lrl-notbadforanamateur3130603_0115Title: Not bad for an amateur
Author: Lynn Ray Lewis
Genre: Paranormal, werewolves
Content: MFM
Stand Alone: YES
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published:
Published by: Siren Bookstrand
Purchase links: LINK
Word count: 32,641
Page count:



Lily Nelson went looking for answers. She found much more than she was looking for. Between trying to contact weres to show or tell her how to live life as a once a month furry and uncovering a secret research program involving the government and the were community, she is in trouble. She has done the best she can on her own to find the answers she needs to get by, from meeting intimidating biker chicks to saving a were from a hunter. Now it is time for her to run to the men that she can’t get out of her mind or senses.

Jim and Joel Logan have found their mate, now all they have to do is gain her cooperation and trust. They know she is theirs, but now she has to admit it. She is perfect for them. Smart, beautiful, and she smells like home. They can and do protect her from the corruption that she has brought to light.


review2First time I read this author and I am glad that I am always intrigued by new menage authors. Lynn Ray Lewis has many qualities that I like in her writing.

First, I think she is extremely good with plot development. She kept me on my toes for a while and I loved it. Second, her heroine had sparks and I liked that. I am never attracted to sweet hopeless heroine and I liked her very much. I understood her and her journey. She did not rush and her actions were justified and credible.

I liked the heroes too but unfortunately those are the kind I read many times. Brothers werewolves that turns puppies lovers as soon as her smell connect their brain. I found the love at first sight way too rushed. They did not even know who she was that she was the love of their life. I would have liked to see them falling for her personality before they admit they loved her and not love her because she was their destined mate and because sex was good.

I always feel that when heroes fell too quickly like that, the heroine is portrayed as a sex toy. It does not feel right in my mind. I need connection. I need to understand how each guy feel for her and why. I also want two distinct male characters, not copycat.

Besides that, I truly liked this story. I enjoyed the plot. It was not a done deal path for the heroine and I enjoyed it. I would have liked to know more about the mate process and how come they could stay away so long since I am very used to the “once a werewolf recognize his mate, it is becoming an obsession and impossible to be away from”. I do like different version of werewolves stories. I like to be surprised by new possibilities and most especially with werewolves romances that is very popular.

Sex scenes were really good and I did not skip paragraphs which is a very good thing! lol

So I recommend this menage romance. I believe Lynn Ray Lewis is this kind of author that has huge potential but need to find her uniqueness style. I would love to read her with something a bit more darker. She has this easy to read factor that I love in an author. I saw images behind her words and I loved it!



Characters:3 ~ Plot:4 ~ Sex Heat:4 ~ Romance:5
Equality Level:5 ~ Credibility:3 ~ Originality:3


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