kb-loveofherdreams3130708_0157Title: The Love of her Dreams
Author: Kat Barrett
Genre: Sci-fi
Content: MFM MFMM
Stand Alone: YES
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published:
Published by: Siren Publishing
Purchase links: LINK
ISBN: 978-1-62740-197-5
Word count: 38,251 words
Page count: 103 pages



[Ménage and More: Erotic Sci-Fi Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, light bondage, HFN]

Care Gar is a paraplegic on earth, but her body is dying. Her dreams take her to the planet Hust, where she is a protection warrior for the city of Gara. Dagger fights at her side, and is her chosen companion. Love among the warriors is forbidden, but sex is encouraged. Care and Dagger always strive to win each other’s attention for the night.

When High Chancellor Jordan offers Care a place on the council, she is honored. Dagger will become her personal guard, and they will have a chance for a real relationship. Care gets far more than she bargained for when Jordan tells her that he wants their relationship to be far more personal.

Care soon discovers that the council members each hold one of five elemental powers. Her element is fire, and the high chancellors’ elements can be combined through sex. When Care is asked to combine her element with High Chancellor Mont’s to save Gara’s crops, she is reluctant to agree.


review2Each time there is a new menage author at Siren, I am curious. With Siren, I am always on the fence because this publisher loves to multiply the pen-names. It is quite common to see two, three, even four for the same author. I am not sure why the need to have them within the same menage category. I would understand if one was used for mainstream, another for erotica and why not another for menage but same menage? Chances are if I did not like the style from one author, a new name will not make me love it better and in the short or long run, I will stop reading this author. Is is a number factor? Is it a new name factor? Is it a contract factor? No idea. I generally read dedication and bio, those give me clues. Anyways, it must be fun/weird/upsetting for authors to receive a 5-stars review with one pen name and a soso review with another name.

Kat Barrett is not that new in fact. She published many MF romance but 2 menage… therefore fore me she is new 🙂

In The Love of her Dreams, I was attracted with the blurb… and I have no idea if I read this author previously. It was a very original story and this is what I enjoyed the most.

It is rare now that a story surprises me. It is pretty much the same pattern: good girl meets bad boys … know mean villain … fall in lust/love with generally a spanking… is attacked by villain … is saved by good boys… have a dual penetration sex at the epilogue and they all have a HEA. Yep. That sums it up at 80%.

But The Love of her Dreams was truly interesting. Was it credible? not much but I kept an open mind and left aside about the technicalities.

I think this book has a very positive message: no matter your physical or emotional condition, there is hope.

I did not read the ending like I usually do. I wanted to be surprised. I was. I thought that it was sometimes a bit stretchy when she became one of the rulers but it was, again, original.

So if you want to read something a bit different from werewolves and BDSM, then give this story a chance 🙂.



Characters:4 ~ Plot:5 ~ Sex Heat:3 ~ Romance:3
Equality Level:4 ~ Credibility:3 ~ Originality:5
Consistency:3 ~ Editing:3 ~ Humor:NA



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