lynn2Title: Rane’s Giants
Series: Tremble Island, #1
Author: Lynn Ray Lewis
Genre: Fantasy
Content: MFM
Stand Alone: YES
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published: October 8, 2013
Published by: JK Publishing
Purchase links: LINK
Word count: 56,000 words
Page count: 121 pages



In book one of Tremble Island:  Tremble Castle is overflowing with residents.  The problem is they are coming from different Halls of Care in the region.  Lord Lion and Lord Nord are facing a major problem if they didn’t seek the reason to the sudden influx of people.  A journey to the Halls is needed for the answers.  Droildorf Hall becomes the first of many stops.

Rane is the resident healer in the village.  When a man’s unwanted interest turns toward her, she uses her favorite hiding spot within the walls of Droildorf Hall to escape it.  While there, she finds herself healing and collecting men that will change her life forever.  After having power that so many fear away from, she is warmed by the trust the giants besot on her.  She then finds out why—the men are unique and feared in their own right.

In the presents of the Lady, the brothers soon realize the prophecy has begun and the fates have once again delivered on their word—they would share a mate.  However, along with that knowledge comes the true test of their mating.  Can they keep her safe to enjoy a long life with her?  Especially when others have different plans for them all.



review2When Lynn Ray Lewis mentioned that she was going to publish a fantasy menage romance, I jumped on it. I was intrigued. I was happy to read something different. I knew I was going to read something special.

For some reasons, menage fantasy romance are rare. Or I probably do not look at the right places. Paranormal, checked. Contemporary, checked. BDSM, triple checked. But fantasy? not much.

Rane’s Giants is definitely a short story that brought me into another world, a world of fantasy.

What I enjoyed the most is that Lynn Ray Lewis used another way to introduce her main characters. It was not a done deal within the first chapter and it was a very nice surprise. To jump into a fantasy story is difficult. Most of the time the author has a vision and this vision is quite clear for her but using words to describe it is not always easy. Lynn Ray Lewis succeeded.

I really enjoy the mix between historical middle ages and fantasy with paranormal. It has this mystery zest that I am looking for: originality.

What I also liked with Rane’s Giants is that it was not all beautiful and roses. But Lynn Ray Lewis used the right words to makes us feel the hate and the horror. I still have in mind one scene in particular…

I liked the heroine. She personified kindness. Please do not mix up with purity. Purity in the sense of virgin. Okay. I am not going there. You all know how I feel about virgins over 25s and for those who do not: it is a complete turn off to think that some authors want me, a middle aged woman, to relate to a virgin. Thank you Lynn Ray! We think alike on this one!

I also liked the heroes although I thought the spotlights were more on Lord Lion. I would have liked to know his brother Lord Nord more. 😉

The plot was definitely great. I was very surprised because it is difficult for me to jump into a short story but once I read the last lines, I felt as if it was a novel because each chapter was truly captivating.

Rane’s Giants is book #1 of Tremble Island. This is the introduction of a series. I am very curious to know where this series will go. I have an idea that we may find some MF and why not a MM?

One thing for sure… I will be fist line, first row to get book #2 of this series: I am hooked and want to know more!

I sure invite you to do the same. This is a novella that you will have fun to read!

I think some people are blessed. And guess what? I am one of them! I just found out that Lynn Ray Lewis dedicated this book to me. wow

Mary@menagereviewer. Hopefully this one will make you a happy camper. Your words of encouragement and suggestions to improve my writing are duly noted and appreciated. Thank you.

Guess what, lady…. I AM a happy camper indeed! I am blessed to know you. I truly appreciate your friendship, your humility and your talent. I am very honored to know you. xx



Characters:4 ~ Plot:5 ~ Sex Heat:3 ~ Romance:4
Equality Level:4 ~ Credibility:5 ~ Originality:5


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