Dying Room Only

Genre: Vampires, Werewolf
Menage: mmf
Series: yes To Die For #1 – stand alone
Length: 61 pages
Published by: Changeling Press
Published on: January 2013
BIN: 05760-01846

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Alex Gibbs, a new vampire — suicidal, strung out, and blood hungry — goes hunting at a Kansas City club known for its paranormal tolerance. Gorgeous werewolf Rafir Caras, an ex-Army Ranger who works security at the club, instantly feels drawn to Alex. The young vampire feels like “pack.” Instead of killing Alex, Rafir takes him home to save him.

Rafir’s plan has one major roadblock — his lover and only other pack member, Julia Deihl. Julia had been sold into slavery to a European master vampire when she was a teenager. Twenty years later and ten years free, she hates vampires, and has vowed she will never be a blood-monkey for any of them ever again.

Alex wishes he could end it all, Rafir is determined to rescue him, while Julia is hell-bent on seeing to his demise. The three of them together are volatile, unpredictable, and erotically charged — a sexy combination with the potential to heal the wounds of their pasts and present.


It took a trailer to make me want to read this story immediately. 🙂

I know there is a lot of controversy about trailers: time consuming to create one, limited exposure etc. And even if I am not a trailer addict, I must say that a well done trailer gives me the taste to read the story but also change the order of place in my to-read pile. A little gamble when we think about it because it is only a couple of sexy pictures with a couple of chosen words in a matter of a couple of seconds. With Dying Room Only, it worked. 🙂

It worked very well because I generally do not read 60 pages stories. Main reason is that the path go too quick for me to really connect with the characters and I feel everything is rushed.

Dying Room Only was very well written. I enjoyed very much the characters. Their personality were well developed and I understood their insecurities, fears and decisions.

I was a bit worried to read Renée George because she is more well known to write gay mm stories. But the focus was not the males only even if of course in this bisexual ménage, it was part of it.

It was an enjoyable read and was happy with my decision to buy the book. I recommend this novella if you crave some vampire/werewolf action… and even if you do not crave it! 🙂

Characters: 4
Plot: 3
Sex Heat: 3
Equality Level: 4
Credibility: 4
Originality: 3
Editing (poor/fair/good): Good

Overall Rating: 3

You can buy Dying Room Only HERE.


Award-winning author Reneé George has been a medic, a nurse, a website designer, a small press editor, an artist, and a teacher, but writing is her true passion. Reneé loves creating stories about sexy alpha men who can’t get enough of sexy alpha men (with the occasional strong woman in the mix)! She and her family live in a small, mid-western town, sharing their home with two dogs and a very independent cat.

Readers who visit her website at www.romance-the-night.com will find information on upcoming works as well as a fantastic gallery of Reneé’s graphic art. Fans may write her at rgeorge@romance-the-night.com or join the news group at www.groups.yahoo.com/group/renee_george_news.


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3 responses

  1. Renee George says:

    Thanks, Mary, for the review. It was pleasantly unexpected! It’s great to get feedback on the trailer as well!



    • marynaughtywhispers says:

      You are most welcome Renée.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to drop a few lines on my blog!
      This always make my day!


  2. Renee George says:

    I’m a big believer that effort should be rewarded! You took the time to read and review my book, that deserves a big ol’ thank you!