The Trinity: The Ashland Pack

Genre: Paranormal, Werewolves, Vampires
Menage: MFM Series: The Ashland Pack, Book 1
Stand alone: YES
Re-issued / Re-edited: NO
Length: 62,512 words / pages

Published by: JK Publishing

Published on: Dec 28, 2012

ISBN # 9781301317165


Adrianna McDonald is The Trinity-part wolf, vampire, and witch. She is destined to bring peace to all of the three together. She has unique powers that have never been seen before. Unfortunately, Adrianna will need all these powers when she is faced with the secrets of her past that have been hidden to protect her.

She has been fated for two of the strongest Alpha males. Cade Maxwell leader of the Viston Wolf Pack and Samson Ward leader of the Vampire Clan will help Adrianna lead and learn to love again. Adrianna is a Protector for the Supreme Alpha and is used to only taking orders from him. This will be a challenge for her and her Alphas.

But the clock is ticking and The Trinity must return to her hometown of Ashland, Georgia to train for the battle against the evil ones who are coming. Her past will collide with her present and the struggle will be against each other. Now Adrianna must decide if she can trust one of her coveted circle members or decide if she is part of the evil ones attempts to gain control of her powers.

It will take The Trinity and her family and friends to come together if they are to survive.


Somehow I know when authors write a first story. They usually put everything they’ve got inside into it. It seems that they have a hard time to make it short too. Not that I am complaining here: I love long novels! With The Trinity, I felt it from the start. Bryce Evans gave her all. There are good things to do that and some a bit less. But I have no doubt that in this particularly story the talent is there and the newbie mistakes will disappear with experience.

Let me explain.

When I read The Trinity, I felt I met too many characters too soon. In the first chapter, it was incredibly crowded very soon and secondary characters took too much place. Each page brought new ones or a new situation. It took me a couple of chapters to feel comfortable and really be into the story. But I got there and this is where talent shows up. I truly believe that with a little less speed in the events or a little less of them in between will allow us to fall more for the characters.

Bryce Evans reminded me someone who has so many ideas that she is burning to tell them all at once. I must say that I much prefer an author like Bryce Evans that brings tons of details rather than an author that repeat herself and in the end we could have deleted a couple of useless chapters because nothing happened or it was just a repeat of the previous chapters: I love you, I love you not, shut up and let’s have sex. You know what I mean right? I am sure you read a couple of those.

The Trinity is also the first book of a series. It means that the author wishes us to picture her world with the heroes and the villains and details were important. I got it. 😉

I enjoyed the plot. I always enjoy when vampires and werewolves mix in a story.

Of course, I noticed here and there are a couple of inconsistencies, but nothing major. One of them was why The Trinity was not discovered sooner since she lived with them all and why the elders were that surprised since she already showed her strength and was the strongest person to train werewolves and vampires. It needed either some explanation or suspense in my opinion.

The characters needed more time on their own. Because the plot was so fast, I missed the part to fall in love with the characters. I needed to know them individually and I needed to understand the romance. However, I enjoyed that none of the heroes wanted to be mated. It was totally refreshing. Most of the time, it is only one hero but never all together and I liked the novelty.

Sex scenes were hot but here again, I felt a little shyness from the author. This is generally a “mistake” that new author do. They are either too sexual or not enough in their first book. We all know that authors write what they know or about their phantasms so I totally understand that a first book can be a little bit intimidating. Although even if Bryce Evans was a bit shy, at least I did not read the: ooooo yesss, harder, faster… or worse the “ooooo noooo what are you doing to me, I am a virgin… while she opens her legs so wide that she could easily be a pole girl. yeah yeah you know what I mean here too eh? 😛

So in many ways I liked the story. Bryce Evans is this kind of author that I will enjoy to follow and see how she will evolve. Great work, Mrs Evans, I look forward reading you in the future! Another story that was very popular to be nominated in the Ménage Romances Fan’s Choices Awards! 🙂

Overall Review: 4 STARS

Characters: 3
Plot: 4
Sex Heat: 3
Equality Level: 4
Credibility: 4
Originality: 3
Editing (poor/fair/good): good

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Bryce is a mother, a writer, and a wife who loves to escape to the world she built in the Ashland Pack. She burst onto the publishing scene with a hit in The Trinity. Soon, she will be releasing the second in the series, and a new series.

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