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What is your typical author day?

Very boring, no reality TV show will ever be made about my writing day! But here goes:

Assuming the position before the computer. If it’s warm, I’m in my office before the desktop, but in the winter I’m on my laptop in the living room with the wood stove burning strong. I hate the cold! I make sure to have plenty to drink and snacks—brain food like cookies, chocolate, some sort of nut like peanuts or pistachios…and did I mention chocolate?

Then I write. Take a short break to walk the puppy and eat lunch, possibly a nap if I’m lucky, then write some more. Dinner and another walk with the puppy, and right back in front of the computer.

I do have a day job, so I don’t write every day. I take those days when I can and cram as much writing into those days as possible.

How accurate are the historical infos in your books?

I try to be VERY accurate. I do a lot of research into the time, place, and era I’m writing. History is kind of set and messing with it too much only makes people angry. I don’t like it when a writer messes with history to fit his or her story. History is history. Unless it’s an alternate history, which I really do enjoy.

Do you think mff and historical goes together?

Of course! I think ménages have been going on about as long as humans have been having sex. Plus everyone always lived with everyone else with no hint of gossip. I’m sure if they knew what was going on behind closed doors it would have been absolutely scandalous!

Seduction of my Proper Wife: A Victorian Ménage at the Parisian Exposition

Philip Thornton adored his new bride but found she was frigid in their marriage bed.

Lillian did not know how to ease her fear of the bed until she was freed from her past.

Aria was paid to educate and entice, but what she found was more than she ever dreamed possible.

The Parisian Exposition of 1889…the world is changing and the three of them are caught in its whirl. Philip and Lillian went to Paris to save their marriage and to help Lillian overcome her fears. Aria danced and seduced Lillian, but before Lillian left, Aria found herself seduced, in turn, by the beautiful Englishwoman.

When Philip and Lillian break all the rules and escort Aria around Paris for a week, will it be the beginning of their future? Or will this seductive interlude be nothing more than a dream?


Philip paused to see his wife’s reaction. She didn’t quite understand, but then he never expected to have such a conversation with her to begin with.

“Lillian,” he began again, hoping he managed to get this right. “There are houses of ill repute in England.”

Understanding raced across her face and she blinked in astonishment. “I see.” She swallowed and managed, “Philip, if that’s what you need to satisfy yourself, then I have no objection.”

Bemused, Philip shook his head. He’d been so focused on trying to tell her what happened, what Hasina had offered, that it never occurred to him Lillian would take this differently.

“No, Lillian,” he said quickly. “That would not satisfy me.”

“Then why…”

“No, darling. Listen. The woman did make me an offer,” Philip admitted, “however I refused her. She asked me why, and I saw no harm in telling her our problem.”

Mortification crossed her face and she shook her head as if she could silently reject what he’d just confessed.

“This woman offered to help with…our problem.” Philip took a deep breath and continued. “Her girls are skilled and understanding. They’d know better than me how to put a woman at ease. She told me, and I’m inclined to believe her, that women are simply gentler.”

“What?” She cleared her throat and tried again. “What are you saying, Philip?”

“I’m saying,” he said sternly, “I want you to go. Meet with them, talk with them. Learn from them. Let them ease your nerves. Take whatever measure must be taken so you can come to our bed freely.”

Scandalized almost beyond words, Lillian continued to shake her head. “I can’t do such a thing!” she insisted.

“Do you love me, Lillian?” Philip asked, and knew he manipulated her in ways he’d vowed never to do. “Do you want our marriage to be a true marriage? Or shall we simply end it all now? Do you prefer to return to your father’s house? To him and that decrepit governess still roaming your halls?”

“No,” she said clearly. “I don’t want to go back to them.”

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