Title: Just her Luck
Author: Beverly Price
Genre: Contemporary
Content: MFM
Stand Alone: Yes
Series: Lucky Montana #1
Re-issued / Re-edited: No
Date published: February 28th 2013
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Purchase: LINK
ISBN: 978-1-62242-619-5
Length: Short Novel
Page/Word count: 106 pages – 40,504 words



Riley O’Connor has been on the run from her past, but when her luck turns south she ends up in a small town just outside of the Canadian border. She is not used to allowing others to take care of her, however, Riley must face her demons and rely on two strangers. Will she try and run again, or stay and fight for the life she has created for herself with the men she has fallen for?

Cooper and Cash Jackson live a perfect small-town life, but when a small broken woman enters their world with her past following right behind her, the men stick together to try and save her. When an attack on Riley happens, they discover someone within the town is actually behind the attacks. Cooper and Cash are faced with the question of who they can trust to keep her safe.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.



That is exactly how I would this to happen to me if I was visiting a small town… minus the drama of course!

This is the kind of book that you read on a rainy day with soft music, on a sofa with a blanket on your legs, a glass of white wine, in front of a nice fireplace. Have you tried that already?

The story was a bit too short for my taste or maybe the path of events were too quick. I felt as if time was not included. I understand the love at first sight though. My mom met her husband and they moved together after one week and they are still together 30 years later. It happens. It obviously happens to the author, Beverly Price, too: she met her husband, married him 11 days later and 4 kids and 10 years later they are still together. However, I still believe it is the exception although when we know, we know right? I am a long novel lover. Maybe this is why I felt time was not included?

The characters were interesting. I enjoyed both male characters but there is something that bother me a little bit. How come, one or both heroes can screw around everything in skirt for years in a small town in the country. I mean, I lived in a small town and trust me, I can count on one hand the good looking guys, single, hot and the same regarding the girls. And this is not especially about Just her Luck here. I read this in pretty much every ménage romances. It seems that small towns are just full of flings possibilities when I am like: “uh, really?”. I understand that romance means a little bit of fairy tale in it. I do. But sometimes, I feel that authors are abusing a little bit too much about the magic hand, you know?

Just her Luck is a classical ménage cowboys story. I found the damsel in distress running away from a nasty villain who abused her and two bachelor cowboys dreaming to find the one woman to share their life with. I did not find much originality but it was well written and Beverly Price took me in her journey with her characters.

It is funny how I relate to Beverly Price. She explains in her bio that she started to write on a bet with her friend who dared her to write something hotter that what she read. I believe she started the same way as I did when I started my first (and only!!) two chapters: I wrote about the genre I like and read a lot and felt the most comfortable with. For me, it is werewolves. For Beverly Price, it is cowboys. In my opinion, she should try another genre and make it her own and definitely a longer novel to allow her to extend the story and include the time factor.

Do not get me wrong, Just her Luck is a really good story. But since I read this scenario a couple of time already, I felt that it missed a little bit of humph.

In a way, this is the kind of story you wish to be true and happen to you. I would love to take my car, drive in the country, break my car and find two hot top model to help me, fall for me and give me the best bedroom rides ever. I mean. Yeah…. But I need to save my money in order to run to Victoria Secret though and buy me a cowboy hat! I’ll keep you updated on this eh?


I really liked Just her Luck and took it for what it is: a very enjoyable moment of reading and you know what? This story gave me many smiles and that’s what matter. I read a nice plot, characters were lovable, sex scenes were good.

I am now very curious to follow this author and see her writing evolution. What will be her influences, what genre will she turns, will she remain in the contemporary cowboys genre? Will she tried the must-write paranormal werewolves that seems to be mandatory for most of the authors or find something different? Tons of possibilities but since her writing is really good, I will certainly follow her and check on her 🙂

So give a try to Just her Luck. It is definitely a good read!


Characters: 4 ~ Plot: 3 ~ Sex Heat: 3
Equality Level: 4 ~ Credibility: 3 ~ Originality: 2
Editing : 4




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  1. beverlyprice says:

    Thank you for taking the time to review my book. It was a honor just to have you read it.