av_morethantruth_coverhrTitle: More than Truth
Series: Arcane Crossbreeds 3
Author: Amanda Vyne
Genre: Vampires & Shapeshifters, Fantasy & Paranorma
Content: MFM, twins brothers
Stand Alone: NO
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published: August 2013
Published by: Loose Id
Purchase links: LINK
ISBN: 978-1-62300-400-2
Word count: NA
Page count: 230 pages


synopsisTwo halves of whole, rare Drachon twins Taggart and Vincent Jennings once shared the weight of being the salvation of their people until Vincent disappears, leaving Tag to bear their people’s disappointment alone. Now Vincent is back, demanding Tag help him rescue the one woman neither can live without, but they’re going to have to repair their own relationship if they have any hope of convincing her to take a chance on them.

Years ago Dr. Brit Mahoney helped develop genetic research that had the potential to enslave the entire Arcane to the Triumvirate and she sacrificed everything she loved to destroy it. Determined to never allow her emotions to make her vulnerable again, she’s buried herself in science, refusing to allow herself to succumb to her desire for Taggart Jennings. Then his estranged twin appears and their combined hormones ignites a mating heat that is even more than she can withstand.

When it becomes obvious Brit’s research was resurrected with fatal consequences, Vincent must reveal the horrible truths of his past to give them any hope of a future.


review2This is a story that I had a hard time to jump in. No lexicon, no short explanation of the context, no mention that it is best to read the previous books before. Another book where the author assumed that all the readers know who is who and what is going on.

This is Doc and Tag’s book…however it IS a menage so we get to meet an all new guy from Doc and Tag’s past that I think you’ll love. ~Amanda Vyne
My second issue was the sex level in this story… which is almost none. The 2 or 3 sex scenes are few paragraphs, no explicitly described. I had to read one scene two times to figure it out if they had a dual penetration, but no, they took turn. Totally boring. In my opinion it should not be listed in the erotic category but mainstream. It is obvious that the author is not at all comfortable to write sex scenes which was a pity since the whole story was about mating and I was anticipating the final submission of the heroine. Nope, her brain and will took over her physical needs pretty much all the time until the heroes could not stand it anymore… which was almost at the end of the story. A story that has 230 pages…
My last issue was the length of the story. I love long novel. They generally give me time to fall for the characters and to appreciate the plot. Here I find that it was pretty much the same chapters repeated in different words for at least a hundred pages in the middle of the story. They are obsessed to mate her, she is obsessed to find a cure, they are obsessed to protect her and mate her, she is obsessed with her guilt and to find a cure, they are obsessed to mate her… well, you get the drill.

A mention regarding the cover book. The heroes are identical twins. How come the models are not on the cover? and one tattoo is in the back while the other is on the arm. Generally, this kind of mistake is not made by Loose id cover artists that always provide originality and quality to details.

I thought however the writing was easy to read once I could finally understand the plot. I liked also the characters and most especially that the twins had issues after a long separation. It was two distinct personalities and I appreciated that. I will agree with the author that called them “Neanderthals” all the time. They were a bit too invasive since they never left her alone physically and mentally (telepathy). But I excused them because of the mating heat. The heroine was a genius with a IQ higher than Einstein. She was interesting. I would have liked her with a little bit of craziness or obsession attached with her genius brain like most genius have in real life but she was an interesting character and I enjoyed her super powers.

I did not skip any chapter or paragraph, so in my book it is good and a sign that this book deserves not only a review but a try.

However, you must read book 1, More than Blood (MF), and book 2, More than Life (MF) to fully appreciate this book, More than Truth. You may try it as a stand alone but I will not recommend it if you wish to fully enjoy it.



Characters:3 ~ Plot:3 ~ Sex Heat:1 ~ Romance:3
Equality Level:4 ~ Credibility:4 ~ Originality:3



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