Genre: Paranormal
Menage: MFM
Series: no
Stand Alone: yes
Re-issued/Re-edited: no
Length: 36,000 words / 106 pages
Published by: Riverdale Ave Books
Published on: Dec 21, 2012
ISBN # 9781626010048


Who would have ever thought that cussing out Old Man Winter would change Gwen Butter’s life forever, but it did.

Suddenly, she had two hot men in love with her, one a god, the other the most powerful being in an alternate universe.

Jack Winter, was on the verge of losing his mind and his life, and only the meddling of his mother, the moon goddess, Selene, could set things right. She knew that the love of the right woman was what her son needed, but it wasn’t easy finding the right match for “Old Man “Winter.” Jack had no idea that finding his Kindred Spirit would give him a reason to celebrate the holiday season, and life, again.

Squall Talon, a controller, had become so powerful that the first families observed him from far. He would either be the next head of the ruling family or the instrument of destruction of everything they knew.

The passionate moans of a human woman, drew Talon’s attention. How many years had it been since anything mattered to him? Instantly, he knew this one female could save life as everyone knew it.

These two powerful men, each controlling her, but loving her more than life itself, would insure that Gwen never wanted for anything. Yet, could she really be the miracle Christmas was really about?

The Christmas story is well known throughout the world, but there is another legend told by another race of people. It is the legend of Christmas, and the sacrifice of one woman, who will not only save the Earth, but their world as well.


Trinity Blacio has her own style. I am always curious to read her. This author generally has a vivid imagination and Hot for Winter is no exception.

This story needs to be read at Christmas for sure. It was in fact published on December 21st. I think most people are way more open to fairy tales and stretchy intrigues during Christmas time. If you have an open mind, you will enjoy all the different characters mixed together: Santa Claus, Goddess Moon, Frost etc. 🙂

The funny part is that I kept thinking about Frost as THE Frost of Laurell K. Hamilton and of course no comparison. It was fun to read a different personality 🙂

One thing I like with Trinity Blacio is the speed of the intrigue. This author is really good at finding new worlds. And at first pages, we are glued to know more.

I also have to mention that the cover is gorgeous!

Did I relate with the characters? not really. But I liked the “Kindred Spirit” concept.

I honestly regret that editing was an issue. But other than that, it was an original read 🙂

Overall Review: 3

Characters: 3
Plot: 3
Sex Heat: 3
Equality Level: 3
Credibility: 2
Originality: 4
Editing (poor/fair/good): poor

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