1313963Title: Virile
Author: Allyson Young
Genre: Sci-fi, aliens
Content: MFMM, BDSM elements
Stand Alone: YES
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published: October 8, 2013
Published by: Evernight Publishing
Purchase links: LINK
ISBN: 9781771305976
Word count: 72,480
Page count:


synopsisWagered and lost by her wastrel brother, Adara Waycross learns she must serve three farmers for thirty days. If she refuses, the family estate is forfeit and her brother will go to prison on planet Virile, a harsh, ungoverned planet where women are scarce.

Doms Thorn, Orion, and Kellis Freestar saw Adara’s image and fell for her instantly. They will stop at nothing to have her forever. Expecting a gentle, compliant creature, they only worry about her inability to handle their sexual demands.

Unbeknownst to them, Adara’s a redhead. Freestar prophecy states a strong-willed, redheaded woman will complete three brothers, her surrender bringing incredible fortune. With this revelation, a month seems insufficient to tame Adara and elicit her surrender. The prophecy forbids them from telling Adara the truth, so the Freestar brothers are driven to push boundaries. And sometimes they step over the line…


review2My teeth hurt. I cringed so much reading this story that I lost count here.

Let’s be honest: I totally hesitated to review this story because my first rating in my mind was 2 stars. But then I changed my mind not to rate it but to review it. I honestly think that sometimes my reviews open a little door to some authors that read me and they get a glimpse of what some readers think. And since I am one of them… At least this idea comfort me even if it is not true. But lets talk positive first and this is why I changed my mind.

First I liked that it is a sci-fi. I read so little of them that it is always a treat for me. I remember a previous review of mine about some red aliens story that was totally ridiculous but on contrary, Virile was well developed with little inconsistencies, so I appreciated it. The author made the connection with humans, planet, longevity very credible.

Then, I like the writing. It is easy to read. The sex scenes are expected at the right moments and developed as they should be.

It is also a long novel. I also could not stop reading the story up to the end because I really wanted to know if the cavemen acts would change. So keeping me reading up to the end means that somehow the author kept me on my toes and that is a great thing.

Now the parts I really did not like…

But I have to be honest here, I was so annoyed by the heroes, that I skipped few bondage scenes. But the sex scenesI read were good, with enough description to make them hot. However, the D/s relationship failed in the credibility area and that is is why it got a 1-star rating in the BDSM scale:

  1. a real D/s relationship is always consensual. Choice is always mutual, never one way.
  2. Safe words are mandatory and respected. if not, then it is rape.
  3. If both parties are serious about a D/s relationship and it is more than a few husband and wife kinky sex episodes, there is always a contract signed by both parties of what is acceptable and what is not and what is potentially possible/accepted by the sub. As soon as pain is involved no matter the level, I would say it is mandatory.
  4. there is never a free spanking to make sure that the sub will remember. Either a spanking is punishment of something the sub did not do voluntary (she knew, understood and accepted the rules but decided to go against) or it is an enjoyable spanking leading to orgasm. There is NO spanking to make sure the sub will remember the rules.
  5. pain elements must be explained and tested and not imposed. A Dom never presumes the pain tolerance of his sub and a sub may have some hang out about certain practices (blood, wax, needles, bruises, chains, flogging, etc.) so it is always discussed prior the sex act. It does not matter the level of pain and if it is visible or not. pain is pain and nobody but the sub should accept to receive it.

I have no idea how heroes can be sexy when all the acts show disrespect, non consensual BDSM practices, free punishments, etc.

Virile is the perfect example of fantasy Doms that are created in some author’s mind in the sole purpose to please some inexperienced readers in BDSM and make them believe in prince Dom charming. But who would blame them? Most are the same women that were reading harlequin in their teens. Many were raised with the dream of being ravished by a pirate or an earl. The only difference is that now they want to read naughty-naughty sex scenes and a spanking or a butt plug is the ultimate naughtiness, right? … yeah right. I honestly wonder how those readers (and authors) would feel to be forced that way and if they would find it sexy.

I understand that romances are not reality and I get it that some truth or details are avoided to make the romance more romantic. Tons of readers do read romances to dream about the perfect men that are sadly lacking in their real life. I get it. Really, I get it. I am one of them after all. Err, I mean a reader eh? 😉

However, some things eat me alive and make me cringe so much. Those heroes for me are no heroes. They are cavemen that disrespect women. And since I try to relate to the heroine, it hurts me. It hurts my values that men and women are equal, if not physically, everything else applies. I do not find it sexy to read men forcing themselves on the heroine for her own good or because the act justifies the end or any stupid poor love excuses. Conjugal violence are always done in the name of love but we all know that it is done because the person is insane. Forcing an orgasm is not sexy, it is a release and does not justify all the premises before it.

In Virile, I liked the heroine a lot but three men ganging on her physically, giving her zero choice to decide (bondage contract remember?), three men that lied to her to force her to stay on their planet, drugged her… sorry to say but it was borderline rape for me, physically and mentally. Love had nothing to do here and it did not minimized anything. Oh and by the way… another author that state that the planet have rare females but yet the heroes have huuuuuuuuuuuuge experience with subs.

For me, it is not because the heroine is a spitfire or has a rebellious/bratty attitude, that it is okay to have cavemen heroes. Yes I may relate more with the heroine but then I will completely disconnect with her because she will be a pussy to accept, tolerate, approve, whatever we call it, what is done to her against her will. Because it all ends to that: against her will. I do not care if she falls in love at the end because she realizes that they can give her the best orgasms everrrrrrrr. Falling in love for a man that disrespect her remains wrong. period. If an author portray her male heroes as dominant forcing their will all along, never respecting the heroine… how credible is it to believe that the heroine can fall for them at all? I do not expect to read Stockholm syndrome over and over again in each of my romances! That is plain ridiculous. To confuse love with orgasms providers is in my book way different…

I did not like the secondary characters. The old housekeeper looked like a jail guardian, the first human Dom that trained her with BDSM in two (!!!!) days the lifestyle was madly in love with her but yet he put his dick and love between his legs and is left alone (well no worries… because I am 99.99% convinced that he will be the hero of book #2), the brother was an ass… The only secondary character I loved was… the alien cat! 😛

Even though the heroine was a red-hair spitfire, I could not understand her at times. She forgave her brother that sold her to save his ass. She was humiliated many times, caged and she came out with a submissive attitude because she needed to be “broken” to understand and commit. The heroes waited days to figure it out that she finally had a brain for business and was not only a sex toy and the love of their life… in their bed only.


Nope. That did not do for me. at. all.

Allyson Young is not the only author writing that way. I do not think she is a bad author at all. I do not like the way she portrays her heroes along with dozen erotic authors like her. But if there is a market for it so why not? I do not condemn. Some like red. I like blue. There is no right or wrong choice of color just a matter of taste.

I really wished a tag would be used to warn the readers. There is such confusion right now between true BDSM authors that respect the lifestyle principles and those that choose not to. It does not matter if the author lives or not the lifestyle, sometimes it is ignorance, sometimes it is a publisher’s edict and sometimes it is because their fans are starving for it and it pays well. In the end, I am among some readers that feel cheated and upset because their literature project such a negative image toward the women, and accepting this kind of domination is not tolerable in my eyes.

Well, that is my opinion and I stand behind it.



Characters:2 ~ Plot:3 ~ Sex Heat:3 ~ Romance:3
Equality Level:4 ~ Credibility:2 ~ Originality:4
BDSM:1 ~ Editing:4 ~ Humor:0

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