Holly's Healing

Genre: Contemporary, Interracial
Menage: MFM
Series: NA
Length: 24,203 words / 70 pages
Published by: eXtasy Books
Published on: Jan 26, 2013
ISBN #  9781771114035


Twenty-three year old Holly Reece had it all. A great job, a new car and house, and fantastic friends. All of that ended in a night she just can’t forget. Left bearing the scars from someone else’s stupidity, Holly is all alone in a world that would just rather forget she even exists.

Wade has watched his adopted brother, Dean, battle his own demons for years. Nothing he has done has helped Dean get over his inability to be intimate with a woman.

When they stumble upon a young disabled woman being attacked, Wade thinks he might just have found Dean’s cure, and a woman who can love them both. Now the only question he has is…how does he stop Dean from running scared long enough to try?


Really good read. That is the first thing that is coming in my mind. Really good!

I had this book on my top to-read pile. First, the cover book caught my eyes. I enjoyed the yummy black male model. We do not have much interracial ménage romances and because they are rare, I tend to really appreciate them a bit more. Then, I read the blurb and thought that it will not be a done deal ménage from the go and I found this refreshing.

I was right. It was definitely a great choice!

70 pages is short for me. But this story was just perfectly written. I liked the characters. The story was credible. I started page one and a couple of hours later I was like: “the end already?”.

I so enjoyed that the heroine was not perfect. I am not sure that in real life Wade would have stayed that long with his brother but it fit perfectly in the story.

I am always curious to read the authors’ dedication. Ellen Cross wrote:

For all those who are facing their own life challenges. Whether you wear your scars on the inside or the out, you are never truly alone

I read many so far and was honored that one famous author dedicated her story to me once (got goose bumps for hours and could not believe my eyes! lol) and most dedicate their story to their husband, family, friends, beta readers… but rarely to strangers and the way Ellen Cross did. I believe it says tons on the person she is and I am here to confirm how talented she is on top of it.

Dean faced a tragedy and it took the love of a woman to move on. Holly faced also a physical tragedy and it took two men to move on. The third was just the cement that made them all a unit.

In life, we do not know how things may turn. This story, in my opinion, is full of hope. I felt good once I turned the last page. One of the story that makes you think: “yes. I am lucky to live the life I have. thank you”.

I cannot wait to read more ménage from Ellen Cross. Do not miss this novella. It is truly a great story. 🙂

Characters: 4
Plot: 3
Sex Heat: 3
Equality Level: 5
Credibility: 5
Originality: 4
Editing (poor/fair/good): good

Overall Rating: 4 stars

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I am a mum of five kids, aged from five to sixteen. And now for the punch line…they are all boys!

I live in a little beachside town in northern NSW, Australia, with my hubby of fifteen years, my boys, and my slightly mentally unstable yet completely lovable dog, Jessie.

I worked as a computer data entry analyst until my first son was born at just twenty-eight weeks gestation, and life hasn’t been the same since! I love my music, and am completely addicted to my ereader.

I have a love of all genre’s, particularly paranormal and sci-fi, and write within each. I especially love the underdog–the characters who think they are unworthy, or have been cast aside as being undeserving of love. They will not only find a home within my books, but find their happily ever after as well.

I have several books in the works, and hope to share the news of their impending releases in time as well.


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