Genre: Fantasy, Faes
Menage: MMF, bisexual MM
Series: no
Length: words / pages
Published by: Samhain Publishing
Published on: December 2012
ISBN# 978-1-61921-213-8
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It’s a lovely night for a sleigh ride— until something evil takes the reins.

When Nick and Kris, the half-fae sons of human mothers, aren’t using Santa’s sleigh in the off-season to make deliveries for their booming sex toy business, they’re setting off sensual fireworks in the bedroom.

Yet they dream of a feminine third to complete their lives. There’s only one woman they can picture filling that role: Lilly, the girl they both dated in college.

Lilly thought earning extra money stripping was a good plan, until she’s left battered, bruised, and stuffed in a back-alley trash can. Her rescuers turn out to be the dark, brooding dom and the golden-haired sub whose faces—and shockingly entwined bodies—are still the stuff of her most searing fantasies.

While she’s more than willing to take them up on their offer of one perfect night of magic, she questions whether anyone can break into Nick and Kris’s powerful bond. But there’s someone who’s been waiting for this moment all Lilly’s life. An evil psychopath who holds the secrets of her past—unless Nick and Kris can unravel them in time to save her from a fate worse than death.

Product Warnings

Explicit ménage a trois, hot m/f/m scenes, hot male/male scenes, a ruthless stalker who torments the heroine, sex toys, sex on roof tops, spankings, BDSM, Dark Fae, birdmen, orphans, strippers, centaurs, a violent battle between good and evil creatures on board a ship, true love, and sex in Santa’s sleigh


Perfect story for the perfect day!

As I mentioned on my previous review, I do not read very often fantasy and even less faes menage stories. Not that I do not like them, just because they are rarer. Guess Christmas time is the perfect period to find them 🙂

Wicked Wonderland got my 5 stars in the originality. I enjoyed the universe and it was fun to jump from human to fae worlds. It was new and totally different from what I already read and I enjoyed it very much.

This said, I did not find it very credible. Thinking about it, I think two things were a bit over the top: the names of the heroes and the fact that Santa was somehow part of the plot. I believe that if we could have removed those from the story, then I would have probably be more into it. Do not get me wrong. It was funny and all, but for me it was as if Santa had been added in order to fit to release the book for Christmas time by Samhain. I dunno. It did not feel right.

However, the relationship between the characters felt right and credible. I could relate to the difference of maturity and understanding between 18 and 28. I even tried to picture myself in the heroine’s position and probably out of hurt, I would have also rejected them.

This said. I totally loved the characters. It was totally fun to read the sex scenes and all the use of the sex toys.

I also enjoyed that the heroine had curves. I do not like to have all my heroines curvy but once in a while I do like it. Of course, she had self-esteem issues which is 99% the case of every curvy women but since the heroes ridiculed skinny ones, it is good for curvy readers I guess. 😀

The story line is good. The writing is easy and the romance and sex are really good. So of course I recommend it 🙂

Characters: 4
Plot: 4
Sex Heat: 4
Equality Level: 4
Credibility: 3
Originality: 5
Editing (poor/fair/good): good

Overall Rating: 4

You can buy Wicked Wonderland by Lisa Whitefern HERE.


// Since she came of age Lisa Whitefern has embarrassed people by talking about sex. Now she writes the hottest of erotic romance and erotica.

Lisa has a life-long passion for fairy tales and fantasy. Ever since her teacher read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to her class when she was six, Lisa’s been looking for ways to visit Narnia.

Lisa thinks it immensely unfair she can’t wiggle her nose to clean her house like Samantha in the TV show Bewitched.

She has a master’s degree with honors in English Literature, reads tarot cards and tutors children of all ages in English after school.

Although born in New York City to American parents Lisa has lived most of her life in New Zealand. She now lives in the foothills of the beautiful Waitakere Ranges of Auckland with her husband and her two gorgeous sons.


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