Jacket.aspxTitle: How to Love
Series: San Amaro Singles, Book 2
Author: Kelly Jamieson
Genre: Contemporary
Content: M/M/F
Stand Alone: YES
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published: June 25, 2013
Published by: Samhain Publishing
Purchase links: LINK
ISBN: 978-1-61921-464-4
Word count:
Page count: 239 pages


synopsisRelationship, no…but threesome, hell yes!

Ever since Jules’s new neighbor moved in, she’s been undressing him in her mind. Mike is the fresh inspiration she needs to make her erotic photography studio a success, if she can convince him and his equally buff roommate, Carlos, to strip for her lens. And maybe indulge in a little off-camera fun as well.

But Jules isn’t too worried. She doesn’t do relationships, but she loves men and sex—and in her experience, most men are okay with that.

Judging from the raw emotions leaping from the images in Jules’s gallery, Mike senses there’s a lot going on beneath her flirtatious, slightly cynical exterior. He and Carlos are happy in their committed relationship, but they’ve always felt there’s a piece missing. They want a woman. Jules could be that woman.

A threesome with two committed men? Sounds like an emotionally risk-free dream come true for Jules. But when they make it clear they want more, her deepest fears push to the surface, straining bonds forged in incredible heat to the breaking point….


review2Samhain always add a little comment regarding the books they published. Here it is:

The book features two hot men brave enough to climb cliffs, strip naked for erotic photographs, have sex in a portrait studio and on a cliff, and who have the courage to teach a commitment-phobic woman how to love.

The description is 100% correct.

I did not know what to expect really.  Now, how can I be upset that 235 out of 239 was the struggling of a commitment-phobic woman when it is said clearly in the blurb?

Two bisexual guys are in love and hope to find one day their third female that will complete their life. So far, pretty much the same intro as any other m/m/f menage story, so I was good. Although I am always a bit reserved to believe that a third coming years after the males committed to each other will not turn into a sex toy or will get equal attention and love.

Sadly, I hardly connect with 2 out of 3 characters and the heroine was one of them. I wanted to love them but in the end I did not. The heroine frustrated me because she never wanted to open up until the very end of the story. I felt she was stubborn to the core and that bothered me.

The equal attention and love was not respected but it was not the heroine, it was one of the male, Carlos. Up to almost half of the book, Carlos was left aside. Carlos understood that his lover, Mike, needed to woo her, to have sex with her every day and spend hours and hours with her in order to have a chance to convince her to have a relationship with them.

yeah right. Who would accept that?

On top of that, when Carlos came into the relationship, I had no clue who he was. I did not know him except that he supported his lover. So I was a bit surprised that Carlos got all of a sudden jealous and insecure at the end. It did not make sense to me.

Mike was a nice character. I understood him and had the same frustrations he had. I did connect with him.

I did not connect with the heroine, Jules. Is it because I am not commitment-phobic? I think my main issue was that for half of the story, I did not get an explanation why she was like that. It was all about frustrations: Mike wanted to talk, she did not. Mike wanted to know her better, she used sex to avoid it. I think a couple of chapter could have been avoided. I felt it was redundant at times. Maybe if I knew the reasons before the end of the story, I would have connected more with the heroine.

I also had a hard time that her father changed his mind about her half-sisters. The guy pimped his daughter and used his wives all his life. He is obviously a class A asshole, never showed love and respect to her and after her heart to heart talk with him, he decides to change his mind and accept that his other young daughter visit her? Here again, I did not believe it.

I am a bit sad because I like Kelly Jamieson. I remember Rule of Three that I totally adored and One Wicked Night  I liked a lot and was hoping to get the same level of emotion but I did not. Which is fine because not all the books appeal to us all. In fact, I am in the total minority here considering the 4 and 5-stars rating this story has already.

Overall, it was still a good story. Giving a low rating because I did not connect would be unfair and Mike deserved his 3-stars! 😛

On top of this, the topic was intriguing. Jules’ commitment-phobic issue is definitely something I came across with a couple of guys. The one I know decided to live with someone late in their thirties but only because all their friends were married and had kids and cruising in bars some early twenties girls lost the attraction. They did not marry. Marriage was way too much for them. In fact, one is still in couple and the other one is now single. Why do I have in mind this actor, George Clooney? I totally picture him as a commitment-phobic.

So the subject was interesting but somehow her issues were on the way for me to enjoy the romance.

Anyway, take a chance to read this story. Take the time to also read the other reviews on Goodreads, that will balance my review with all the praises given for this story. Everyone read a story differently depending of his/her background, childhood, family, education etc. It is okay to think differently.

note: I would like to mention that I like the cover book very much and it reflects perfectly the heroes and the place. Kudos for this because a lot of publishers do not care much about this. Samhain always do and it is appreciated!



Characters:3 ~ Plot:3 ~ Sex Heat:3 ~ Romance:3
Equality Level:2 ~ Credibility:4 ~ Originality:3


4 responses

  1. Tawania says:

    Great Review, Mary. I think I will give this ones pass tho. If you couldn’t connect with the heroine, then I know I won’t. She comes off as annoying, and I definitely can’t stand an annoying heroine. You haven’t let me down yet. I agree I adored Rule of Three as well, I also liked all the characters. Thanks!


    • Thanks Tawania xx
      She did not come as much as annoying. She was not a whinny heroine but because I did not see her evolving or changing for 2/3 of the book and the only explanation I had was “I don’t do commitment”, I could not understand her.
      Dammit, I wished I could give 5*stars rating all the time… I feel guilty each time I don’t. silly eh?