CloserToTheHeart200Hello, thanks for being here today. I am pleased to announce the release of a new, hot menage short. Closer to the Heart is the follow-up to my MMM story, Long Awaited Friend, and this new one has hotter scenes I hope you’ll love.

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Keith Zander faces two possible paths: help out a friend in need or return home to resolve his feelings for his band mates, Nat and Kurt. Though Keith wants very much to make music again, the pull of his heart proves stronger. Is Keith headed in the right direction?

Closer is the third MMM menage I’ve written, and I enjoyed working on this story. I’m tempted to round this off into a trilogy, so we’ll see how this one is received before I decide. So far, though, the reader feedback has been good. I wish I could explain what it is about an all-male menage that gets my attention – I have read and enjoyed M/M romance for years, and bringing a third into the mix heightens the excitement and sensuality of the story. If there’s anything I’ve learned about writing a menage, it’s that they are addictive. You’ll want to write another one, and readers will want more, too.

To celebrate this new release, I’d like to gift one reader a copy of Long Awaited Friend, the first story. All you have to do is comment to win.

Meanwhile, here’s a tease from Closer to the Heart. Enjoy!



Right now Nat couldn’t deny that his body didn’t react to Kurt’s closeness, but his sense of loyalty warred with his desires. In the same instance he longed for Kurt to drag him back to bed and pound his ass through the mattress, thoughts of Keith kept him grounded. Those painted, bald percussionists from Las Vegas should have bluer balls.

“Me, too,” said Kurt after a tense beat. “Had I known Keith would have affected us this much, I would…”

His voice trailed into silence, and Nat turned around. He stood mere inches from his lover, breathed him in, and wanted to kiss him. They talked over this situation until they grew hoarse—at home, on the plane, on the ride to Bobby’s and back—and agreed their love for Keith mattered, and that they wanted to be a trio in every respect. To make love now meant disclosure to Keith later, and what would their drummer think of that?

Yeah, we want you in our bed, but until then we’re just going to fuck for the time being. Stop over when you’re ready to join in.

He leaned forward and whispered in Kurt’s ear, “Having second thoughts?”

“No, but we have to consider what will happen if Keith says no,” Kurt said. Nat pulled back and saw the glassy sheen of Kurt’s eyes. “What will you do if Keith forces you to choose one or the other?”

“He seemed quite receptive last night. I don’t think he’ll turn us away.”

Kurt’s lip quirked up in a skeptical smile. “You just predicted he’d be mad to find us here.”

“A mild irritation, and he’d recover soon enough. Keith will take the two of us.” Nat grinned, the image of a hot tryst forming in his mind. “Preferably at either end.”

“Which end do I get?”

“We can always flip for it.” As Nat said this, though, he couldn’t shake the fantasy of Keith’s lips working his cock. Nat tingled with want, and he shifted in place when his groin stirred.

Kurt nodded, as though considering the possibilities. “Fair enough.” His expression turned serious. “If he makes you choose…what would you do?”

Nat said nothing. He closed the space between them and met Kurt’s lips in a soft kiss that sparked a tighter clinch and frantic grinding of denim-clad thighs against crotches.

It won’t come to that, Nat thought, and moved with Kurt toward the bed. I can’t allow it.

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  1. Toni Whitmire says:

    I thought the excerpt was wonderful and can’t wait to read the rest


  2. Lori Meehan says:

    I enjoyed the excerpt. I love a good m/m romance and I love ménage romance so I can’t wait to read this book.


  3. leighellwood says:

    Thanks! I had so much fun writing it, though it took a while. 🙂