getthumb Title: Untainted
Series: What Remains #1
Author: Kris Norris
Genre: Sci-fi/Futuristic, post-apocalypse
Content: MFMM
Stand Alone: YES
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published: August 7, 2013
Published by: Resplendence – New Reality
Purchase links: LINK
ISBN: 978-1-60735-687-5
Word count:
Page count: 139 pages




The apocalypse has passed. The dead have risen. But what remains…
Colby, Darcy and Barrett are hardened soldiers with a new war. A deadly disease has decimated the human population, reducing it to small pockets of survivors who fight daily again the raging hordes of undead plaguing the planet. The three men are part of a recon mission, scouting locations where humans have been reported still alive amidst the dead. But after ten months of searching, they’re ready to give up.
Abby Brennigan has been surviving on her own for half a year, hiding out in an old abandoned control tower. She hasn’t seen anything remotely alive in what feels like forever, until the three men stumble upon her hideout and into her heart. She’d promised herself she wouldn’t get close again…wouldn’t put herself through the torture of watching another person she cared about slowly fade until they turn into a monster straight off the pages of a horror novel.
But the boys aren’t taking no for an answer and as they face one test after another, the big question is—how long can they all remain untainted.


review2And another winner menage romance! yay!

I love post-apocalypse theme. I may not say the same if I found tons of them like the werewolves but so far I read only a few and loved them in the menage category. Of course, it was not because of the theme but it helped in the buying selection for sure. Finder Keepers by Lacey Thorn , After the Crux by Dani Worth are just few of them that I recommend.

This is not a long novel but somehow, Kris Norris found a way to give me this impression that it was one. Nothing was missing from the introduction, the plot and the epilogue, it was very well written and easy to read. I was totally hooked from the start. Somehow I noticed that when a story starts with the male heroes, I am in the story faster. Probably a coincidence, but it seems that I noticed this pattern lately.

Not much of an explanation about how the disease appeared but it did not really matter. I think our mind is well prepared now to accept the fact that our governments are playing gods with clones and chemicals or messing with our planet that one day or another it is possible that some major disaster or a worldwide deadly disease will arrive sooner than later. Indeed the story is about zombies and we are all smiling because we all have in mind the series B movies (along with the vampires). But why not? Kris Norris called them the Grey. Will a word make it more credible? Think about it…

So another world with a ratio of one woman for 3-4 men. I am not complaining, mind you. I am not sure why in What Remains: Untainted, women became a specie in danger but that was it. This story is about four characters and the Grey. I may have liked a bit more explanation about how the apocalypse happened and maybe I found the “falling in love” a bit too quick but overall I enjoyed the romance a lot.

I liked the characters. Kris Norris made sure to give enough time for the readers to know them and fall for them. Maybe two heroes would have been enough because I did not find their personality very distinct but again I am not complaining that it was three: they were all very lovable.

The epilogue is really sweet and ends perfectly the story. This is something that a lot of authors do not know how to do. When the HEA ends with a sex scene, I am not impressed. A sweet funny epilogue gives me smiles and somehow I tend to remember better the story. I have no clear explanation why, but that’s how I feel.

This story could be the start of a menage series. Somehow, it says New Reality Series, Book Six but I tried to find the previous five books and found none. It is not a Kris Norris series, the story is part of an apocalyptic theme series and each book has nothing in common besides the theme. Sucks. I would have liked to read another menage. I almost prepared myself to get an apocalyptic menage overdose.

So if you wish to read something a bit different, What Remains: Untainted by Kris Norris, is the book to read 🙂

ETA: The author says that this story is the beginning of a series: What Remains and this book is the first book. New Reality is a line in resplendence publishing that includes different authors with their own stories and/or series.



Characters:5 ~ Plot:5 ~ Sex Heat:4 ~ Romance:5
Equality Level:5 ~ Credibility:4 ~ Originality:5
Consistency:4 ~ Editing:4 ~ Humor:NA



5 responses

  1. Kris Norris says:

    Hi Mary,

    Wow, what a surprise. I wasn’t expecting reviews, lol. Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed the story. And FYI…is it part of a series… the series name is What Remains. This is book 1. Book 2 will hopefully be out in another few months. It’s also part of the New Reality book line…which does make it confusing.

    Thanks again.

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    • I just noticed that it is book #1 and I am thrilled to hope that book #2 will be another menage (which considering the 4 to 1 would be logical). I will rectify it.
      Thank you Kris for taking a moment for commenting my review.
      Looking forward to read you again!


      • Kris Norris says:

        Hi Mary,

        Yes, the series is a ménage series…lucky girls. LOL…and I’m thrilled that the book came across how I’d hoped. And I do appreciate that you took the time to review it. Thank you for your time and thoughtful comments.

        And rest assured, more on the ‘infection’ will come to light as the characters discover more.. hee hee…

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