bp-lm-fl3130927_0339Title: Feeling Lucky
Series: Lucky Montana 3
Author: Beverly Price
Genre: contemorary, BDSM elements
Content: MFM
Stand Alone: YES
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published:
Published by: Siren Publishing
Purchase links: LINK
Word count: 50,833
Page count:



Samantha Brown was a happy go lucky Florida girl who moved to Lucky, Montana and opened a small perfume and bath shop. She decided to expand her business to better and brighter things with her best friend Piper, who is a romance author. Life was great until Piper got hurt, leaving Sam to pick up the slack of doing research for her next book at a BDSM club. Sam soon falls into a world of D/s and is not sure if her past will allow her to fully enjoy the new, wild experience.

Noah Wilde and Sydney Powell are working undercover at the club to try and catch a criminal who is stealing submissives from under their nose. When their longtime friend Milo calls and asks if they can babysit his twin sister, the men agree. What they didn’t expect was the spit-fire blonde bombshell that walked through the door. They were supposed to train the sexy little siren as a submissive, but they had their work cut out for them.

Issues arise, leaving them to deal with their day to day life, while still trying to find a connection between the three of them. The suspect discovers Sam is the men’s weakness and takes her for his own evil plans. Can Noah and Sydney get to her in time, or is Sam faced with the ghosts of her past all over again?


review2Beverly Price is a new erotic author. I discovered her with her first book, Just her Luck. She is one of the author I wish to follow and see her writing evolution. With Feeling Lucky, she did not disappoint. 🙂

I would split the story in three parts. In my opinion she succeeded in 2 out of 3. Let me explain.

First part, the introduction, meeting the characters and beginning of the relationship.

I totally enjoyed this part. It was quick and straight to action. I loved that the heroine did not become a submissive the very minute she stepped in the BDSM club. I totally enjoyed her personality, her rebellious and strong mind. A total spitfire in action.

The male characters were dominant, yet not perfect and I love this combination. They had the right level of domination yet respectful I enjoy reading. If I have a critic to make, it would be to accentuate the personality difference. But this is a very common “mistake” that authors are making when writing a menage romance. Most of the time the heroes do have similar personalities.

In fact I was kept to my toes up to the point they started a relationship and this brings me to part two, the relationship.

This is the part I liked a bit less. I noticed a couple of inconsistencies and incredibilities.

First, the heroes are Doms. In the process of groveling, they become vanilla heroes. Then, as soon as the relationship become more steady, and have their one-on-one time with the heroine, they return to the Dom mode. I do not believe into temporary Doms. For me, a Dom is 24/7 or he is a dominant in the bedroom. There is a difference in my mind.  Since it was clear that they were Doms and trained submissives at the club in the first pages of the story, I did not find it believable. Plus, at one point, one hero had a D/s sex scene with the heroine, told her that she was not allowed to use her safe word because it was between him and her, yet they continued the D/s sex scene. That is a complete nono in the lifestyle. No matter what or when or with who, a submissive has always the choice to use a safe word.

So the relationship part did not do for me. I thought the D/s dynamic was not right. But the romance was there. So I I had mixed feeling about it.

The inconsistencies were mostly about time. No way, a shop (or extension) can open within weeks with the employees trained. No way, a bar can also open within a month. It takes months to do that: permits, workers, material deliveries, employes hiring and formation… I mean trust me on that: I was involved in openings a couple of times. Time factor is definitely something Beverly Price should pay more attention to make her story more credible. She did better in Feeling Lucky but she still need to work on this.

I also noticed some typos here and there. I do believe that a beta reader would notice that immediately and this will be rectified in no time. In fact, I am totally surprised that Siren Publishing did not edit those. To be honest, I already noticed this typos issue in few menage romances published by them lately. Lack of employees/editors at Siren to help the authors before publishing? It looks like it. Since they have the last word before publishing a book, I hold them responsible for the quality delivered. At this point, I am not impressed.

Then came the third and last part, the action.

Here, I switched back to like it very much. I thought it was quick. I thought it was interesting and I thought that the choice of villain was great. Indeed, I was expecting the kidnapping and who but definitely not the villain. Well done!

So at the end of the day, I think Beverly Price did really great with this story. She kept me on my toes, she made me love the characters, she gave me action. She fulfilled her contract to provide me some great fun sweet reading time!

I definitely liked Feeling Lucky and I totally recommend it 🙂



Characters:4 ~ Plot:4 ~ Sex Heat:4 ~ Romance:4
Equality:5 ~ Credibility:4 ~ Originality:3
BDSM (NA/light/mild/heavy): light ~ Cover:4 ~ Humor:4

rating 4


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