Genre: Contemporary
Menage: (read my review)
Series: Club El Diablo 5
Length: 44,000 words / 140 pages
REVISED August 10, 2017: 255 pages

Published by: Holly S Roberts
Published on: Dec 27, 2012
ISBN # 20121227DLN
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Two Doms for Angel is a stand alone book though it has one scene at Club El Diablo.

Zachery: Former Marine, swat commander, and hero hunk with an erotic edge.

Angel: Rescued after being tortured by white slavers. Her haunted eyes beg two men for love.

Monroe: Lethal killer and mysterious Shibari artist in love with two special people. But, can they return what he needs to save his dark soul?






Never judge a book by its cover and a title. I am not saying that they are ugly, they are just pretty tame compared to the story.

This BDSM ménage story is unique in many ways. It took me up side down from beginning to end. I do not think I ever read a story like this. I read many outstanding ménage stories. A couple left me even breathless. And this one is joining my wow pile.

First, you have no idea how much I enjoyed that the point of view aka POV was one of the male. That is so original in a ménage. 99.99% POV are mainly the heroine and shared with the other men, but majoritarely the heroine. Not here, and it was just so very special.

Credibility was flawless. I was there every step of the way with him, with them.

Nawa Shibari, japanese bondage, describes an ancient Japanese artistic form of rope bondage use and this is the first time I read a BDSM ménage with this fetish in the center of the relationship. I was privileged to watch a couple of Nawa Shibari scenes, so I was really into this story and very aware of each little details and inconsistencies. I have to give tons of kudos to the author. She did an incredible research job about Nawa Shibari art and she translated very well the essence of this art as well as the biting fetish which is a light form of sadomasochism.

I had no idea if the relationship would end MF or MMF or MFM, and I will not tell you. This is the first time ever that I will not mention it in a review. You have to follow the heroes’ journey. I truly believe that it would spoil it if I told you, so I won’t.

Yes, I noticed here and there that the author copied and pasted some Shibari/BDSM description and lacked of spontaneity. Yes, the grammar etiquette was not respected with the capital letters with the Sir and Master references. Yes, I was probably hoping for more at the epilogue. Yes, I missed to know more about Monroe and his intriguing persona. Yes the cover book was pretty tame but since it is a self-published book, the author probably did not find much choice to buy Shibari pictures (no jewels with Shibari art ever as they can be very dangerous).

However, something I learned early on in the lifestyle is this: if you wish to live it, it is a lifetime learning process. There is no right or wrong. It is what feels right for you and your partner. You can be a sub or a Dom/Domme, nobody is born with the knowledge of bondage etiquette etc. Tolerance and respect are keys.

Yes. But in the end, I just did not care. You know, a story does not have to be perfect from first word to the last. But what really matters is the last impression, how you feel after reading the last page. The author is living the lifestyle and even if she may not be a Shibari model, it showed. It was in the little details. It was in the way she explained the scenes. It was totally interesting that she wrote her POV with a male Dom since obviously she is a potential submissive. But I think her and I have the same thing in common: Shibari is totally fascinating and me too I went online to learn the basics 😉

I love dramas associated with heavy BDSM and mixed with the development of the ménage relationship. It is hard to explain. But if the author makes a past/present in the sequence of the story, if there is real intense dramatic events that the heroes/heroine have to go through, I fell 10 times more connected with the characters. I feel it in my guts. I live the story and words are no longer words but a movie behind my eyes. It happens each time with Natalie Acres or Lexi Blake. No exception… and it happened with Holly S Roberts here.

This ménage gave me everything I am looking for: intensity, hot sex, originality, strong plot, unpredictability.

I started with it, I will end with it: wow!



Characters: 5
Plot: 5
Sex Heat: 5
Equality Level: 4
Credibility: 5
Originality: 5
Editing (poor/fair/good): Good

Overall Rating:  5 stars


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ETA August 10, 2017
The author decided to revise her story, revamp her cover and title. 🙂



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  1. Fantastic review of an eBook that I already own, but have yet to read! I’m definitely moving this one up to the top of my TBR pile. You’ve made Holly Roberts an author to be on the watch for in my mind. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

    LeighAnna Thomas


  2. marynaughtywhispers says:

    And thank you so very much to make my day and drop few lines to tell me! (big smiles here)


  3. Holly Roberts says:

    I’m stealing your word and using WOW to describe this review. Thank you Mary for “getting” Zach’s story. I’m just so thrilled with your review that I’m off to spend the day buried in my keyboard writing 🙂


    • marynaughtywhispers says:

      Thank you Holly for this story… you are aware that there is a part 2 of this story with Monroe POV right? 🙂


  4. SheriV says:

    Great review. I really want to try this book now. Especially if it played like a movie to you