I have no idea why I waited so long to watch this TV series but I decided only a week ago to take a break from reading and watch this show, 4 seasons in a row. And yes, like 99%, I am hooked.

This show of course is mainly dedicated to young adults but I am probably not the exception as a middle aged woman to love it. But I think the main reason I love it is because the story is about a love triangle and could very much be a ménage à trois.

Stephen loves Elena loves Stephen and Damon and Damon loves Elena.

How I, an exclusive menage romance reviewer, could resist to wait 4 years before watching this tv show? The answer is simple: I am not a TV show addict. 😛

So yes, it has many similarities with Twilight by Stephanie Meyer which I devoured in 2005. I truly think that was my first taste of ménage because here again I found this love triangle. And if you think about it, many YA romances and TV series have a love triangle.

Considering the huge books series success in 2005 of Twilight romance series and the even bigger success with the movies in 2009, it is no surprise that The Vampire Diaries was TV adapted, like True Blood (Charlaine Harris) and almost Anita BLake (Laurell K. Hamilton refused to let go the full rights). So we see vampires in every shape and forms: in books (YA, mainstream and erotic… Charlaine Harris, Stephanie Meyer, Anne Rice – although she is the queen of vampires series way before 2005 – , JR Ward and so many more), in TV series  (Buffy, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Being Human, recently The Originals….) and in movies (Twilight, Byzantium, Underground, …)

Vampires sell, billions, and since the thematic is popular and in demand, why entertainment industries should stop? Personally, I like paranormal a lot so if quality/talent is married with it, bring it on!

So, The Vampire Diaries.

The main success of this show is the choice of the actors, the trio main characters (Elena, Damon and Stephen) but also the secondary characters (Jeremy, Caroline, Klaus, etc). Ian Somerhalder who play Damon’s character is definitely a choice of genius. Of course, since he is 35 years old, I feel better to drool on him right?… Yes! I am okay to embrace my cougar suit for him! I love his sarcasms. I love his look and he has an animal sanctuary foundation so what not to love about him eh? Plus, rumors has it this week that he is considering to be the male actor of 50 shades of grey… I would LOVE to see him in that role!!!

ETA: He will not get the role. Jamie Dornan, an ex Calvin Klein model, 31 years old has been casted.

But one good looking actor does not make a success even if it helps. The scenarii were very well written in general and falling for the characters means that I wanted to know more.

However, I found so many inconsistencies that my OCD for details did not miss some stupid stuffs. Here are just some:

  • one minute the bottle is 10% full, the next 50%,
  • how quickly the humans heal after being bitten without the help of the vampire blood
  • one vampire dies within minute in the sun, but the heroes get burns only
  • actors sit one place, the next minute few inches apart
  • no toothpaste on toothbrush, not even water
  • the ropes are done one way, the next scene another

Funny thing is that I started to notice way more in season 4. Is it because they lost some staff on board? did not care? They generally use a person to check the consistencies. And yes, it spoiled a bit my fun to notice that.

vampire-diaries-imageSo here is season 5.

Since the author, J.L. Smith stopped writing this series and the TV producers continued the saga, it is now unpredictable where the drama will evolve and I like it that way. Of course, I am a Damon/Elena fan but I have no idea if this series will turn as the Supernatural’s longevity with its 9 seasons. Producers explored the originals vampires, the witches, now the travelers (gipsys)… probably devils will follow, maybe fairy… err aliens after that? Naaa not aliens but I will not put aside the devils and fairy.

I did not read L.J. Smith original books. I do not think I am planning to do so soon. Somehow, I do not want to make comparisons. I love this TV series and I do not want to become a groupie like Twilight, Game of Thrones, True Blood fans… I will continue to enjoy this show, crossing my fingers that I will get my fix of Ian Somerhalder for another couple of extra seasons ♥

I am not sure why they started a new series, The Originals. I predict one season, maybe two if they are lucky. Main reason? the choice of actors. None of the males selected are YA attractive. There is nothing to do with their acting, they are all good. But mainly because teens will not fall in love with Klaus or the others. We’ll see.

Now that I am updated with The Vampire Diaries TV show and sadly I will follow only once a week now, I should be back what I love to do: reviewing erotic ménage romances 🙂



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