No Regrets, No Surrender

Genre: Contemporary
Menage: MFM
Series: Always a Marine , Book 6 – stand alone
Length: 43,000 words / pages
Published by: Decadent Publishing Company, LLC
Published on: Nov 19, 2012
ISBN #  9781613334201


At the end of their night of frenzied passion, Jazz Winters walked away from the only two men who’d ever made her feel like a woman. Logan Cavanaugh and Zach Evans let her go, but only if she swore all her future leaves to them. For fourteen, excruciatingly long months, they’ve waited for her, visiting when they could, but the demands of Mike’s Place only let them go one at a time.

Jazz’s fear that a ménage can’t last a lifetime is founded in her very middle-class, middle-American upbringing. The stress of years of military service in hot zones, combined with life-threatening injuries, pushes her to the edge. When she comes home, she’s the wounded warrior, not the woman she thinks they want. But Zach and Logan are right there to help her, even when she resists.

She’s not alone. And whether she chooses one man or both, they have no regrets and they won’t surrender.


What a roller coaster of emotions!

This story is about a woman that is physically injured and lost her memories. This is the journey of a woman who will gain back her life step by step with the love and help of two men.

How can you rate a story fairly and put aside the emotional that bring it in the background? Truth is: you cannot.

This story touched me deeply. It breaks my heart to know that people go fight and are returning in their home broken mentally, physically or even dead. For the right or wrong reasons, I am not here to judge. I never liked politic and always thought that governments, no matter the country, used the army to gain more $$ and power, promising their people the world before their elections and making excuses to do not stand their promises right after.  I always thought that would a great idea if our presidents and prime ministers went on front line and spent a couple of weeks unprotected and living the same life as those soldiers. I bet they would resolve the wars wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy quicker…

ok. done. I understand that a lot of you will disagree with me and that is fine plus who am I to judge anyway? I probably have a tiny percentage of facts. The only thing I am certain is that I am emotional when I see soldiers coming back to their families. Lets stop my ramblings here.

I rated this story 5 stars because I read it non stop. Not many erotic authors chose to select such subject as their main plot and therefore I found it original. Equality was there and I enjoyed the way the men handled the situation. I liked them a lot and I fell in love with them.

However, somehow, I could not totally relate with the heroine. She was lovable and I understood her insecurities but I did not connect completely. I understand that love at first sight exist but I thought it was a bit too fairy tale that after two long week ends and 14 months of phone calls the men were completely in love with her. I thought it was a little bit over the top. I am not saying it is not possible. Some people meet on the internet, exchange via phone or skype, meet a few times and bam get married and all. I know this happens but lets be honest, it happens but the “get married” is very rare.

I honestly think that this story deserves a 5 stars and no wonder why a lot of fans nominated it in the 2013 Érotic Ménage Fan’s Choices Awards. It is well deserved… and one of the reason I decided to read it too! So take my word here: read it! 😉

note: I recommend to read the short prequel of this story: Retreat Hell! She Just Got Here

Characters: 4
Plot: 5
Sex Heat: 4
Equality Level: 5
Credibility: 4
Originality: 5
Editing (poor/fair/good): Good

Overall Review: 5 stars

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