Genre: Sci-Fi, post apocalyptic, futuristic, time travel
Menage: mfmm, straight
Series: yes , book #2
Length:  pages
Published by: Ellora’s Cave
Published on: January 2013
ISBN 9781419943935

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One of few women left on post-pandemic Earth, Tori travels west to help build a better future. On her journey a team of cyborgs capture her, knowing she is the key to change the course of history. A triad of mech warriors destined to be her mates arrives from the future just in time to save her, offering their protection. With no real choice, she accepts and the three men set out to win her heart.

The passion between the four is explosive, and the seductive mechs’ campaign succeeds. She falls in love with each man, surrendering her body, heart and soul. But a new cyborg team lies in wait for a chance to snatch Tori. When that opportunity arrives, she is taken, and her lovers are punished, forbidden contact with the woman they love—their rebellion punishable by death. But love dictates they track her to ensure her safety. Once again, the future invades the present, threatening to execute her triad. Only Tori can save her mates.


I follow and read this author for a while now. New Concept Publishing was the the first place I discovered a forum I could meet and speak with ménage authors and I discovered this Lady there. I am very happy to find her published on other well known ones such Ellora’s Cave. Evanne Lorraine is not an exclusive ménage author but I always enjoyed her easy writing.

Warrior’s Wife is no exception.

I read the firs book named Warrior’s Woman and it was the same pleasure.

However, I did not find anything new in this book. I found the same personalities in the mechanical warriors: the alpha, the romantic and the sweet geek. Do not get me wrong, they were all very lovable. But they were not new compared to the triad in book #1.

I liked the heroine a lot. She was strong and even if I did not connect to her personality, I really liked her.

The plot was more developed in Warrior’s Wife. I liked very much the extra information regarding the war in the future. This was lacking in book #1, Warrior’s Woman. Here I understood more the reasons of the time-travel. I also thought that the credibility was better. In book #1, the heroine got the nanobots in her body but we did not know why and how. She suddenly had them. Here, in book #2, the author took her time to explain and make it credible.

Post-apocalyptic earth is always something that intrigue me. Even after the big laugh of the Mayan’s apocalypse last December 2012. It is weird. In a way I am totally in awe with Nostradamus predictions and Mayans and of course the Bible. On the other hand, like everyone, I am still reticent to think that the end of the world is near. Different cultures, different times but yet all the same kind of predictions: destruction, war, diseases.

And Evanne Lorraine gave us her vision of the post-apocalypse. Warrior’s Wike is a good read. You will not do wrong to add it in your ménage collection.

Characters: 3
Plot: 3
Sex Heat: 3
Equality Level: 5
Credibility: 4
Originality: 3
Editing (poor/fair/good): Fair

Overall Rating: 3 stars

You can buy Warriors’ Wife HERE.


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