Genre: Contemporary, Cowboys
Menage: MFM
Series: no
Length: 48,432 words / 167 pages
Published by: Siren Publishing
Published on: January 28, 2013
ISBN #  978-1-62242-392-7


Lexi Barrett is on the run from her ex-boyfriend after witnessing him kill three men at his Manhattan nightclub. When her car breaks down on a barren interstate outside Ryder, Kansas, she fears the chase is up until a sexy cowboy comes to her rescue. With little money and no place to turn, she accepts help from the stranger who stokes a fire inside her not even the summer sun can outburn.

Travis Coller and Brent Standon have been searching for a woman to complete their relationship. Lexi’s lucky breakdown in their small town makes one fact clear—the sexy city filly is a perfect match for them. They know she needs help beyond car repairs, and offer her protection from the dangers stalking her in hopes of winning more than a roll in the hay.

When her past arrives in Ryder, Lexi is forced to decide whether to walk away from her cowboys and the passion they have shown her, or stay and risk losing them forever.


I think I want to be renamed Lexi. ah!

That would be a dream come true to run away from the city, find a small friendly town and most of all two guys falling for me. Yep. Where do I sign up? lol

I enjoyed this story.

The cons would be probably that it was not original. I already read this plot: heroine who witnesses her mob ex killing people, the heroine running for her life and protecting her against the villains. I did not really connect with the heroine as I find her a bit weak in her life decisions and the chances to have a car broke down and a gorgeous hunk rescuing her pretty nil but since it is a romance I will pretend that this happens in real life. lol

The pros would be that the heroes did not jump her bones within hours which is really often the kind of thing that irks me in a romance. I liked their personality although my preference would be Brent.  The plot development was nicely written and easy. Sex scenes were good. I particularly liked the voyeur one.

I spend a good time reading this story and I do recommend it.

Characters: 3
Plot: 4
Sex Heat: 3
Equality Level: 4
Credibility: 4
Originality: 3
Editing (poor/fair/good): good

Overall Review: 3 STARS

You can buy Lexi’s Untamed Cowboys HERE.


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Growing up, I was always the quiet girl who knew everyone but never quite fit in.  I kept busy with dance, cheerleading and numerous other activities.  I was an overachiever, a hard worker and very dedicated to anything I pursued.  When I decided that I loved writing enough to follow along the writer’s career path, nothing deterred me from reaching my goals.  I didn’t go to college straight out of high school, but rather focused all my free time and energy into my stories.  Negativity could not steer me off the path of my dreams.  It only made me more determined to succeed as a writer.  Now, with a loving husband and a son who is sweetly proud of his mommy, I continue to do what I love most:  Write from my heart and share my stories with the world.


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