me-na-cb-cbuncensored3130926_0207Title: Cowboy Boots and Uncensored Behavior
Series: Cowboy Boots 6
Author: Natalie Acres
Genre: Contemporary, BDSM, Suspense
Content: MFMM
Stand Alone: YES
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published: October 7, 2013
Published by: Siren Publishing
Purchase links: LINK
Word count: 72,002
Page count:



The enemy is attacking from all sides.

Maria Rodriquez shadows the Longhorn division. As a trained operative, she handles destruction at a distance, but she doesn’t know the devastation of scrubbing blood off hands that just won’t come clean.

One adversary is down, but another one is waiting to strike.

Scott Zelmore has waited years to reconnect with Maria and jumps at an opportunity to help the Longhorn division even an old score. On a mission destined to change his life, Scott teams up with operatives Drake Davenport and Cade Livingston in an effort to eliminate a South Texas gang.

When the smoke clears, only their love for one another will stand the test of time.

A formidable underground unit enemy emerges as soon as the operatives think they’re in the clear. Explosive consequences leave the underground unit looking for more revenge than ever before and in the midst of personal trials and collective struggles, a new love forms.


review2She did it again!

You have no idea how excited I am right now and for so many reasons…

Lets start.

First, I was under a dry reading spell for quite a while. It got better the last two weeks but it took almost two months to find again my over the moon slash thrilled slash big smiles about another menage romance. I did not mark Cowboy Boots and Uncensored Behavior on my calendar but once I got it in my hands I knew I was going to have a treat. It is no secret that I adore Natalie Acres. The use of “adore” is not written lightly. I rarely “adore” an author.

Adoration (Latin) is to respect; reverence; strong admiration or devotion. wikipedia

mmm okay… pick strong admiration. That is definitely how I feel toward Natalie Acres. Anything else would sound a bit too creepy eh? lol

Second, this is book #6 of one of my favorite series, if not my #1 favorite.  If you want to read my previous reviews, find them at the bottom of this review.

This one is probably my favorite of this series, which is funny because they are all outstanding for me. So lets review it, shall we?

The first thing I noticed is the number of men involved in the relationship: 3. And this is quite different from what Natalie Acres usually choose. It is generally five guys: 2 are passionately in love, 1 is in love and the last 2 are there for the ride until they maybe or maybe not find their own woman, I will call them friends with benefits. Now, I think Natalie Acres decided to surprise us all because she picked only 3 guys. One thing I was not always happy was the place of the friends with benefits. I always want the men completely and passionately in love with the heroine.

Guess what? It was true romance with all characters. Love was different but there is nothing wrong with that. This is life. We can love different time and different people with a different kind of love. No friends with benefits, yay! So does it mean that five lovers is a bit too much for a romance? Possible. I noticed that with some other authors that choose five men in a relationship in their own stories. It is hard to keep up the equal love, equal attention, equal passion. So maybe the magic number is three guys. Coincidence? I do not believe it. I think it is definitely difficult to jungle with too many main characters and keep up the tension and level.

Another thing I truly enjoy is that I always find a great plot with suspense in this series. It starts quick and the action never slow down. I am on my toes and love it.

Characters? damn! I love them all. Something always important for me is to relate with the heroine. The characters may be likable but if I do not relate with, if I am not obsessed with them, the plot and the romance, I will find the story probably great but not memorable or in the must-read and re-read categories.

I call that talent, ladies and gentlemen. Pure and simple. Natalie Acres turns me upside down each time I read her, and most particularly this series, Cowboy Boots.

Now, lets talk about sex scenes: two elements here: D/s relationship and originality.

BDSM is now everywhere. Every author is now wearing the expert label in this area. Of course, it is far from the case but they know that it is one element that middle aged women are looking for, dying to have it in their bed and probably do not have. So, most author, read a couple of BDSM romance and think it is enough to use the acronym BDSM. A little spanking here, a little butt plug there, a little brat attitude from the heroine and of course the cavemen act from the hero(es).

yeah, right.

