Genre: Contemporary, bisexual, holiday romance
Menage: MMF with MM
Series: no
Length: 12K words / 30 pages
Published by: Decadent Publishing
Published on: December 7th 2012
ISBN 13 # 9781613334324
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With a name like hers, Indiana Jones knows she ought to be adventurous and daring but when she’s tricked into taking a vacation on her own, and discovers she’s staying at a swinging resort, she wants to spend the week in her room. But the place is run by two of the most tempting men she’s ever seen. She could have just what she wants and no one would ever know.

Marc finds it hard to see his partner Kyle in physical and mental anguish but if the guy won’t talk about it, what can he do? Finding a third might be the answer and he has just the woman in mind, unless she runs off before he can make her smile.

Crippled and depressed, Kyle can’t even kiss his partner and wonders why the guy puts up with him. If only he could let the past go and move on. Maybe, just maybe, an intriguing guest will show him the way.


Okay. 2 facts.

1. I like Barbara Elsborg’ s humor and writing a lot
2. I always hesitate to read stories under 30K (this one is 12K) and I am glad that the expression “the exception that proves the rule” is true because I could totally relate with the characters (which is for me difficult most of the time if the story is under 30K)

Few days ago, I was lazy to update my newest releases on my android (yes I am using the old method to save on my PC first, then transfer to my android… I am a crazy complete freak maniac to loose my menage collection so I have to save it everywhere I can! lol). Anyway… It has been a while since I tried to read Girl most likely do by Barbara Elsbord but for some technical reasons I never could manage to do it. Knowing how busy I am with this Fan’s award contest, I wanted a quick read. So I picked Just what she wants. What a great choice!

It was fun. I will never mention enough how important it is for me to find humor in my stories. It is so refreshing! And I found it totally endearing the heroine’s personality here. Again not asking comedy but some. I am not sure why I found so little humor in general. Barbara Elsborg is a Brit. Nothing wrong with that of course but IMO each country has its own humor. British humor is definitely sarcasm and self-deprecation, which is my kind of humor. But what I love with Barbara Elsborg, is that her humor is always sweet, never mean, sometimes even naive but totally endearing.

Now… lets talk about Just what she wants!

The best part of this story are the characters. Each of them had a past and it took the right people together to move on and let go of their past. Isn’t the case for everyone? We all have scars from our previous relationships. It does not matter if you initiated the termination nicely or ended totally on a hateful sour note. When a relationship ends, it is a failure. It does not matter who is right and who is wrong. The hardest thing to accept is when your ex partner died. That is something that you could not control and therefore the “what ifs” etc remain forever in our brain. Two of the characters will have to admit that either they wish to live in the past with remorse and no love or they can let the past at peace and move on.

I have a question for you: what if we have guardian angels in our life? Do you believe in some unknown force that protect you? Do you think that with sometimes a difficult decision, something “more” is helping you to decide? I do. I am not a huge religious person but I believe in positive forces (name it angels, God or whatever, for me it is only names: I prefer to call it forces, entities, energy). A couple of times in my life I realized that “I was saved” or “I was directed to pick the right decision”…  Just what she wants made me think about it. 😉

Another thing. Bisexuality. I am not sure it is easy to be bisexual. It should tho. I mean choices are double no?  It is all about chemical attraction and the penis and boobs are not really in the equations since they are equally attractive. However, if you are in a relationship with one genre, my question is: will you miss the other genre after a while or not? Will you be totally happy if you do not have both genre in your life? I wonder…

Overall, I really liked Just what she wants. It is a short story that I recommend without hesitation!

Characters: 5
Plot: 3
Sex Heat: 3
Equality Level: 4
Credibility: 4
Originality: 4

Overall Rating: 4

You can buy Just what she wants by Barbara Elsborg HERE.


Barbara Elsborg lives in West Yorkshire in the north of England. She always wanted to be a spy, but having confessed to everyone without them even resorting to torture, she decided it was not for her. Vulcanology scorched her feet. A morbid fear of sharks put paid to marine biology. So instead, she spent several years successfully selling cyanide.

After dragging up two rotten, ungrateful children and frustrating her sexy, devoted, wonderful husband (who can now stop twisting her arm) she finally has time to conduct an affair with an electrifying plugged-in male, her laptop.

She writes contemporary and paranormal erotic romance and dark suspense stories.


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