lrl-notbadforanamateur3130603_0115Sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith in yourself.  Sometimes you fall flat on your face; sometimes you bounce on the water and skid on your ass for a short while.  And, sometimes, you land on a pillow soft mattress that puffs up little clouds of happiness when you hit.

In my writing I try to change things up a bit.  You will never find the same situations in any of my books.  I detest knowing what will happen next when I am reading a good book.  You will find at least small surprises in each of my books as long as I can sneak them in.  You will still get the meeting, greeting, problems, problems solved, and a happy ever after.  Yet nothing stops me from adding something a bit different just to make it interesting.

In my At the Lake series, I added an extra sumthin’ sumthin’ to each book.  In The Elusive Jillian Wilson I added a few sumthin’s.  And in my newest offering, Not Bad for an Amateur, There are a few sumthin’s to entertain my readers.

My character Lily Fern Nelson is a smart girl with a big problem.  She turns furry once a month.  She is on her own to learn to cope because, well there was this mix up with the transfused blood she was given for anemia.  Learning how to live with her furry side is not as easy as you might think.

Jim Logan sees her first.  His brother Joel smells her around a small cavern.  The rogue female wolf will be theirs….. if they can lure her back into their territory.

 I like writing about these people so much that the next book is half written already.

~Lynn Ray Lewis


Lily Nelson went looking for answers. She found much more than she was looking for. Between trying to contact weres to show or tell her how to live life as a once a month furry and uncovering a secret research program involving the government and the were community, she is in trouble. She has done the best she can on her own to find the answers she needs to get by, from meeting intimidating biker chicks to saving a were from a hunter. Now it is time for her to run to the men that she can’t get out of her mind or senses.

Jim and Joel Logan have found their mate, now all they have to do is gain her cooperation and trust. They know she is theirs, but now she has to admit it. She is perfect for them. Smart, beautiful, and she smells like home. They can and do protect her from the corruption that she has brought to light.


Lily was in her car sitting on the side of the road trying to decide what she wanted to do now. There was no manual for beginner’s shifting 101. Her skin was itchy feeling and tingling. Last night she had taken a long hike after midnight trying to look for signs of nocturnal life but came back just before dawn to sleep a couple of hours, eat and shower to drive around in her so far fruitless search.

A large green pick up pulled along beside her and the handsome man inside of it asked if she needed help. Was every man in the vicinity huge? Geez. “No I am fine, I stopped to text a friend and I am just sitting here soaking up the sight of the prairie.” Lily knew it was not much of an excuse, but the man seemed to believe her and touched the brim of his cowboy hat then drove off.

Do I need help? Why yes sir, could you point me in the general direction of your nearest pack of werewolves please? I just want to ask a few questions about survival and other stuff. I swear I will be discrete and respectfully leave voluntarily if they decide to kick my chubby ass out of the county for trespassing on their hunting grounds.

The conversation with herself made Lily laugh. How damn crazy would that have sounded to the man if she really asked for those directions? There was not much more she could do to prep for tomorrow night. So far she planned to eat a lot of meat before it began to get dark. Then she would open the bathroom window so she would have a way back into the little cabin the next morning. Lily had a small carry bag to stash jeans, a t shirt and sneakers in and planned to hide them behind the cabin, just in case she needed to get dressed in a hurry and didn’t get back inside fast enough.

When Lily got back to the motel she went to the manager’s office to pay for the rest of the week. The man liked to talk and smiled widely when Lily told him how much she loved the area. “I plan on staying around for a couple more days the wide open space is amazing.”  She wondered why his cologne seemed to make her heart thump a bit harder.  Normally she could not stand a man that drenched himself in scent. Most of the commercial cologne’s made her sneeze. This stuff was oddly musky, almost like an old forest.  Jim Logan was handsome and he smelled good, yet something about him today made her cautious. He stared at her with solemn eyes even when he was smiling.

Adult Excerpt:

Tonight you can take as little or as much of us as you can or want to take. You get to call the shots tonight, little one.

“You smell fantastic. Did you know how crazy you have driven us since we picked you up this morning? You must be coming into heat because all I can think of is sinking into your warm, wet pussy and staying there for a while. Do you want me to suck these beautiful breasts? I love the way they pout at me. I think they are telling me to shut up and suck them.” Jim lifted her higher and took one nipple into his mouth. He pulled as much of her breast inside as he could and sucked strongly. He groaned at the taste of her tender skin. When he felt the shower of water on his hands become more forceful, he knew that Joel had the showerhead pointed at Lily’s crotch. She jumped and her head flopped back as she gasped. He began to lick and suck just the tips of her breasts. His teeth lightly nipped at the hard nubs causing little gasping noises from her. He loved hearing those small sounds and nipped a bit harder before bathing them with his tongue and moving on to the other nipple each time.

Joel played with Lily’s pussy and rear entrance with soapy fingers and then rinsed her thoroughly. She was still dripping her fragrant cream, and it was driving him insane. He inserted a finger into her tight vaginal opening and felt her body clamp down on it. He pushed a second finger inside and shuddered, thinking of sliding his thick cock inside of her little pussy and letting it strangle the sperm out of him. He removed his fingers from her pleading pussy and turned off the water then reached out of the shower to grab a towel to dry Lily’s back and hair. He hurriedly swiped a towel over his body and pulled her from Jim’s arms.

He carried her into the bedroom and placed her in the middle of the king-sized bed. Where Jim joined them on the opposite side of the bed. Joel finished drying her with a few swipes of the towel that was over his shoulder. He crawled between her thighs and spread her legs wide to look at the pretty fur-topped pussy. The sides and thick lips had no hair at all but she kept a neat little bush just over her clit. Joel wanted a taste and dove onto her wet slit with his mouth and tongue wringing a high-pitched scream from Lily’s throat.

Jim lay across the bed. His hand held her breast and squeezed the plump flesh. He pulled away from her delectable nipples to watch Joel making a meal out of her scented core. She whimpered and her hips tried to raise under his twin’s broad shoulders. Jim situated himself next to her shoulders, running his hands over her upper body. When Lily’s mouth dropped open and the long, low scream started as her body strained to move, Jim knew she was beginning to orgasm and leaned over to take her pleasure-filled breath into his mouth.

Joel couldn’t have stopped crawling up and positioning his hard cock at her tight hole. He could feel the way her vaginal sphincter clutched and released as he started to enter her tight body. This was the most incredible sex he had ever enjoyed. His brain was as engaged as his body, and the light-headed feelings drove him on.

Lynn Ray Lewis’ BIO

What should I say about myself? Well, I am the mother of four and still raising kids. I have worked in factories and yes, I have cleaned bathrooms as a job. When I became a Realtor I found my niche in the workplace. I love walking into houses and discovering the secrets that some homes can tell. Look at a kitchen doorway and you might be lucky enough to see the small nicks in the wood from parents measuring a child each year. I could go on and on, but this is a bio not a book.

 I have been an avid reader since I first read the book Gone With The Wind at age nine. I didn’t understand it completely at that time, but I thought Rhett got a bad deal. But then I am a sucker for a happy ending. I have been writing short stories for years and always wanted to send my writings in to a publisher. The problem? I write what real people say. I describe my love scenes and sex scenes in explicit modern language. (Although I do love a historical romance.) I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I enjoyed writing them. My first series for Siren-BookStrand is the At The Lake series. Dizzy’s Story is the first, then Jane’s Story and last, but more intense, is Morgan’s Story.

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