Natalie Acres does not write hardcore BDSM. What she writes is a romanced version of a D/s relationship. The relationship that the heroine, Maria, had with her Dom, Scott and the other men is something any reader can relate. Natalie Acres always picture her heroine with a strong personality, yet needs someone strong to master her. I hate weak heroines that know nothing and have no pride when some man call her “slut” or else. That is such a turn off for me. Thanks to Natalie Acres, she always gives me strong, full of sparks, bratty heroines. The heroes were dominant yet respectful of their woman. Is it the kind of D/s relationship we find in real life? no. But it was a package deal between characters, plot and romance. I liked it. If I want to read a little bit more hardcore, then I will turn to her other pen name, Destiny Blaine 🙂

Sex scenes? This is something that I am always a little bit disappointed when I read them. It is not rare at all that I skip some paragraphs. It is sad because the genre is erotic and sex scenes are integral part of the romance right? If not, I would content myself reading mainstream stories. Sex scenes must be original for me, they must also mix passion + love + originality all together. And it is difficult obviously because I kinda read the same menage sex scenes over and over again. I do not think there is excuses here because after all, if the Kama Sutra show us hundred of positions, how come some authors do not select a couple and use them in their stories?

Cowboy Boots and Uncensored Behavior gave me what I wanted: originality and love and passion. But she added an element that I truly enjoyed: respect. Men respected the heroine and that for me is definitely a turn on.

I believe that Natalie Acres definitely raised her bar in this story. I started to read it and could not put it down.

Now, and last… I am still smiling huge that my jaw hurts:

To Mary at Mary’s Ménage Whispers.
You somehow know when to provide that extra motivation that  drives a writer back into the throes of their story. Thank you for your friendship and support. Thank you for believing in this series and offering encouragement.
You’re much appreciated!

… and I do return the compliment Natalie: you are much appreciated! I am so honored about this dedication. Yes, i received a couple already (still under the #wow factor) and each time is a huge surprise. I have always fun to read the dedication the authors add and I honestly read this one several times to make sure it was really my name here.  Can I say this definitely made my day and probably my week? I am indeed a menage romance Natalie Acres addict … what can I say? mmm Oh! I know! … I do not want a cure! ha!

This said, I just would like to precise that I would have given a 5-stars outstanding review even if I did not have this sweet dedication. It is a cherry on top of the cake but the cake was already perfect the way it was. A dedication will not influence me one way or another 😉

My last words will be for the cover artist. I am very very happy that the cover reflect exactly the characters in this story. It is not always the case but it is here and it deserves to be mentioned and applauded.

For information, book #7, is coming out soon. It is Manny and Melody story, a MF romance. I read book #5, Cowboy Boots and Inexpressible Longing, another MF and liked it a lot. Of course it is a total exception for me to read a MF, but that will give you an idea how addicted I am about this series. Now I hope that book #8 will be released before the end of this year (I do not even know if it is a project yet but my guess is that I will bug Natalie Acres for it! yep! that is exactly my plan!

Read this series. Each book can be read as stand alone but secondary characters become main ones so it is better if you read them in order, not necessary, but you will increase your pleasure 🙂

Acres, Natalie *~* Cowboy Boots and Unsettled Debts *~* rated 5 *~* BDSM mfmm+
Acres, Natalie *~* Cowboy Boots and Unfinished Business * rated 5 * BDSM mfmm+
Acres, Natalie *~* Cowboy Boots and Untamed Hearts *~* rated 5 *~* BDSM mfmm+
Acres, Natalie * Cowboy Boots and Unadulterated Pleasures * rated 5 * BDSM mfmm+



Characters:5 ~ Plot:5 ~ Sex Heat:5 ~ Romance:5
Equality Level:5 ~ Credibility:5 ~ Originality:4


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