Title: Breaking Glass
Author: Eden Connor
Genre: Contemporary
Content: MF, Menage
Stand Alone: YES
Series: Carmine Club series, prequel
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published: March 2013
Publisher: self
Purchase links: Amazon
Length: novella
Page count: 93 pages


Breaking Glass is the prequel to my upcoming series, Carmine Club. I wanted to blend baggage—the relationship wreckage we all drag through life—with an exploration of female sex fantasies. I’m a southern gal, born and raised in North Carolina and a resident of South Carolina since I showed up for my first day at Converse College. I’ve always felt southern women get an extra shot of shame about sex.

synopsisHow would you tell your lover you wanted a ménage with his best friend?

Free spirited, passionate Jillian picked the wrong moment to blurt out her fantasy, causing her husband Dylan to turn so cold she asked him to move out. Now, rather than celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary, the Carmichael’s are headed for divorce court.

Enter Eros, popcorn-loving owner of those passion-tipped points. When a hot jolt of lust doesn’t melt Dylan’s hard heart, what’s a demoted demigod to do? It’s gonna be a long night, because Eros has been given only one to rekindle the Carmichael’s love..

review2Where shall I start? Oh yes, I know!

I loved it!

Yeah. That pretty much sums it up!

I was a bit hesitant to read this story that I have on my to read pile for a little while. I do not know why sometimes I feel that way: I have this preconceive idea that I will like it but not love it.

Wrong. Dead wrong!

This story is incredible, full of emotions.

I think I was a bit worried when the story started with Cupid, who think he is the god of lust. Not love, mind you. Lust. I had an open mind but I was not sure about it. It turned out that I enjoyed Cupid aka Eros character although he did not take a huge place in the story itself. Eros was on a mission to reunite a couple who recently slit apart after the wife, Jillian, told her husband, Dylan, that she wanted to have a threesome with his best friend, Went.

This is the kind of couple separation that can happen and in fact happen often. Not necessarily because the woman wants a threesome but because of non communication, because of a one-way concession that often occurs in a couple . You know, always the same person who agree and the other one think it is normal and after a while the one who is making the concession wakes up and try to express her needs but the other one reject them. Yes. THAT kind of separation.

I totally related to the characters. I read chapter after chapter and all of a sudden it was The End. WOW! How did this happen?

You all know that I am not really into MF and I was afraid that my ménage addiction would spoiled my fun or I would not be that interested or involved in this story but Eden Connor made it perfect for me. The only thing I can tell you is that Jillian’s wish came true but in a painful way.

Eden Connor, on her blog, says that this book is very personal. Not because the heroine is herself. No. Because the way Dylan was raised. I invite you to read her blog before reading this story. I understood the hurt, the depth and the motivations of her characters way better.

The title, Breaking Glass, has so many meanings. I got it, Mrs Connor. I understood what you were saying. Sometimes, you can be from the outside the perfect flawless person but broken in the inside. But when your world shatters and break, it takes time to find the right pieces and reassemble them together and finally be at peace with what you are and believe. Never accept or submit for less of your beliefs. If the person you are with does not recognize your needs or accept who you are, then he or she is not the right person to be with…. but sometimes, rarely but it happens, something or somebody opens their eyes and you can either forgive and/or move on. I think this story is a story of hope somehow. It is hard to truly forgive and give back the trust but when the bumps are behind, the couple can be stronger and finally last years and years.

So the pros, I just gave them to you. The cons? Let me think. Since this story is not an erotic romance but a romance, I cannot fault the author for not adding more sex scenes. They were appropriate at the right time and place. I am not even sure if I would put the length of the story in the cons. Did I want to know more about Went? Maybe. But it was not necessary. Eden Connor described him perfectly and I loved him the way he was. I can’t even tell you I was cheated by the ending, so this too cannot be put in the cons!

What makes this book so special? Probably the credibility. I am not a southern woman and I am certainly no expert about how the women and men are raised there but I could totally understand the narrow minded religious ways, the traditions, the “everyone knows everyone and is entitled to judge and condemn”. I spoke with a couple of southern erotic authors and they are all saying the same thing: sexuality is still something that you do not talk much and being an erotic author is not easy to be in public eyes. But truth is, you do not need to be a southern woman to relate to the heroine. at all. I am as north as you can be physically (well almost eh?) and I DID relate 100%! ha!

Eden Connor, I totally admire you for breaking the traditions and raise your children with the freedom and knowledge to know and believe that sex is not dirty.

Please give a chance to this new series. Eden Connor mentions that it is better to read it in order and Breaking Glass is the prequel of it.

note: may I add that I find the cover book totally original and beautiful?


Characters:5 ~ Plot:5 ~ Sex Heat:3
Equality Level:NA ~ Credibility:5 ~ Originality:5



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  1. lynn says:

    Nice review and sounds like I need to get the kindle out….Again.