morning when Spencer can’t take his eyes off of a bubbly, dark-haired beauty with an unconscious urge to dance.

Far from overwhelmed by the bear’s immense combined presence, Maizy finds comfort and acceptance in their arms. They set out to discover if their growing bond can thrive, realizing her dream job may be jeopardized. Thanks to the gossip mill in Divine, it quickly becomes clear that Maizy has a choice to make. Keep her job or lose the men she loves.

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, light foot fetish, spanking, sex toys, HEA]


Heareview2ther Rainier’s Divine Creek Ranch series is like potatoe chips: you eat one, you want to eat the all pack because you know it will taste good.

So I liked Maizy the Bear Charmer, no surprise here.

My first reaction was being upset about a secondary character. A so called “friend” that was very nosy and shared informations with the heroine within the first five chapters. Yes I knew who were the heroes but was it necessary for me to know from the start that they were already in love with the heroine? I did not even have time myself to like them and know them. But because of the “friend”, I knew from the start the reasons and their goals: seduce her as quickly as possible because they decided a year earlier after seeing her belly dancing that she was the one. Somehow it spoiled my fun and I was totally septic that Heather Rainier would keep me interested to read 355 pages when I already knew the punch and plot.

But after my first upset reaction, and after a couple of positive comments from readers left on  my Facebook and in private. I decided to move on and read it up to the end and give it a chance. After all, I read almost all the series, 16 with this story, and I had a pretty good idea what to expect and nothing really negative came to my mind at that time.

I took the right decision. The annoying friend disappeared and when she did it was in the epilogue. I assimilate this kind of characters as an annoying fly. The kind that you constantly push away of your face and no matter what you do keep coming back until you decide to use a towel and kill it. Damn if I wanted to use my towel with this “friend”. This is the kind of secondary character that make me want to stop reading. Extreme me? naaaaa 😛

The other thing that was annoying was the credibility. I may meet someone in the street and find him handsome. I may think about him and add him in my wet dreams. But will I buy a house and re-build it from A to Z with the hope that I will meet the guy again, marry him, have kids and live forever and ever and ever with him when I did not even exchange a single word or not know him at all? Really?

Sorry but that was way to stretchy for me. This reminds me a girl sleeping once with a guy and expect the ring when the night is over. At least they could build something on sex compatibility. But here, no word, no sex, they saw her once and she disappeared for a year and during all this time, they fantasied and made long term plan with someone they did not even know. Not realistic at all. For me love is based on what is “inside” the person, not the physical look. Yes, it is the first we notice in someone but I need to exchange several conversation in order for me to fall madly in love. Sorry, but one look is definitely not enough for me. It could be a spark for something but without depth to build the fire, it will remain superficial to the point to be quickly forgotten.

Another one became a bit annoying is the constant use of “my bears” nick name by the heroine. It was cute at first, but after a while it became a bit over the top.

I also thought that the “friend” spoiled the epilogue with her wedding. In my opinion, the heroine’s proposal and her own wedding was rushed somehow. I wanted her to have the same super WOW factor when she arrived to the altar than the “friend”. I wanted a longer sweet romantic proposal outside of someone’s else own wedding. I dunno. I was expecting a bit more for a 355 pages novel.

So here are the issues I had with the story.

Positive points? many!

Since it is a very long novel, it is definitely an asset as I got to know the characters very well and understand their motives. I totally loved the male characters. They were all endearing and devoted heroes. I dare any reader to read this story and not dream or sigh about them. I enjoyed that Heather Rainier took the time to make sure that the heroine had one-on-one time with each of them and built an independent relationship with each of them. One of them did not get the big romantic “i-love-you” time and in that equality time was not respected. Funny how sometimes, one male hero speak loud and clear in the head of the author. I bet, Spencer, was THE one 🙂

The heroine was also a lovable and strong character. Somehow, I felt that this heroine in particular was very very dear to Heather Rainier. Yes, she fell for the heroes in a matter of nano seconds but it was interesting to follow her in her journey of being seduced. Although, in the end, it was clear that she made her decision from the start and just decided to delay the inevitable.

Heather Rainier explored something that is very real in every little town or village: gossips, respectability, jealousy, tight mentality. For anyone who lives in small cities where everyone knows everyone, you know what I am talking about. I did, for a couple of years. *shaking head*

So overall, I spend a very good time. Yes, the author tickled some of my pet peeves but she still remain an incredible talented author that brings me each time in her journey. It is always a pleasure to read her. Each time, I feel as if I read a diaries. Day after day, I know more and more about the characters. And something I will never be tired to compliment her is her lexicon to remind us, readers, who is who. THAT is totally priceless for such a long series like Divine Creek Ranch. Thank you Mrs Rainier!

Do I recommend Maizy the Bear Charmer? definitely!


Characters:4 ~ Plot:4 ~ Sex Heat:3 ~ Romance:5
Equality:4 ~ Credibility:3 ~ Originality:3
BDSM (NA/light/mild/heavy):NA ~ Cover:3 ~ Humor:NA

rating 3


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