This one is going to be short and sweet… well kinda.

  • Which part of … “The woman has a head concussion, the doc asked 10 days of complete rest” don’t you understand when you gangbang her the first day she got hurt, in bed having the heartache of her life?
  • Which part of… “I met you today, you want me to accept a permanent menage but I want to know you first before we have sex” don’t you understand when 5 minutes after she said that you jump her bones?
  • Which part of… “Shit, she is a virgin” do you think it is hot, sexy and credible when the second guy with a boner decide to stick his “BIG” dick in her just after short moment ago she lost her virginity and the third equality “BIG” dick in her virgin ass after few minutes of playing with her anus not even asking if she is okay and swear that she will have the orgasm of her life when all she feels is discomfort… all within the same day she met all of them?
  • Which part of… woman in heat after she lost her virginity does not exist or she must be in the record book for sure.
  • Which part of… giving her a bath with or without salt does not solve, excuse or help the girl who must have her almost-virgin-cunt and almost-virgin-ass completely raw and extremely painful? I personally cringe and sing sang ouch ouch ouch each time I read such sex scene: not only she lost her virginity and we know (right?) that it is painful but few minutes after with one or two fingers, her anal is totally opened and ready to get a second penis? really?
  • Which part of… “I am a slut” don’t you understand is such a stupid way to  always add in your stories? Each time I portray your heroine as a stupid girl as a Virgin victorian girls raised in a convent and think that having sex is dirty? This irks me no-end since I am not a virgin victorian girl but a middle aged woman who is totally at ease with her sexuality… as I hope the large majority of the readers of erotic menage romances! HA!
  • Which part of… not credible don’t you understand to state the guys are in love with the woman at first sight?
  • Which part of… likewise stupid don’t you understand to state the guys want the woman as their wife, swear they will be the last men alive to ever fuck her… when they did not even hear the sound of her voice yet?
  • Which part of… not sexy it is to fuck the woman when they do not know shit about her or her about them without a condom? How sensitive of them to fuck her without knowing if she is under birth control and to ask her permission first? uh? But probably in a romance the eggs and spermatozoon must make an appointment at the epilogue only. Yeah. That’s must be it.
  • Which part of… C.R.E.D.I.B.I.L.I.T.Y. don’t you understand????


Honestly, guys. Am I that much out of my mind to think that the above is plain ridiculous?

I do not get it. I really don’t. How come I read this so many times? Is it part of the 101 HOW TO WRITE EROTIC ROMANCE course? Because if it is, please update it and put the teacher in retirement and find a new one… A.S.A.P.!



PS: to all the authors that do understand my venting and frustration… thank you.


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  1. I read a lot of this kind of stuff too…even in private groups. It sounds so hot, but when you’re on the receiving end? You’d be in a much different place. And since when is it only right to do this to women? Let’s fire up on a few virgin men too and see where that goes. Balance. A lot more balance would be wonderful.


    • In order for me to love a book is for me to relate completely with the characters and understand their choices. I am okay with love at first sight: it happens in real life and it is cute in romances. But in reality it takes time to confirm this “love at first sight” and most of the time it turns out to be a crush. If the alpha males are puppies in heat, I do not find that attractive at all. And if the heroine is not smart enough to have the same concern to know the guys and learn to love them on top of the immediate chemistry, then for me she is a stupid brainless character that I cannot relate to at all. It is just a matter of logic and credibility. Love at first lust? really?
      Thank you Margie for your comment and POV. I like to think that I am not alone to think that way and it is nice to read it. 🙂


      • I married my love at first sight so I am a believer…but like with any personal belief, it is just that. As an author, we need to be aware of the millions (we hope) pairs of eyes on our pages and let their potential reactions be our guide. I am not a fan of forced/non-consensual sex, nor am I a fan of BDSM “romances” that portray a Dom/Domme as a beast and the sub totally deserving. I really believe those do a great disservice to women and in the case of D/s, the Lifestyle.


  2. I like BDSM but a lot of author mistake dominant nature with Dom/sub relationship. It is very fashion to write BDSM and it sells well. But like everything, if the author writes something she does not master, the book will fall flat. No need to be in the lifestyle to write a BDSM but at least talk to real Doms and sub and make your homework.
    My ramblings is more because i feel that a lot of author write as if the reader is a YA at heart and homesick of her youth somehow and phantasm about force seduction like in the romances I used to read when I was a teen with the tiny exception of the sex parts. I am not a teen anymore and I do not relish the time I lost my virginity. I am a middle aged woman that is fine with her sexuality and want to relate with a strong independent intelligent woman who will make the choice to love several men who will show her she is respected and not a piece of ass. I want my male characters to fall for the woman because of who she is and not for the body of hers. And for that, I need to read a couple of interactions without sex. very simple in fact: the time to know each other and make me believe that their relationship have solid foundations.