Genre: Contemporary
Menage: MFM
Series: yes, The Law Castle Bad Boys book #2
Stand Alone: yes
Re-issued/Re-edited: no
Length: 137 pages
Published by: Evernight Publishing
Published on: December 19th 2012
SKU: 978-1-77130-226-5



After living in the Foster system, Zoe Howard does not trust easily. She moves to Law Castle with the hope of settling down. What she doesn’t expect is to be he woman that three men desire.

Jake, Brent and Connor have been friends all their lives. They want a woman to share and they know that woman is Zoe. However, she keeps all three men at arms length. Her reluctance is frustrating as they know she wants them.

Zoe is reluctant to give herself to three men. She’s scared to love and to trust again. All three men fight her resolve and show her how it can feel to be loved by three men. When Zoe ends up in danger her men realize the love they feel for her.

But could they be too late to tell her how they feel?


So I read this story before book #1 of this series, The Bad Boys’ Virgin Temptress. I think I was attracted by the bad ass attitude of the heroine.

I think we all do the same when we read a romance. We try to imagine if “at her place” we would react the same. If we fall for the heroine, then we understand better why she is also falling for the heroes. I liked Zoe. In many ways she acted the way I expect someone to be if she is was hurt. Zoe had huge issues with trust.

So the story was all about Zoe and the removal of the layers of mistrust. I understood and was curious about the story development. And that is the unknown factor when it turns from “really into the character” to “okay now, move on”. I am not sure but this happened a couple of times to me with different stories from different authors.

Since I relate to the heroine, I guess I loose patience at a certain time. The bad ass I am wants to move on at the same time as the heroine and of course it is silly to believe it or even to associate my personality with a character of fiction and all the good reasons that you probably have in mind. However, that is the way I am when I read a story, I jump right into it or I stay on the side.

I really liked Zoe. I think we all have a little Zoe inside us. Either we were hurt in previous relationships, either life was not kind, either our family history gave us scars. It is easy to shut down and refuse to love, be cynical or just even believe that this will never happen because X reasons. I liked her but at a certain point I wished her to move on and stop pushing them away. I felt as it took too much time after the half of the story.

This said. I kept asking myself why the guys were so convinced that she was the one and why they waited so long to act. Playing the jealousy card? mmm will this work for you? Not for me. at all. I would delay even more and make them pay until I would probably loose all hope because my pride and hurt would take way too long to let go. I would turn into a real bitch or just move on. I so admire those who would just laugh and do not care. Geez I have issues eh? lol

Anyway. I liked this story better than book #1. I think that I also liked the heroes a little bit better. Sex scenes were good. I am not certain that the drama was necessary but it permitted probably to the author to find a way to jump to the next level in the relationship: I trust you now because you saved me.

Sam Crescent is really an author that I discovered and will follow. I also invite you to read Time to Play, story I rated 5 stars!

Overall Review: 4

Characters: 4
Plot: 3
Sex Heat: 4
Equality Level: 5
Credibility: 4
Originality: 3
Editing (poor/fair/good): good

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