Genre: Contemporary, light bondage
Menage: MFMM, straight
Series: no
Length: 46,919 words / 126 pages
Published by: Siren Publishing
Published on: Dec 2012
ISBN #  978-1-62242-176-3


[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, voyeurism, light bondage, sex toys]

Rowen Jackson is a hot Broadway actor who doesn’t have to work for women. But he’ll work for the thing he really wants—a woman to share with his two best friends.

He seduces the lush, lovely, and all but innocent Annabelle Talbot. Defenseless against his efforts to awaken her simmering sexuality, she blossoms and basks in Rowen’s delicious loving. She trusts him with her heart and lets him push her sexual boundaries to pleasure them both.

Rowen’s friend Kevin Orcutt visits, and Annabelle realizes Rowen is offering to share more than just a room. Kevin joins them, also seducing his way into Annabelle’s heart.

She loves them both. Then handsome, stubborn Braeden Reese comes, and Annabelle falls once more. But Braeden refuses to share. Determined, Annabelle must prove her love is strong enough for three men.


Okay. That won’t do. At all. The heroine’s name is not Annabelle but Mary. Let me spell it for you: M.A.R.Y. GEEZZ

LOL with this kind of entrance, you know right away that I loved this story uh?

I did.

I had my eyes on this story for a little while although pretty new. I looked around and I am surprised that someone rated it 1 on MER. Really? Guess either this person is not into 1/ menage 2/ BDSM 3/hot sex scenes. Because I see absolutely no reason whatsoever to rate this story 1!!!

Yes the story was not perfect and sometimes I was cringing the way the heroes talked or treated her but as soon as I was cringing the author found a way at the exact following page to make me understand and accept their cavemen attitude which thankfully was not over the top but only in one or two scene. I am not sure that I would have accepted public sexual display like her but I understood why she did it.

I love the way the author wrote her storyline. I started to love one heroes, Rowen, then the second, Kevin and the third, Braeden. It all came slowly but steady up to the point that I could relate completely to this menage relationship.

Maybe I did not understand the third, Braeden, as well as the 2 first heroes. Here, I found that the love connection was way too quick from her part. But I enjoyed that it was not a done deal in this last relationship. I wished that I learned a bit more about Braeden. I did not understand why he rejected his girlfriend even if the reasons of his brother’s death was because of a woman.

I definitely rated this story 5 stars in characters, sex heat and equality level.

Yes. Lot and lot of sex in this story but still equal with the romance. Sex was the foundation of the relationships but love was the key.

All along the story, I was like: “lucky her!” “Damn, I wished it happened to me” “why o why it is a romance only that things like this happen” blah blah blah

So of course Annabelle was the wrong choice name! 😛

Guess, you’ll have to read this menage story. I am looking forward to read Rachel Billings again and will definitely put her on my follow author menage list 🙂

Characters: 5
Plot: 4
Sex Heat: 5
Equality Level: 5
Credibility: 4
Originality: 4
Editing (poor/fair/good): GOOD

Overall Rating: 5

You can buy Three Men and a Woman: Annabelle by Rachel Billings HERE.


Rachel Billings takes her pen name from her hometown. She lives in Western New York now, where she works, writes and gardens. But she still misses the Big Sky.

She comes from farmers and likes to dig in the dirt then sit back and watch things grow. She takes a similar approach to the raising of her three children. Her husband, being a scientist, takes a more methodical approach.

Rachel started writing stories in her head when she was five. They featured spunky girls who performed heroic acts while looking great and earning the admiration of attractive males. In short, they were preludes to her stories of today.

In her day job (which happens to be a night job, too), she works to help women have stronger, healthier, happier lives. In her writing, she hopes to entertain and maybe even enrich women’s lives through romantic and erotic fiction. She does consider her work to be fantasy and realizes that some events described may not be physically possible. One can dream.

She has learned that love has power and believes that when two (or four) people love each other, many things are possible. Happiness. Growth. Enlightenment.

NOTE from Mary: Rachel Billings has so far no blog, no twitter, no facebook. I just could not find her anywhere but Siren Publishing.


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