Genre: BDSM & Fetish; Contemporary
Menage: MFM
Series: yes, The Maneater #4
Stand alone: yes
Length: 45,152 words / pages
Published by: Loose Id LLC
Published on: Jan 29, 2013
ISBN #  9781623001858


The last persons Oliver ever wanted to see were Merideth and Lucas. How fitting they’ve come crawling to him for help. It’s the perfect opportunity to extract a little payback and toss their scattered hearts back in their faces as they did him. Yet, one look at his broken Merideth elicits more sympathy than he can bear.

Lucas had forgotten how much he enjoyed being in Oliver’s orbit. Yes, he’d come to him to help Merideth heal emotional scars, but now he’s determined to re-establish ties with Oliver. This is where he intends to stay…if Oliver doesn’t throw him out first.

Merideth needs them more than life itself. Only they can help her recover from an attack that left her physically and emotionally scarred. It’d be so easy to lean on them and let them take full control…and never find her true self again. Only she can unleash her inner Domme and punish those who prey on others. Then will she finally be a woman to match the men she loves.

They burn hot together just as they had before. Each older and wiser than before, strong wills tempered by maturity. Old habits though…and there can only be one true Master.


Intense. Incredible. Need more?

It is 2:00am. I am working tomorrow and don’t give a damn because I want to share how I feel right now.

I read 3 out of 4 of this series and did not realized it was part of this series immediately. When I realized it, I remembered the character from the previous stories and how much I wanted then to know more about the Master of Master. I was not disappointed.

This story will touch every single woman out there. I am certain of it. I am a little bit hesitant because I do not want to spoil the story. Something that always irk me to read in blurb way too detailed that I do not even need or wish to read the book or the review that give me the same bitterness. However, in this particular case, because it was mentioned in the blurb, I would warn readers that rape and sadism take a bit part in this story. But the rape was not “live” nor detailed that I felt it was too much.

As you can notice, I gave piratically the perfect rating. Something was a tiny bit missing in the sex area. I felt the sex scenes a little bit too vanilla for an hard core BDSM story. I was expecting more with the main character, Oliver.

Besides that, it was a fast paced storyline and loved it. I kept turning the virtual pages of my android and devoured it.

Caitlyn Willows has a knack for creating characters. Her three previous stories of this series were female dominatrix. I do not read much of these characters. I generally prefer my males Doms rather than subs. With Caitlyn Willows, I have the best of both world. One male is a full Dom, the heroine is a switch with dominatrix dominance and the third is a sub in the bedroom and dominant outside. I like this kind of mixed combinations. This kind of ambiguity evolve with high maintenance characters.

I did not want to read my last 3 pages as I usually do. I wanted to go with the flow. Of course, I found the epilogue a bit too soft for my taste. I guess I would need tons of discipline to tame my anger if I ever either went thru this or knew someone I loved did. I am more in the revenge side, make them suffer kind of woman.

Although the name of the story is “Oliver”, it is truly the story of three characters. I could totally relate with the characters, their fears, their guilt, their needs. Caitlyn Willows did not focus on the villains and if was more the story of a woman who lost herself and needed to put the dots on the “i” again to move on.

This story will not leave you indifferent. You may wish to read Maneater, Soleil and Raven. The one I preferred, after Oliver is Maneater, probably because it was the first book of the series. 😉

Characters: 5
Plot: 5
Sex Heat: 4
Equality Level: 5
Credibility: 5
Originality: 5
Editing (poor/fair/good): Good

Overall Rating: 5 STARS


You can buy Oliver by Caitlyn Willows HERE.


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Blessed (or cursed) with a vivid imagination, Caitlyn Willows eventually learned to turn that “talent” inward. Readers will find deep emotions and sizzling sensuality seamlessly woven into her action-filled stories. Believing life is to be lived and felt, not merely watched, Caitlyn delivers real-to-life characters in unforgettable tales of love, adventure, and always steamy passion. No one is more surprised than she at the direction life has taken her. Caitlyn lives in the beautiful desert of Southern California with her husband (a genealogist) and the animals she loves. Her most recent explorations include learning to make Native American style pottery and basketweaving, and she is always on the lookout for the next interesting tidbit that will help fill her writing well. Caitlyn also writes nonerotic romance as Catherine Snodgrass.


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