Genre: Paranormal, shifters
Menage: MFMM Interracial
Series Project Nemesis , Book 2
Length: 50,116 words / 129 pages
Published by: Andrea DePasture / New Concepts Publishing
Published on: Dec 20, 2012
ISBN # 9781301672073


Hired to hunt down and track a rogue group of big cats on an unknown island, Yvonne Jackson thought it would be a piece of cake with all her years of experience in the field. She’d been given a special pheromone to draw the genetically altered beasts straight to her.

What she didn’t count on, was that these were no normal animals, or that the pheromone, once leaked on her, would drive them insane with lust…for her.

Armando, Raphael, and Remy had watched the exotic beauty on the island for days, sabotaging her every move, until she unleashed a scent so potent that every escaped shape-shifter on the island was compelled to come straight for her. It was all they could do to resist the powerful call themselves, and save her from the were-cats intent on taking her. Yvonne would be theirs, whether she realized it or not, for they had every intention of claiming her for themselves.

RATING: Mid-length novel: 50,000 words. Written for adults only. Interracial sex with mixed heritage, black heroine who knows how to enjoy herself. Contains violence, adult language and sexual situations, multiple partners/heroes, anal play, oral sex, sex with multiple heroes at one time. Does not contain forced seduction or rape, but does contain lots of hot sex between consenting adults and shape-shifter heroes.


The truth with New Concepts Publishing (NCP) is that we always recognize their designs when we look at their covers. I always wondered why this publisher kept those awful dark colored covers when we can hardly see the design and even less the names of the authors. I am pretty sure with time a lot of readers mentioned it. I mean it is just a good sense to notice that we can hardly read the author’s names most of the time. Now I know: Celeste Answar is Andrea DePasture is author is NCP publisher VP and owns a Cover Art company that make all the NCP book covers… family business uh? But I’ll will say this: the most recent covers are way nicer and do reflect the characters description which was not always the case over 2 years ago (i.e. the heroes was bald and on the cover he had dark hair, the heroine had white hair in the story and she turned yellow blond on the cover etc).

Jungle Fever’s cover is actually quite nice, still a bit too dark IMO, but nice. Still need my binoculars to read the author’s name and missing the third heroes but I am being picky… as usual. I hoped they made the same efforts with their paperbacks which were a disaster 2 years ago too.

Now, how interesting that while collecting the information regarding the author, I found some old dirty laundry about NCP around the web. But lets talk about the story, because no matter what I read, true or untrue,  I was not directly involved so I want to be honest and objective about the story and I will review it on that only. Still… interesting indeed what someone may find if they click on a couple of links. wow. (nope, do not ask! you’ll have to play your own Sherlock Holmes, Columbo or Miss Mapple! haha)

I decided to do not rate this story. It deserved a 4 stars but let me explained why I could not give this rating.

I enjoyed the characters. Although not a long novel, 129 pages, I learned to know and love them individually. I have to give kudos to Celeste Anwar because the third male in the menage is generally put aside and his character poorly developed. Here, I could not pinpoint who was the first, second or third. They stood equally their place in the relationship and that was very nice.

I also enjoyed the heroine. I thought she had a very interesting personality that made her very lovable. She was strong, yet vulnerable at times with the right fears, sparks and emotions that I could relate. I also liked that she was of mixed race. I always thought that they are the most beautiful people in the world 🙂

The story line is almost one point of view, the heroine with some exception here and there. Sometimes I felt as it was a bit too much narrative and got bored with the long detailed paragraphs.

Now… about the typos. I found here and their some typos which is still funny since I do not have any English master, far from it! But most of all something irked me and pissed me off: the author did not make the effort to verify the french…


I am french. I do not need any French master here. I know. period. Can anyone put him or herself in my shoes and tell me how he or she would feel to read a book in a foreign language with some obvious typos in the rare sentences added in their mother tongue language? As someone who praise yourself educated, authors and readers, would you say that it does not matter or would you just be upset that the author did not make the effort to verify 10 times the translation before adding the lines in the story? What can be very funny on a label behind some clothes (ever read any china labels lately?) is totally painful to read when you try to enjoy the story 😦

ok. I will teach you something guys…. the right spelling is: LA PETITE MORT… that you can find the definition in Wikipedia HERE. It was never and it will never be le petit mort. Death in french is feminine.

“Je suis LA tienne” means nothing. “Je suis à toi” or “Je suis tienne” (minus “la”) YES. The way I read it was: I am at yours… (i.o. I am yours or I belong to you) WTH?… and when this typo is just at the last page of the story… yep, it left a sour ending note. It killed my pleasure. Nope… reverso or similar online translation is not the reference for translation. Programs will never beat human translation!

The author claims that she spent a lot of time in South of the Louisiana region. Of course a lot speak french Cajun there, a dialect that has a significant amount of cultural vocabulary derived from Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Haitian Creole… hardly pure french eh? I can say “si” and “niet but that does not make me fluent in Spanish and Russian! BTW… be very careful to pick the right “french” person. My advise? If you cannot afford the cost of an official translator, find a french mother tongue person from France which studied in France. Trust me, I know what I am talking about here.

Sadly I remember an author that I gave shit (in fact no rating) because she did not verify the french in her story (main character was french so lot of french sentences). Not long ago, this author contacted me and explained to me that she did make the effort but she had no idea that the french person did not speak french and she trusted this person to provide a correct translation. I trusted her explanation and I did thank her to take the time to explain me. Shit happens.

Here? no excuse. Why? because the author is the NCP publisher VP of a company that can afford an official translator and take the executive decisions to make sure that NCP deliver quality. In Jungle Fever it is JUST a couple of sentences not even the whole book so typos should be even more easier to rectify.

 I see your face about my ramblings about my french. Hey! I will not apologize. I am far from perfect in my English writing but at least I never tried to publish anything AND I clearly say in my bio that I am a french Canadian AND if my English sucks, then at least my blog is free! 😛


Regarding the plot. I thought it was nice. But I kept thinking that I read the story already or very very similar: Wolf by Madeleine Montague. Not the same but a lot like it: marine shifters created by the government, hiding in the jungle, trying to run away from the facilities by stealing a ship and sailing to South America… Definitely a déjà vu here.

I will end this “review” by saying that the title has been changed from Island Fever to Jungle Fever but you will see the same cover with one or the other title in different places. This is of course the same story.

PS: On a side note, I found some really talented authors at NCP, respectful of their readers and all. I will never judge everyone by its cover. ha ha (yeah yeah bad joke, I know. sorry. could not help it!)

You can buy Jungle Fever by Celeste Anwar HERE.


I pen all my paranormal and contemporary romance under the name, Celeste Anwar. These books are sometimes darker and edgier, and almost always sexier than my other work. I particularly like shape-shifters and place most of these in the South in the Louisiana region, where I’ve traveled and stayed extensively. You can’t keep a Cajun down, and that accent gets me every time. My own roots are French, so it was only natural to choose many of these heroes with a similar background.


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